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  1. That one always pisses me off, since he was gone about 3 months later. Couldn't agree more that that should have been on the list. That is one of the first ones that comes to mind for me. As for Willie Mays and Hank Aaron, those never seem quite as odd for me because both moves represented a return to the cities where they spent significant parts of their careers (in Aaron's case, a majority of his career). They are both even wearing the same caps logos they wore in those cities, just in different colors. Johnny Unitas in a Chargers uniform? Definitely no way to finish a pro football career.
  2. Love the unis for the Air Force Academy. Very nice!
  3. The Saginaw Spirit jersey looked very nice. Just loved the logo as well as the jersey. Very nice indeed.
  4. I like the futuristic Clippers unis, but what is wrong with the logo for the San Diego Clippers? It's simple, but it's nice as well. The current LA Clippers unis are just as nice.
  5. The design looks very nice. No changes necessary.