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  1. Am I the only person who dosen't like it when yellow borders white? Looking at the Kansas City Chiefs uniforms, the name on the back, the numbers, and the home jersey sleeve stripes, the yellow just fades into the white.
  2. To WavePunter. The triple striped helmet just doesn't work well with the single stripe on the pants. The black pants, however, are another story. SMH! To add to this, you have 6 of the same logos on one uniform. To me, that's logo overkill. The same problem that plagues the Panthers.
  3. Same can be said so for the Saints in the NFL. Reverse for Baltimore and Tennessee. SMH!
  4. Thanks for the examples, guys! Yes, Miami has been one of those teams that racked my nerves on that issue for years. LOL!
  5. Like when the Utah Utes wear their White helmet, with a traditional 5 stripe pattern on it, with their modern uniforms. Things just don't mesh well.
  6. You see it all the time in college football.
  7. As for Kansas City, if only the striping matched through out the uniform. I don't mind the mono red, but in moderation. Maybe add the stripes to the helmet and a taste of black to the uniforms to make the look more cohesive.
  8. I can't stand when a team wears a modern uniform from the neck down, yet stays with a traditional helmet stripe on the helmet. Am I the only one who doesn't like this?
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