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  1. I'd love it if the Phillies went with the Cream jerseys full time and the Pinstripes partially - As a Phillies fan - I've grown tired of the pinstripes
  2. not sure if this counts since they only wear them for Friday Home games - but the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders wear these things
  3. It was partially their fault, to an extent. Even with the safer barrier there, He would have probably had the same injuries based on the impact and the angle of the crash. No guarantee that the injury is any less damaging
  4. The problem is, he got hurt in an Xfinity series race. That was his choice to get on the track in a series where he is not eligible for the Championship. If that was ANY driver, the same thing, you lose your eligibility because you decided to do extra curricular activities. (that is a discussion for another day) Hockey, Football, Basketball, etc. ... are a TEAM sport. NASCAR is individual behind the wheel. If we are all ok with a Driver racing 25 races winning the title over everyone else that ran 36, and some put up better overall stats (i.e Harvick, Logano) then make rule that states, you can miss X number of races, or that you can negate your worst 10 races and count the rest towards the Championship.
  5. I'm not even a Logano fan, in fact, I can't stand the guy, but he still would have been a more deserving champ, than Busch....
  6. I'm sorry, but, If you are hurt in an Xfinity or truck race, even if you name is Busch, Harvick, Jr, Kahne, or whomever.... if you miss that many races, then you should not be eligible... you cannot tell me that a driver that has missed 11 races and was 28th in points before the chase is a more deserving champion then Driver A.) That led 2,300 laps and had 16 top 2 finishes over 35 races, or Driver B.) that won 6 races and was taken out by a guy who lost his mind one Sunday afternoon...
  7. It was his choice to race in the Xfinity series, Not NASCAR requiring him to race in that Series. If he get's hurt in the Cup Race, He should be eligible, but he got hurt in a Series in which he was NOT eligible for the Championship. If it happened to JR, or Harvick (which is my driver) or whichever Cup driver it is, then I would say the same thing, that was your choice to race in a lower series, you get hurt, too bad so sad, try again next year.
  8. It was run on Sunday night because it is NBC's first race back, and they wanted to avoid going head to head with local affiliates broadcasting local fireworks. from Jayski,com Why the Coke Zero 400 was run on July 5th and not July 4th? For 29 years, the summer race at Daytona International Speedway was a part of the nation's birthday. The event was always run on Independence Day, no matter what day of the week. The race was in the morning, and the drivers and their families were celebrating on the beach by late afternoon. The tradition that began in 1959 ended in 1988 when the event was moved into prime time on whatever Saturday was part of the holiday weekend. Now it has been moved once more, to Sunday night, to accommodate the return of NASCAR to NBC. Mark Lazarus, chairman of NBC Sports Group, said the change was simply about audience. "The Fourth of July is annually the lowest night of television watching of the year - fewer people watch TV that night because they are all out watching fireworks," Lazarus told The Associated Press on Saturday. "In order for us to start our relationship with as big a splash as we can, we wanted to give ourselves the best chance and opportunity to have a big audience. It was simply math." The switch still comes with challenges. By moving it to Sunday night, the race now goes head-to-head against the United States playing in the Women's World Cup final. NBC's pre-race show begins at the same time as the game, but the race doesn't actually go green for another 78 minutes. Lazarus anticipates, barring overtime and penalty kicks, only about 35 minutes of direct competition. He is hopeful, though, that World Cup viewers will flip to the NASCAR race when the game ends. "It's a mixed blessing - it will bring a lot of different people to the television set," he said. "We're hopeful, if we continue to market, that we'll get some people who wouldn't be home watching TV to transfer over and check us out." Although both NASCAR and Daytona officials signed off on the switch to Sunday, it's not the most ideal situation for track President Joie Chitwood. Running the race a day later hurts attendance because campers usually return home on Sunday, and now the World Cup likely will cut into viewership. Chitwood understood NBC's desire for the Sunday night race, but is thankful the race will return to Saturday night in 2016. "In our conversation with them, it was just the one time," he said. "We all talked about what we could do special for NBC, and this was one of their components, and it made a lot of sense when we sat down and really talked about it. When you look at what they've done with 'Football Night in America,' they are just knocking it out of the part. They've really captured that. Hopefully, they can sprinkle a little bit of that magic on this event this Sunday. I don't think anybody a year ago, though, knew about World Cup soccer, so that's the way the breaks are."(see full article at the Associated Press)(7-5-2015)
  9. My guess would be Erik Jones - Everyone seems to want to make him the greatest driver in Sprint Cup Series history, but he has nowhere to go at Gibbs, and Toyota wants him in their vehicles.
  10. The blame can't be placed on NASCAR - the teams had all day thursday to get the cars in-line. The only reason this is an issue is because it Involved Mega Teams like Gordon, Johnson, Stewart etc. It's Funny How these cars that missed the qualifying session had teammates that made it through no problem. The fault is on the teams
  11. I will Say Rusty Wallace - He won a ton in 1993 after Alan Kulwicki passed away.