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  1. And this is why it is a problem. It is, no doubt, a fantastic identity. But when there is a disconnect between the team name and the logo, it makes it look like they don't care. Unless there was some reason to stay the Tourists, a new name should have come with this great design. See: Kelowna Rockets. i completely agree...i think one problem lies in the fact that they are trying to maintain their family environment and connotation somewhat by keeping the tourists namesake...even though it would make more sense to change to "moonshiners" although i must admit attendance is absurd for "thirsty thursdays" where they have the best drink specials in asheville with $1 draft beer night
  2. I just went to the stadium to pick up a new fitted and its really cool how some of them glow in the dark. I decided on the home "Mr. Moon" cap and the moon face glows. On the Alternate cap only the stars glow in the dark.
  3. Plan B comes up with a fresh new design for the Asheville Tourists. Very much inspired by the nickname of "moonshiners" of north carolina. HATS: (L to R) Alternate, Home, Away, BP Press Release Link: Asheville Tourists Reveal Creative New Identity
  4. pele is a legend....that is all...haha but seriously if it weren't for the whoring of a brand like the ny red york might actually have a cool mls franchise... i do think red bull as a brand is cool but not for the name of a whole team (just my opinion)