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  1. Look, if BrandMoore can't find something nice to say about a design, it's game over. I like the pants... and that's about all the good I can find in this. I am reaction #1.
  2. HGI has been known to do High School helmets too soooo Then mentioned it was Orange You can make out a wishbone C or Georgia G I don't think this is a collegiate helmet, or at least not a D1 college. Are you sure it is not a D1 helmet. Look at a comment from HGI themselves. It says HGI ( Hydro Graphics, Inc. ) Can't say who they belong to but they will surely be on TV this fall! Judging by what they said, OK State or Oregon State. The civil war is always nationally televised, and OK State has been becoming a bigger program in the past few years. Oregon State just went through a rebrand. I doubt they will have already gotten new helmets after that. Ok State still doesn't explain the G. I brought it into photoshop to see if I couldn't clear up that decal a little. Which made me think it was even more of a G. But honestly, no guesses on a team. Is it possible the coloring process on the chrome helmets is multi-step and these will eventually be red Georgia helmets? The single stripe even matches Georgia's helmets. The helmet is intended to be orange. That's why the post said "Orange you glad it's almost football season?" Besides, all signs seem to point to Bishop Gorman. This seems to be a chromed out version of their helmet in the above pic, which has the same G and single stripe as Georgia. yea if its not Bishop then color me surprised im not a fan of chrome finishes usually but this one looks cool. more importantly, id love to see those kids seeing the helmets for the first time. they're going to flip out When I first heard, my first thought was Gorman. My cousin played football for them for the past three seasons, and they've always had the money for top notch uniforms... That Fertitta money!!!
  3. The only misstep in my eyes is the number forms... A-
  4. Can't wait to see the official uni's... these are my faves of the ones leaked yesterday. Really feelin' those matte helmets too.
  5. Looks rather derivative of Texas State and the Original Charlotte Bobcats:
  6. Are you totally sure that the cake's not a leak of the new helmet design? I'm not sure I'll be able to rest 'til we get to the bottom of it.
  7. What's wrong with Louisville's logo? That's one of the all time classics, and it's still distinctive among the similar styles we're accustomed to seeing lately. You're joking right? All time classic? It's a bird with teeth for crying out loud. Last time I checked Cardinals don't have teeth. And human teeth on top of it. Not a joke at all. The fact that it's been around for 30 years is a good indicator that something's unique and it's stood the test of time, conceptually. Last time I checked, lions aren't blue and penguins can't skate, either. These logos are fun. That's what makes them classics and it's also what makes them distinctive. It's nice to have a break from the hyper-realistic and overly intimidating logos that have flooded the scene. I agree with Harry on this one. I prefer diversity among logos, as long as they are all executed well. There are many talented designers out there whose work I enjoy seeing, and I think it would suck to get to a point where an entire league was standardized in such a fashion that there was only one design firm handling the business. Different aesthetics work better for different teams and leagues. I think we're just going through another phase of sports aesthetic... some looks will stick, others will fade... just the nature of the business. I can see the same things being said about Fraser being said about guys like Harrington and CJ in the future.
  8. Nice typeface, you muscle bound moron!!!
  9. I'd be okay with it if they used the dolphin the same way it's worked up in the Dolphins Stadium mark.
  10. maybe.....or maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised..... You're on the Creamer boards... when has anyone ever been pleasantly surprised about anything on here?
  11. Why do we not do this more often??? Generally because of non-disclosure agreements lol Ah yes, I'm familiar with that term as well! For real though, it's nice when everyone's just kickin' it, sharing ideas, and building this community.
  12. Why do we not do this more often???
  13. Buc: I agree with Pat; if you're fortunate enough to get hired for a decent company, you can live comfortably... You may never ball outta control, but knowing that you're doing what you love (and getting paid for it) is PRICELESS!!! Even if you decide to go about things independently, I believe you can do well for yourself. You've just gotta hustle your ass off, build quality relationships, and put your best foot forward every time. I'm not the greatest designer in the world, but I do what I can to put myself in a position to succeed. Baby steps are still steps, my brother... Keep at it!