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  1. Needed 40 from Alshon and Bennett, got 37.
  2. So I did not pull the trigger on the Lacy/Edelman trade but I was offered another one today. Marshawn Lynch and Mike Evans for Julian Edelman. Any thoughts? And unfortunately I was too far back in the waivers to get C. West but I did pick up Kniles Davis.
  3. I'm one of many trying to figure out what to do to replace Jamaal Charles. I almost never trade but have someone offering Eddie Lacy for Julian Edelman. Here are the rest of my rb's & wr's: RB: Mark Ingram, LeGarrette Blount, Rashad Jennings, Kniles Davis WR:Julian Edelman, Alshon Jeffery, John Brown, Sammy Watkins, Leonard Hankerson, Mike Wallace It's a .5 ppr league and just looking for some unbiased opinion before I pull the trigger.
  4. Is Clemnson that overrated or is Florida State really that dominate? Great win for the Devils today. When the offense is clicking like they were today they are such a fun team to watch. Also really glad to see UCLA go down today.
  5. You may have an obsession. Do you have your own special Mike Smith .gif folder?
  6. Coyotes finish the Red Wing sweep (albeit the only 2 games they pay each other) with an empty net goal for Mike Smith with 0.1 left. Great way to come back after letting one slip away last night against the Ducks!
  7. Watching the start of the Phx/Det game and there are quite a few empty seats in the 'Joe' tonight. Looks like it's time to move the Red Wings to Canada!
  8. How dare people not show up until the puck drops! Not like you actually care but it looks pretty full to me right now. Of course since there are some Rangers fans there I'm sure your response will just be "Lolz looks like an away game"
  9. I agree an all gold logo would look better than what they went with but if the entire logo was gold you wouldn't be able to see the detail inside the logo. Maybe a gold pitchfork with a black outline?
  10. They also have the logo at midfield black and gold. And I don't want to be hasty but I'm not feeling it.
  11. Little late to this but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I wasn't able to watch the game last night. I say fortunately because I don't think I would of been able to stomach Dustin Brown getting the cup first. But beyond that, Congrats to the Kings and all their real fans. It must of been an incredible feeling for the long time Kings fans last night. The best team of the playoffs won and I have no bitter feelings towards the Kings or their fans. Enjoy the moment as much as possible. I have said it already multiple times in this thread but I just have to say again how impressed I am with Quick. I absolutely cannot wait for 2014 for the possibility of seeing him wearing the Stars & Stripes in Russia.
  12. Jonathan Quick has done much of the same. Jonathan Quick hasn't slashed at an opposing player after letting in a goal. He hasn't embellished hits. Plus he seems to know the rules of the game as they pertain to his position. One of the times (that's always a bad sign) Smith went after a ref brandishing his stick like a madman was after a play in which he lost his glove. He was angry that the ref didn't stop the play. Thing is, the rules state that the only time play stops for a goalie losing a piece of equipment is if that piece of equipment is the mask. Smith losing his trapper isn't grounds for a whistle. Now you can debate the merits of that rule (as a goalie myself I'd like to see it changed) but that doesn't change the fact that the rules are the rules and Smith should have known them. Smith going after a ref like a crazy person for not making a call he's not supposed to make puts Smith on a level above Quick when it comes to d-bag goalies, I think. Only problem is that Smith wasn't asking for the whistle to be blown because he lost his glove, he felt he already had the puck under his mitt when it was hit off his hand by a King stick. He didn't have any misconceptions on the rules, he just felt he had control of the puck before his glove was hit off. If you go along the lines of that, then the guy who sat on Dustin Brown for 30 seconds after the Smith lost his glove should've been called for holding! Clearly the Coyote player did not let Brown up and kept him down and that is either holding or interference. So all this crying by the Coyotes or their fans is just pathetic. I have never seen a team cry as much as the Coyotes have after this, and again, Lord knows how many cheap shots they've been known to take and how the employ one of the league's worst in Torres. To all Coyotes and their fans, stop whining. You got out-played and you lost. Mind if you show me where all this complaining and whining is? I actually congratulated the kings and their fans multiple times after the loss and even said in my first post that the Kings deserved to win and were the better team in the series. I mean there is like what 2 Yotes fans on here (one who is Duck fan first)? If this is honestly the most you have seen fans cry after a series you obviously weren't around this thread during the Phoenix-Chicago series. Exhibit A: Coyotes fans littering the ice after the game. Oh please. A few idiotic and ignorant (and possibly drunk) fans throwing their free white-out t-shirts and popcorn on the ice doesnt equal 'The biggest bitching fans'. You can spin it anyway you want but there honestly wasnt that much thrown at all and the post-game ceremonies carried on without incident or delay. I guess a handful of people throwing shirts and popcorn on the ice is worse than a full fledged riot. One doesn't have anything to do with another, really. Plus not being a Canucks fan kind of nullifies that little attempted jab. Also I'm pretty sure I saw some spilt beer or cola out there. It's a hockey game. Not an indy wrestling show. Act like it. It actually does when you attempt to back up someone else's statement that the Yotes fans are the biggest whiners and complainers by pointing out a few fans who threw popcorn (oh and I am sorry I forgot to mention the liquids). I am fully aware you aren't a Canucks fan; I just thought I would point out the silliness of your uproar over some popcorn when your own countrymen tried to burned down their city after they lost. Edit: Devils go up 3-2 in the series after taking the lead late. Should be a fun game to watch in Newark on Friday.