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  1. I love this design (I really wanted them to get back to their nautical origins!), but I still dislike the red. (Never been a fan of red, white and blue with the Clippers. Love the SD set.) I've always wanted to see what it would look like if their third color was sand/tan. Unfortunately, for your design, tan/sand isn't distinct enough to work. (Maybe orange?) Though I agree with some others' comments, I'd be ecstatic if yours was the actual rebrand. With so many NBA rebrands lately being mostly bad with some good mixed in (the Wizards being an obvious exception), this is a proposal that's mostly outstanding. Here's hoping we're not stuck with that late 80s "we didn't pay to use the official uniform so here's this mock-up" uniform set that's been leaked.
  2. It's because they don't match. Even thought the Cowboys changed helmet color in 2012...from:'s still a Silver with a strong hint of Blue in it. I guess this technically makes them a team with an inappropriate gray facemask. (Personally, I think blue would look better, anyway.)
  3. Nice! Now that you post them, it is kind of weird that the gray facemask doesn't match the gray of the Cowboys' helmets...
  4. Well, I guess this is where the fuzzy word "major" comes into play. I do recognize that their pants are gray when they wear their whites (I believe they switched to white pants at home this year?). As it is, though, that's only an occasional part of their identity, and not one I see as being close enough to be a match. I do admit, though, that that's entirely subjective, so the Giants should have an asterisk next to them.
  5. The first time I ever heard about the overuse of gray facemasks was on this forum. I now can't think about anything else when I'm watching an NFL game, if one of the teams sports a gray facemask. Hoping that it will be therapeutic, I have collected here every NFL helmet that features an inappropriate gray facemask. For the purposes of this thread, a gray facemask is considered inappropriate if gray or silver is not a major part of the team's color scheme. I'll also list suggestions for what color I think the facemask could or should be instead of gray, in order of personal preference. Here's the list (in alphabetical order): Arizona Cardinals Alternatives: red, black, white Buffalo Bills Alternatives: red, blue, white Cleveland Browns Alternatives: white, brown, black Indianapolis Colts Alternatives: blue, white New York Giants Alternatives: white, red, blue San Francisco 49ers Alternatives: red, black, white Wow, only 6! I thought there were more. Not bad. All these images come from, so you'll have to ask Chris why the Giants have a different style helmet logo image from the rest (to show off the number on the front?). A special shoutout goes to the 49ers and Browns, who recently switched away from a perfectly good facemask to an inappropriate gray facemask. (I guess the Bills did, too, but the Niners' and Browns' switches seem somehow like much graver offenses.) Of the 6, I find the Carindals' gray facemask to be the most jarring—especially in their road whites. And, for the record, the Cowboys and Raiders also sport gray facemasks, but both teams have gray or silver as one of their main colors, so they get a pass (though I think it would be interesting to see the Raiders in black facemasks). Happy Super Bowl.
  6. When teams try to do copper, I usually like the results.
  7. I thought their best logo was the primary before the current (the Andrei Kirilenko blue-and-purple Jazz logo). As it is, they've fallen prey to the old for old's sake trend, which is a shame, because that Jazz logo is in need of work. However, you should note that it is the modern version of the logo. Notice how the midline of the ball goes all the way through. The original Jazz logo featured a broken midline (just as old basketballs did).
  8. Per this article. Notice, though, which logo is on the waffle iron (hint: not their primary). Edit: I'm sorry, I can't get the image link working, for some reason. Please follow the link to the original article to see the waffle iron.
  9. Extremely disappointed. I thought the Rattlers nailed it with their very first helmet and logo designs. They had one of the best sets in all of sports. When you get it right, I don't think there's any reason to change it (aside from minor tweaks here and there). I'm surprised Russell didn't get rid of the point on the left and lower right sides of the R to match their own identity. (And speaking of which, why change only the open curve of the R? Why leave the rest angular? The more I look at it the more it looks like two different R's mashed together...)
  10. Thanks for all the replies! I had seen the original thread when they debuted their logo (e.g. comparing it to the Flash and the Incredibles), but these two, I think, are more similar than those original comparisons. But I think you answered my "Is it close enough to sue?" question. And this... spot on.
  11. I was at a friend's today and saw what I thought was the Tampa Bay Lightning's logo on a box for sunglasses: Compare: The company is Electric Visual, and I believe their logo came first. There are key differences between the two logos, including (but not necessarily limited to): The Lightning's logo is blue; Electric Visual's doesn't seem to have a specific color (if it does, I think it's black). The Lightning's logo is rotated about 40° to the left. The bolt of the Lightning's logo joins the background circle on the left on both the top and bottom, while Electric Visual's doesn't join the background circle at all. The bolt points of the Lightning's logo are sharp; the points of Electric Visual's are slightly rounded. While the circles for both logos go from skinny to thick, the skinny side for the Lightning's logo lies to the left of the bolt; Electric Visual's skinny side is at the bottom. Looking especially at other variants of the Electric Visual logo, the top of the lightning bolt seems to follow the curvature of the circle; the top of the Lightning's bolt extends beyond the edge of the circle. That aside, the logos look awfully similar. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the influence of the one logo on the other. Was it just an accident, since the designs are so simple (and the shape of a traditional lightning bolt so iconic)? And are the logos different enough to distinguish the separate entities in an obvious way?
  12. Oh, no question. I have no problem with anyone liking the logo?or even with anyone thinking of it as a classic. It was the implication that there was no one who disliked the logo that I took issue with, as there are those of us who do. (Oh, and the fifth one is the one that bugs me the most!) But, yeah, it's just a logo, and to each his own, etc. Besides, it's not as bad as this:
  13. Referring to the Oilers, why? I'm not trying to fight your opinion; I'm just curious because I haven't met someone who dislikes that logo, especially considering they built one of sports' all-time dynasties in it. But in terms of the actual aesthetics, why don't you like about it (and what would you like to see replace it)? How is that #@%!& possible?! It's one of the worst logos in sports. Here are, I think, the main issues: The cartoonish orange oil drop. It's gross. Furthermore, why is it orange? What about oil is orange? The Cowboys font. Just goofy. The sagging letters. First, an oil streak hardly seems like something you want to invoke for a team—even if they have a stupid name like "Oilers". Oil streaks are sloppy, messy and filthy. Is that the message one wants to send about one's team? The fact that the letter-sag doesn't form a circle. If you were to complete the shape formed by the sag outline, it would form an oval. The sagging I, L, E and R (or at least the left leg of the R) all bend to the left. The right leg of the R and the S do not. Why have them bend at all?! [Edit: It appears that only the S doesn't bend to the left. I don't get why this feature is present at all in the logo.] Blech! What a piece of garbage. The only good things about this logo are the color scheme and the fact that it's a circle. The identity is dated and needs changing.
  14. There are a couple of secondary logos I think would look excellent as currents. I hated this logo: But this secondary was outstanding (both with and without the wordmark): This is pretty good, too, but I think the purple looks better: And while I like the Carolina Hurricanes' primary (nothing simplistic about it! It's a hurricane with a puck as the eye of the storm. Top notch!), this would likewise be an outstanding primary:
  15. Classic: Keep It: Tweak It: Lose It: Return It: With the new colors, of course (not the original mustard yellow). And, of course, as an Orange Country resident, absolutely I want the original Ducks logo back (though I find wildwing64's recolored version interesting). Wow. Someone likes the blind coyote? No matter. It'll be a Nordiques logo soon enough.