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  1. Toronto Blue Jays Toronto looks almost perfect after their last update. The only thing they missed in the last update is an update on a throwback. A powder blue jersey with a white billed hat is added and the script on the other blue alternate is changed to say Toronto, since it will be worn on the road. Blue pants could be added for the home alternate if people prefer it.
  2. Thanks Guys! Boston Red Sox Update Changed the belts to blue
  3. The belts were an oversight on my part. That will be fixed in the update.
  4. It’s been a while so I’m just going to start the AL East right now. Boston Red Sox For such a traditional team, I actually have some changes. The home uniform stays the same because it is pretty much perfect. I’ve always found their road set to be kind of boring. I reverted back to the old red dominated set because I’ve always thought it was better. The red hat returns to be used with whatever uniform and piping is added back to the alternates to match the home and road uniforms.
  5. I understand, but those were made to be more of a fauxback instead of a true throwback. I couldn't really see the Dodgers wearing solid blue uniforms in today's world. Really, the Royals are probably the only team that could get away with it and I wanted it to be something unique for them.
  6. Thanks! The way the two batting practice jerseys differ was kind of what I was going for. I would have normally made a throwback for a traditional team, but the Tigers really haven’t changed and that didn’t give me much to work with. Yeah, the Tigers use two different D’s on their uniform. I could be wrong, but I believe it was because of the team using different hat and jersey manufactures back in the day. This article shows the different D’s all over the stadium. It’s just kind of one of those things.
  7. Detroit Tigers I believe that the Tigers should never have an alternate jersey, but this is a concept so why not. The home jersey is perfect doesn’t need any changes. To simplify the road a little bit I removed the white outline. The home alternate is what I believe would be what the Tigers would use if they ever decided to have an alternate. I went with two blue alternates because they’re pretty different. An orange alternate could be made if people prefer it.
  8. I don’t know if a black alternate is all that unique. Their black uniform isn't a bad look, but in my opinion, the gray uniform is a better one and should be worn more then it is. Thanks though! I know not everyone likes that color scheme and that’s okay. It’s defiantly different.
  9. Changes are coming, but I wanted to get the White Sox up today. Chicago White Sox The White Sox set is pretty good when worn right. The problem is the black jersey is worn a lot. The home jersey is great and no changes are needed. The road uniform and script are great. I don’t know why Chicago wears the black as often as they do. The only thing I changed was the sleeve patch back to the diamond logo. The home alternate marks the return of the vest, which I think should have never left. The road alternate uses the really nice Chicago script and has a gray billed hat that, regardless of my rule, I've thought the White Sox should use. I figure if they are going to wear black, at least that script is used more.
  10. I don't disagree, but one of my rules is that every team has to have two hats. I didn't think a powder blue hat worked anywhere so that's why the gray is there. I'm open to other ideas. The hats would be mix and match anyway. I just showed the gray with the blue.
  11. Kansas City Royals The Royals are a team I wanted to do something a little different with. The first thing I did was match the piping on all the jerseys to the single piping of the home jersey. The home alternate is something I thought the Royals should have done for a long time. Powder blue pants return to complete the throwback look. I figure if anyone should do it, it is the Royals. I know it was a road jersey, but I think the best way to bring it back is as a home uniform. Road script was placed on the blue alternate with the return of the gray cap that I think worked for them. I like it, but it is something I would consider changing if someone has a better idea. I didn't think a powder blue hat worked so I went with gray.
  12. Personally, I think the Giants are the only team who need a cream primary, but if others feel this way then it is something I would consider. Yeah, I was worried about the home jersey fitting in. That is something I'll work on. As for the throwback, I just don't know if there is a need to have two pinstripe jerseys in the set. It's tricky because some people will say that and others say keep it off the hat. Even though they say otherwise, I fully believe that the reason they are putting that C on the hats is to slowly work out Wahoo. I just went with what I believe they are eventually going to do.
  13. Okay, bandwidth reset and I should be good now. Cleveland Indians This one is pretty self-explanatory. I basically took the road jersey and ran with it. I pretty much expect Cleveland to have a set like this within the next few years. Wahoo stays because, as racist as it may be, I don't see it going anywhere. A red alternate was added for home games.
  14. While I wait for the bandwidth to reset (I think by the end of the weekend), here are the last two again.
  15. ...and it looks like I've exceeded my bandwidth. Should have listened to the warnings I guess. I'll work on getting that fixed later.
  16. AL Central time! Minnesota Twins The Twins throwback uniform looks nice, but they already have a pinstripe jersey. With this in mind, I decided to go with another throwback as an alternate. I remembered a different throwback that I really liked and decided to base the whole set around that. I changed the road script to red, which I think brightens up the jersey a bit. The red billed hat and the M hat are gone, but I don't think they are really needed. I've always been a fan of that red hat and wanted it to be part of this set.
  17. The logo looks nice, but your clock is missing a 5.
  18. Oakland Athletics The A's are another one of those teams that don't need many changes. I left the home and road alone because they are among my favorites in the league. The green is great too and all I did was make that the road alternate by switching to the "Oakland" script. The gold uniform is where I made the most changes. I held off posting this for a while because I wasn't sure if I wanted to change a uniform that most people love. To me, the gold uniform looks great by itself, but it kind of doesn't look like it belongs with the rest of the set. It has double piping on the front and sleeves, while the rest of the set has no piping at all. In an attempt to make it fit more, I changed the piping to a smaller piping on just the collar and sleeves. It's kind of based off these.
  19. Angels Update Main color changed back to red, red hat added, blue hat with red bill demoted to alternate, new red alternate, and I kept the road blue alternate.
  20. Angels update to come soon, but here is the Rangers. Texas Rangers I mentioned before that I think the Rangers red uniform feels out of place. I do think red can work for the Rangers, but I think more red has to be added in other areas so that the red jersey fits more. The start is the red billed hats at home, based on the spring training hat. The drop shadow is dropped on every uniform and the outline on the numbers was changed from a double to a single outline. The Rangers script returns on both home jerseys with the same two striped piping on all of the uniforms. Also, I dropped the bevel from the script of the blue and red jerseys and I made the belts blue.
  21. I guess it is an unpopular opinion. I really like that Angels in the Outfield set too.
  22. Okay, I guess the Angels concept was a miss. I'll make one with red in the update.
  23. Houston Astros I personally don't think the Astros new look is all that bad. While they are not the most exciting uniforms, they still look good. I think they just need a few small changes. First, I removed the numbers from the front of the jersey. To me, they just don't look right and they clutter up the jersey. The second thing I did was change the piping on the home uniform from orange to blue. The orange piping seams out of place to me. I got rid of the solid blue hat because I think the Orange billed one is a better hat and it adds some orange that the home and road jerseys are missing. The orange hat stays for history reasons and can be worn with the home or whatever. I also added a blue alternate that I'm surprised they don't have.