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  1. As a Jays fan I obviously loved the result of that roller coaster of a game! I don't get the bashing of the Rangers, they had a really good team with some scary players on it. I felt from the beginning it was the worst possible draw for the Jays and would be a close series. If I don't have to see Deshields on the bases again I will be happy...that guy is scary. Hated the weird call in the the 7th...I get the rule and I get why the rule applied but the fact the umpire stepped out and called it dead gets me. At that point all the players on the field arent treating it as a fair ball and trying to make the play so just seems weird after that to count the run. Doesn't seem fair after he clearly called it dead even though he obviously blew the call! In the end doesnt matter thanks to some bad fielding and a couple awesome at bats. Personally I loved the Bautista emotion after the hit. I question anyone that says they wouldn't react similar in an emotion charged situation like that!
  2. Padres had an exciting offseason for sure and the starting rotation looks good but I wonder how much that defence will cost them. Great to have good pitching but if the defence is costing them runs thats still a shaky team.
  3. I second that. Although I am very disappointed my Jays collapsed like they did it's still great to see the Orioles take it. Anyone but the the Yanks or the Red Sox.
  4. first reaction is Goodell but that might be just because of recent events. Probably pretty hard to make a case for anyone but Bettman with all the labour issues he has mismanaged.
  5. May put the Tigers in the race to get Prince Fielder. This is a team now in desperate need of another bat that is also ready to win now. I can't see it. I don't think either Fielder or Miggy would want to DH so I personally think that's a longshot. I am thinking they sign either Pena or Damon to DH on a 1 year deal. Neither would be as good as VMart but the free agent options are limited at this point in the offseason.
  6. I'm thinking it's an NHL team that moves next. Not sure which team but there are several US based teams that don't seem to have the support. There's been alot of talk about another team in southern Ontario but my money is on Quebec. Seems like the wheels are in motion for a new arena already so I think a return of the Nordiques will happen.
  7. Interesting topic. For me it's: MLB 1st Toronto Blue Jays 2nd none. there are no other teams that matter! NHL 1st Detroit Red Wings 2nd Toronto Maple Leafs - not that I am a fan, but its hard not to follow them when thats the majority of NHL news where I live
  8. Yep...and the others (Savard, Luongo, Pronger, Hossa, et al) also stand. it's interesting the previous deals are allowed to stand. Does that mean the teams that did not sign players to these now illegal deals are at a competitive disadvantage under the salary cap??