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  1. Bump. Thank you for your feedback, but I would like to get some more C&C. And I know that I might be a bit hard to see the black, but I didn't want to have bright blue jerseys, and went with a bit darker shade of blue. I'm thinking about doing an IIHF series, but before I start anything, I want to be sure I have the time to finish it.
  2. Hi, I'm from Finland and I was in Estonia recently and just happen love their horizontal tricolour-flag as well as it's colours. Their men's national ice hockey team just got promoted back to Division I and they're ranked currently 26th and they've only 1,510 registered players according to They have used a blue jersey couple years ago and currently wearing black as their home jersey and white as their away jersey. I got some inspiration from Germany's current jerseys and used the "fading flag" as striping. And used their current crest, which is a recoloured version of Estonia's Coat of arms and moved the word "EESTI" (which is Estonian for Estonia) under the crest. I think it looks better with the text under the crest instead of putting the text inside the shield. For the shoulders, I decided to go with the simple logo of Estonian Ice Hockey Federation. Also I used the Agency-font as I somehow think it's more of an IIHF/Nike-font nowadays instead of just a Canucks-font. Click for Full size!
  3. Great series and looking forward to see the rest of the European teams. But KalPa uses their yellow jersey as their away jersey, but anyway great concepts, because I like these Reebok Edge-elements such as piping and no hem stripes etc. etc.
  4. I still think these Bolts jerseys are way superior to their current jerseys. (Minus the chest numbers, they're nothing but ridiculous.)
  5. Euro Hockey Challenge is a practice series between different European countries before the World Championships. One country faces three other countries, each of them twice. The last games were played today and Finland played against Belarus in Tampere, Finland. I noticed that Belarus had two versions of their jerseys, the earlier Nike Swift-cut and their current jerseys. I know that this is an unofficial tournament as they don't even have their own website for EHC, but still I wouldn't say that this would be allowed in pro level.
  6. I think these are pretty awesome team names: New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders, New York Rangers, Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks. Although I think the name Dallas sounds great with almost any team name (except something like FC Dallas).
  7. Teemu Selänne with Winnipeg Jets (but also with Mighty Ducks and their current look) Mikko Koivu with Finland's current world championships set Ossi Väänänen with Phoenix Coyotes And somehow Riku Hahl with Colorado Avanlanche (alltough Ville Nieminen got more publicity in Finland by winning with Colorado in '01)
  8. I think it's very cool, but I can't imagine it on the ice. I understand this a concept, but it seems to be more of a fashion jersey, because of the diagonal line. I don't know if that's a key element for you on this concept, but I don't it looks "professional" for a NHL team. And I suggest you change the collar and the font as well. But as a concept, I love it. I would buy one.
  9. The NHL experimented with this during the lockout, but nothing happened with it. I agree with you, though, sometimes the ice is painfully bright on an HDTV. Or maybe something like this? It's a picture from 2007 from a French Ligue Magnus-game between Rouen and Dijon. But I have never seen a problem with the ice myself, even not in Finland, allthough we have the jerseys and ice filled up with ads (not as bad as in Czech Republic or Switzerland though).
  10. And also, I forgot to mention that week after the Jokerit-HIFK match will be another outdoor game between Finland and Russia. It's just a practice tournament game from Euro Hockey Tour, which is an annual tournament series. Participants Finland, Sweden, Russia and Czech Republic gets to host a tournament. Finland's and Russia's tournaments have already taken place, but this February is Sweden's tournament. And in every tournament one of the two opening games is played somewhere else, so this is how Finland hosts Russian in Helsinki allthough they play their other two games in Stockholm. Euro Hockey Tour jerseys are usually filled with ads and they aren't copies from the IIHF-jerseys (Except Sweden, but they use a different font in EHT). There was a voting for what Finland should wear, but I can't find those jerseys anymore, but they had ads too and were more "wintery" than classic. Here's what they currently wear in EHT: Home and Road. And as Finland wears white so Russia will probably just wear their regular jerseys.
  11. I don't how interesting this is to you, but here in Finland we have "Talviklassikko" (Winter Classic in Finnish). An outdoor hockey game held in Helsinki Olympic Stadium between rivals Helsingin IFK (or HIFK) and Helsingin Jokerit. The game was held first time last year, in the same place and between same teams, since there are not so many big outdoor stadiums in Finland. 2011 Talviklassikko was a color vs color match. Jokerit wore blue jerseys and HIFK red jerseys. 2011 jerseys and in action. Also they had this very cool poster . Last season Jokerit wore those exact copies of Florida Panthers' Reebok Edge-jerseys, but for this season they made something new. Their new jerseys had some influences from the Winter Classic jerseys like the design and red pants and blue helmets (they previously wore white helmets at home and on the road) Jokerit's 2011/12 home jersey. Jokerit was the host of last year's Winter Classic, but this year it's HIFK's turn. So obviosly HIFK gets to wear colored jerseys only, since they wanted to have more contrast in the stand to be sure that is there more Jokerit or HIFK fans. Jokerit's jersey is just an advertisement-free road jersey and HIFK's is a real throwback from the 1950's which points to the Olympic Stadium's 60th anniversary. This year the poster is a bit boring also. Also here's what HIFK wears normally and what does Jokerit wear regularly on the road. HIFK home HIFK road Jokerit road I'm sorry if my English hard to understand or the pictures are bad, but I wanted to give a full picture of their uniforms, not just the jerseys. If you're interested I can post more pictures about SM-liiga.
  12. Could you do "Cleveland Monster Barons"? Mixing either NHL's or AHL's Barons with the Lake Erie Monsters.
  13. Can you do me a Helsingin Jokerit one? Link Thanks.
  14. Size: 1920x1080 Medium: Embroidery Logo: Helsingin Jokerit (LINK) Background color: Blue (This is what they wear, so can see the exact shade)