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  1. Sorry, I should have said rip with force. I was considering the distance between hair and sticker, and how well a few strands could actually stick. If you slapped a helmet decal straight to someone’s hair, it would hurt to remove. They are heavy mil, or at least the samples I have are. I suppose there could be various thicknesses.
  2. Aren’t we saying the same thing, but I gave the (slim) possibility that it could happen? My son’s helmet has vent holes where pad and opening don’t overlap, and hair could potentially work it’s way out. Seems self explanatory the vent holes are there to vent, not plug.
  3. Yes, there’s adhesive, but there’s a layer of padding between hair and sticker. If the player has longer hair, it could works its way up there, but it won’t rip it from the scalp.
  4. I’m assuming the wishbone C with A was a previous mark? I’m not sure what the thinking is behind the change. Sure, the horse head C wasn’t the greatest, but now your brand is something that has been used by hundreds of teams over the years in various sports. Not a smart move from a branding standpoint.
  5. Not everything at Kansas was better “thicker”.
  6. And at that moment, every white suburban kid smoking a juul and pounding a Monster grew to 5’9” and hammered down on mom’s old Honda Civic.
  7. I was just joking, but I hate when there are all these effects on the posters, but something like that is let go.
  8. Is the single spike on his right foot bugging anyone else? And don’t say it represents a beaver’s teeth.
  9. I’m gonna go with winning... Clemson Alabama Clemson Alabama Ohio State Florida State Alabama Alabama Auburn Alabama Florida LSU Florida Texas USC LSU/USC Ohio State Miami* Oklahoma *modern uni
  10. Right? And I’m pretty sure Saban recruits football players, not divas worried about wearing 5 or 6 logo armbands.
  11. bring ‘em back (again).
  12. The Love’s ad patch might be the most distracting in the league.
  13. Logo looks like a deflating balloon, or something else
  14. Ohio... buckeyes zips penguins musketeers bearcats yeomen oilers marauders dragons arrows storm student princes barons lords and ladies fighting muskies battling bishops polar bears quakers racers tartan pride surge triceratops golden flashes express
  15. It’s one long faced helmet. Must be Sarah Jessica Parker in there.
  16. I think it says “Family”. Or at least I hope.
  17. Are you saying it’s a rip off? There’s some similarities (chin and cheek shape, ear highlight), but plenty different enough. The original designer might beg to differ though.
  18. Except that Roger’s eyes are symmetrical and his shoulders aren’t on his back.
  19. I’m pretty sure the “Brandiose Guys” didn’t do the flying chancla’s.
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