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  1. I think the white jerseys look best when paired with the all-blue cap and the all-blue jerseys look best with the white panel cap... even though I know this wouldn't jibe with the team's uniform history. The same goes with the Orioles and their jersey combos. There's just too much white with white tops, bottoms and the panel.
  2. The blue, black and yellow look great. I think the design looks good aesthetically but the lightening bolt looks way too much like the double lightning Nazi SS insignia to be appropriate for a jersey in my opinion. The insignia not only represents a historical atrocity but is used by white supremacists in the US to this day.
  3. Great design and execution. I have one quibble though... while I love the DC flag as part of any DC sport team identity, I think the way the flag is juxtaposed near the Capitol is off. The DC flag doesn't fly above the Capitol but the flag and stick combo behind the building sort of give that impression. The DC flag above the US Capitol doesn't seem right to me. But I don't think having a US flag motif instead would be correct either as it is a DC team not Team USA. Is there a way to weave in the flag design into the logo without actually have a flag itself (the way the primary does)? Also, wouldn't the city name text pop more if it were white, like the team name?
  4. Some thoughts about the Knicks concept... The apple as part of the Knicks logo is not a bad idea. And it is fine to change colors of a team in a rebrand. But orange and blue are not only long time colors of the Knicks as well as the colors of the city's flag, but they also are the Dutch national colors. The Knickerbocker name specifically references New York's Dutch history so changing the colors would be a poor choice for this team. If the apple can't be made to work, removing it would be a minor loss as the apple already is associated with another orange and blue NY sports team and the apple itself is only a minor symbol of NY among many. The 76ers logo is pretty nice, although it sort of looks like the Sixers are yet another entrant in the 2016 Presidential election.
  5. I like the direction where your home and away uniforms are going. They are a bit reminiscent of the Sonics' last jerseys, which may be awkward, but they may be the best template to tweak them. The T and underline could be modified to join up with the side panels and the space between the top and bottom lines could be filled with a contrasting color.
  6. Barbados looks great, especially the yellow kit. But I think the kits would benefit from more black and as little white as possible.
  7. The primary Dominican kit is awesome. But I think the secondary is so different from the primary that is would look weird if they had to mix and match the top and shorts.
  8. I agree with you 100 percent that the hoops should be primary and sash secondary for the USMNT. These look great! I am really blown away how a team without any consistant visual identity can easily have one that is classic, unique and instantly recognizable all at once. Not feeling the Captain America third however. Would a two color sash (white over red) better differentiate a US kit from Peru's? (and also connect the sash secondary better with a red and white hoop primary)
  9. Shouldn't the blue and white on the logo's ball be reversed, being that the US flag has white stars against a blue background?
  10. This is a great thread and awesome concept. I really enjoy seeing this after your versions from previous years. One thing that bugs me about the colors is that the bison head should be blue if it is supposed to also be a thunder cloud. This is especially apparent when you add the basketball, which should be orange. The cloud imagery would be furthered with an orange baskebtall because the basketball could double as a moon or sun. Also, this may be a bad idea but just throwing it out there: the OKC monogram is vaguely reminiscent of the shield logo on the state's flag. I wonder if those two could be combined in some way.
  11. Adam, I do live in the DC area and my comments were made with a mind toward the fact that DC is its own place that is separate from a generic US identity. I don't think the 'Skins relate to DC at all. But of course many team names have no relation to their city's identity and that is OK. It did seem like this Rebels concept was made to be mindful of DC's specific identity. And to Buster's comment, I don't think it would be unpopular mainly due to politics or PC concerns but because it just isn't representative of the city it aims to represent.
  12. I really love the Eagles and Dallas sets (with the exception of the Dallas alt). I'm curious how Dallas would look with a color scheme that both splits the difference between their navy and royal and also between their silver and blue green. The Skins/Rebels look doesn't work on many levels. I'm not a fan of the aesthetics or of how it fits in with the DC area. 1. The 13 stars make little sense. Yeah, there are 13 stripes on our flag but by the time DC became an actual city and the capital moved from Philly, there were 16 states. A star motif isn't a bad idea but 3 stars is the way to go. For one, it comes from the city flag, which is very popular; and two, it could represent the 3 states/district in the DMV. 2. Rebels doesn't fit in with the city in terms of the word in its American context. We always use the term Patriots, not rebels, when referring to the American Revolution. Rebels almost unanimously refers to the Confederacy, which is about the exact opposite of DC in terms of symbolism. Even with the Civil War aside, DC area residents for obvious reasons tend to not identify with rebels as their identity. It would be a bad move branding-wise. Lastly, by the time DC became a city, the US was about 20 years removed from being in a state of rebellion, so the fact that we revolted still doesn't pertain to the city.
  13. Kickass NBA as a lacrosse league concept!
  14. I agree that black collar and cuffs are needed for the Bengals home.