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  1. Sharks logo is sick... not sure im feeling the colors tho.
  2. Vikes and Bucs among the best. Steelers among the worst. What about putting the "MV" that you have on the front of the Vikes on the back below the #?
  3. all are horrible and generic... if i had to i guess it be 1 or 3
  4. confused... is every Jags helmet 2 toned? or just like an alt?
  5. AFC North is my fav s far... but on the ravens, How foolish would it look to have the head of the raven above the facemask?
  6. Steelers, Browns, Colts, Maple Leafs, Red Wings, Long Horns, LSU, Buckeyes, Pats throwback, New Bills, SMU, NY Jets, Mich St.
  7. Theres like 14 shades of blue there, lol
  8. IMO the helmet would look better without the sunburst. Then make the dolphin a bit bigger.
  9. not bad, helmet is striking. I like the striping on the jersey as well. What about going back pants with a hawaii blue top? lions, by far have the best "throwback" uni's ever (basic plain hawaii blue and silver) Am i the only one who thinks the real lion unis have too much stripping on them?