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  1. You’re right on. This is what happens 99.9% of the time when a rebranding is done “in house”.
  2. Kinda surprised they went with a white male character.
  3. Why can’t Pitt get a panther head right? The previous one had a wonky mouth, this one has a goblin-like quality to it.
  4. No one knows what the issue was here in central Ohio for the Machine. They’ve had recent success, the only built for lacrosse stadium in the league and supported tons of youth programs. Kind of a shame to see them go.
  5. That was the most polite way to say it’s a total train wreck
  6. Not all the respective schools in the conference are in the Carolinas anymore.
  7. Another conference rebrand. old: new:
  8. Looks like Jack Sparrow grew a red beard and got a job as a short order cook at a diner.
  9. Bringing this thread back from the dead. Columbus AFL team looking for a design intern.
  10. Future plans School Pride And most importantly, merchandise brings in revenue.
  11. Anyone else see Chucky’s face in the foreground cherry? The script and Michigan mark are nice.
  12. Donnelly College (no actual athletic teams)