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  1. I'm with you on these. I don't like white hats anyway but especially with pin stripe unis. It's kinda something that annoys me in baseball.
  2. I guess I'm showing my age now, but what does "battery battery circle" mean?
  3. I really like these uniforms for Troy but is this the best font they could come up with for "TROY" across the chest?
  4. I'm really glad we got rid of the blue collar. I'm not sure why but I've always thought the white collar looked better on the retail version I got a few years ago.
  5. I think they may run small. I have a 7 3/8 that was a bit snug when I bought it. When I try on that size in other hats, they are way too big. I guess it's possible that mine was mis-sized.
  6. I was really happy to see them return. I don't love them with home whites as much as with the orange jerseys.
  7. I really like that script for Texas. Their previous style was boring to me.
  8. Tulane's black pants looked horrible last night.
  9. I remember the good ol days when I could look at this thread and see lots of pics from the weekend...
  10. This is something that bothers me and I don't understand it. If the other team is wearing all white, why wear your combo that is 2/3 white? Why not wear at least dark helmet and jersey?
  11. I was very dissapointed to hear this was the team we got. None of the choices were very good but Trash Pandas was the worst of the possibilities.
  12. Mullen may tone it back a bit at Florida. It should be easier to recruit there, without the need for crazy alternates.
  13. Their striping matches on all 3 parts. From the middle-out it's white-blue-orange.
  14. I'm hoping Under Armour puts out more merchandise, like tshirts, with the Auburn baseball script.
  15. I love the new grays. I think they're definitely an upgrade. I saw a pic somewhere that looked like a new white set that matched the new gray. It was similar to the "throwbacks" but had the orange trim.
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