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  1. i did think of that and i was going to post them, but i wasn't sure if i liked them or not, but here they are, along with the pinstripe uniforms thanks a lot
  2. I didn't even notice or think about that. Its a good point and it is something that i will have to fix. Thanks.
  3. so this is my first concept that i have posted here, and its for the San Diego Padres. I don't really like the uniforms they have now, so i wanted to see if i could make something better. this is really just a few changes that i did to some of the stuff that they already have. Frist the logos: the main logo is just one of the old one just recolored and with a new script. The new script is the old one with some changes, the wave is gone and the script is more curved and on a slant. the hat logo is the same as it was. I also added a light/powder blue. Uniforms: Changed some things on the home uniforms, added the new script, and added a piping. I changed the roads to a gray instead of the sand color. Then i added a powder blue home alternate, and a dark blue road alternate Spring Training: So what do you think? Do you like it? Do you hate it? How can i improve it?
  4. I like the new one better. Nice upgrade in my opinion.
  5. I really like the throwbacks. All of them look good, great job