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  1. I really like when the home team wears their white uniforms (except football). I thought it was a travesty when the NHL reversed the home and away jerseys from home/white to home/dark jerseys.
  2. Not a jersey or hat story but I passed on a Manny Ramirez game used bat at an Akron-Canton Indians game when Manny played there. I regret not buying that bat every day since.
  3. Mitchell and Ness must be selling Chinese knock offs.
  4. No...I think this is it...
  5. I know that there is a company or website that sells licensed Super Bowl merchandise on line. It is the same merchandise that you see various vendors selling outside of the Super Bowl. Does anyone know the company or the website?
  6. I am a big proponent of the home team wearing white in every sport but football. I thought that when the NHL changed from mandating the home team wear their white uniforms to the dark ones they made a mistake. Sometimes a sport can mess with their tradition to the point that they lose their league identity. Is there a better uniform than the Dodgers home uniforms? Yankee pintrstipes? Canadian whites?
  7. Disagree. The old trophies were excellent. How? It was a 1970s-looking block of wood with some chrome on it, a 3D conference logo, with a billboard-esque representation of some football players behind it. It really couldn't get any more ugly or awkward-looking if you tried to ruin it. Even the 'NFC Champions' engraving looks bush league, like it was done at the local shop. I always thought that these trophy's sucked but the new ones look like something that is given out to an arena football team.