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  1. Here is a full look. http://nikeinc.com/news/oregon-state-athletics-unveils-new-brand-identity
  2. My advice: Don't wear anything related to the San Francisco Giants
  3. Have fun getting your butt kicked by Miami.
  4. So, now the series is over... Just like it was after the Cavs were down 2-0 Just like it was after the Cavs were down 2-1 Why don't you let your team's play do the talking instead of what they say. The Cavs aren't even supposed to be in this series, and you are talking smack like your team is the greatest in the history of the NBA. I hate to break it to you, but they aren't. They have been pushed to the brink by a decent Cavaliers team, and even if they get past Cleveland, they are going to have to face a very good, and fresh Miami team. Then, if they still manage to pull that upset they get the winner of the San Antonio/Dallas series. The Pistons have an extremely uphill battle to fight, and I don't think they are going to be the winner. WITNESS
  5. Im slightly befuddled Your CCSLC ID is Big Ben 5 Your Sig has a picture of the Cincinnati Bengals So, you like the Steelers or Bengals? Must be a different BigBen because he has the number 5 behind it and it's a Bengals type orange. Anyways, I would like to see the Browns win a Superbowl. Main reason=Frye+Edwards+Jeurivicius+Winslow. I'll join on that I want the Browns to win the Super Bowl and I will admit that I am pipe dreaming, but it isn't as bad as last year. So, I am getting better Plus, I still think the Browns aren't getting enough respect, so I figured that might raise some eyebrows and I still think they have a shot at winning it all.
  6. Im slightly befuddled Your CCSLC ID is Big Ben 5 Your Sig has a picture of the Cincinnati Bengals So, you like the Steelers or Bengals?
  7. NFC EAST Dallas 12-4 Philadelphia 10-6* Washington 8-8 NY Giants 7-9 NFC SOUTH Carolina 13-3 Atlanta 11-5* Tampa Bay 8-8 New Orleans 3-13 NFC NORTH Chicago 11-5 Minnesota 10-6 Detroit 5-11 Green Bay 4-12 NFC WEST Seattle 14-2 Arizona 8-8 St. Louis 7-9 San Francisco 1-15 AFC EAST New England 10-6 Miami 8-8 Buffalo 6-10 NY Jets 5-11 AFC NORTH Pittsburgh 10-6 Cleveland 9-7* Cincinnati 8-8 Baltimore 5-11 AFC SOUTH Jacksonville 12-4 Indianapolis 10-6* Houston 7-9 Tennessee 4-12 AFC WEST Kanas City 11-5 Denver 9-7 San Diego 9-7 Oakland 7-9 NFC Wild Card Dallas over Philadelphia 21-20 (TO catches a Hail Mary as time expires ) Chicago over Atlanta 10-6 (Defensive struggle) AFC Wild Card Indiapolis over Pittsburgh 34-7 (Revenge for last year) Cleveland over New England 28-13 (Crennel takes out old friend Belicheck) NFC Divsional Carolina over Dallas 20-14 (Carolina's revamped defense stuffs the Cowboys) Seattle over Chicago 27-13 ( Shaun Alexander too much for the Bears AFC Divisional Jacksonville over Indianapolis 21-17 (Lack of Edgerrin James hurts Colts) Cleveland over Kansas City 14-10 (Cleveland's much improved run defense haults Larry Johnson/Priest Holmes show) NFC Championship Carolina over Seattle 31-17 (Impossible to run on new Carolina D) AFC Championship Cleveland over Jacksonville 24-21 (Willie McGinnest haunts the Jags again) Super Bowl XXXXI Cleveland over Carolina 17-14 (Kellen Winslow explodes, as Browns prevail) Super Bowl MVP - Kellen Winslow II - 9 receptions 112 yards 2 TD MVP-Peyton Manning - 4000 yards 44 TD AFC Offensive Player-Ladainian Tomlinson 1697 yards 21 TD NFC Offensive Player-Shaun Alexander 1857 yards 24 TD AFC Defensive Player- Leigh Bodden 65 tackles 12 ints, 3 FF, 2 TD NFC Defensive Player- Lofa Tatapu 150 tackles, 7 sacks, 6 FF, 4 INT, and 2 TD AFC Rookie of the Year - Reggie Bush 1300 yards, 19 Total TD NFC Rookie of the Year - Vernon Davis 957 yards 8 TD
  8. I hope such filth is never shown in this country again, and it is flung into the fiery depths of hell for all eternity. (Go to Hell Carolina.) wait.... Isn't the man who led your team to 3 consecutive state titles going to Duke?
  9. They paid some local company to design it, I have no idea how much they spent on it...
  10. What'd you get kicked out for? My bet is on him wearing a Browns jersey to school... GO BROWNS!