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  1. Thing about that is, the Broncos are wearing their throwbacks and orange alternates this year, so I am not sure if they are enforcing that this season, maybe due to the AFL Anniversary.
  2. Looking through my newest magazine from the NFL Shop, I noticed some interesting things as it relates to jerseys you can order: In the magazine, there are a couple of pages dedicated to showing you all available jerseys for every team. This does NOT include fashion or throwback uniforms. Everything looked right except for 4 interesing observations. I'm hoping someone has some insight: - No Black Falcons Jersey - The Return of the Dolphins Orange Jersey - No Lions Black Jersey - A Silver Raiders Jersey I'm most intrigued about the Raiders jersey, but I don't know if I am looking to deep into what I saw in the magazine. Any thoughts?
  3. I like all the talk about the set, but back to the original topic and a question I have: Can anyone clarify the NFL rule on alternaties in the playoffs? HAs there been any other teams that have work alternates in the playoffs?
  4. I'll bite. How about some Colorado ones: Chauncey for the Nuggets Steve Atwater for the Jets Simeon Rice for the Broncos Forsberg in Philly
  5. I actually touched base with Wierdwolf about this very subject just the other day. He indicated that he did download it from the original owner when he was shutting it down. He did indicate that he plans on keeping it around, but that it will never be updated. Damn shame! Does anyone even have a listing of all the NFL uniform combinations since 2003? Anyone even know where I might be able to find them?
  6. Sorry. I didn't realize that they only had UNCONQUERED on one side of their pants.
  7. Notice how they got rid of the UNCONQUERED on the pants... So much for this being a tribute to the Seminole Tribe. Now it's just an alternate set.
  8. Good call. I forgot about the Oakland game. I too would love to see the orange jerseys, even if it's just once/year.
  9. I love the maroon pants with the white jersey, but ASU in monochrome is no good.
  10. Yup, they started that last season and went 1-2 (beating only Baltimore). I do expect to see the blue pants in 2 weeks!
  11. I agree that I thought they looked darker, but I figured it was cause last I saw them this year they were wearling throwbacks.
  12. Yep, South Carolina was wearing Garnett and not Black against LSU.
  13. I like the set, but did the Redskins wear white at home during that era?
  14. I think they look great, as a one-time deal. The best part is that they did the field in the same colors. Too bad the Redskins didn't follow their lead today, maybe they would've won!