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  1. So a library cutting some hours has somehow turned into the citizens of Glendale not being able to call the fire department or police because they have all been fired? I mean seriously you don't have the first clue of how the residents of Glendale live. And ok so there is one outspoken councilmen against all of this and that somehow means that my comments about the elected officals is wrong? The city council has had many votes over all of this and have come back in favor of keeping them here. Sure your friend Phil might of voted no but he obviously was not in the majority. I am sorry you are not a resident of Glendale and don't have the power to say who is elected or how the city is run but complaining about it on a message board isn't going to change anything. If the city of Glendale is in fact on the road to ruin and destruction I promise no one will blame you all for not trying to warn the ignorant citizens of Glendale. Until then though how about just let them decide who is elected and what will and will not happen in their own city?
  2. Wrong: it costs more to subsidize the tenant and pay down debt than it does to pay down debt (as proven by the formula x + y > x), unless you're postulating that quality of life is so improved by having the #4 sports league that the tax increase and loss of services is worth it. What I am saying is I have yet to hear about all of these government services shutting down and thousands of people losing their jobs solely based on a hockey team. I can however say that moving the coyotes would immdiatley mean the loss of at least a few popcorn vendors at jobbing. I am just so glad their are people on a internet board who can stand up and tell the people of Glendale what their elected officials can and can't do with the city they live in.
  3. I have no problem with anyone giving their opinions or complaints about the financial and/or Glendale's handling of the situation. I do however have a problem with the constant jabs and sarcastic one liners that seem to make up every other post in this thread and the playoffs thread that are solely intended to rile up the very few (and outnumbered) Coyote fans on here. Such as "house team" or the constant complaining and whining about how the Coyotes play or the asinine thought that somehow is facilitating this playoff run. Its just childish and immature trolling. I have been so quite around here because A. I dont have the time to sit around at a computer all day waiting for a new post to go up and B. As I have said I tend to keep my complaining and b****ing to myself. I am not sure what exactly you accomplish my spending so many minutes and hours venting your frustration on a sports logo board but I hope it makes you feel better. I have been a coyotes fan since day 1 when they came here. I have been to countless games and have watched pretty much every game I had time for over the years. I am (and was) just as pissed and confused about the move to Glendale but I don't think leaving the city and pretty much abandoning West Gate is going to do anymore good for the City of Glendale in the long run than keeping them here as long as there is an owner who is willing to buy in. I also think you all are DRASTICALLY overstating the state of despair and disarre in Glendale. I don't live there but I do have family members and have yet to hear about all of these stories of libraries, police stations, fire stations and hospitals that many here write off as fact without any actual evidence. I truly believe a run like this can help get the fans back in the seat but we will just have to wait and see with that. Until then everyone can continue their jabs and jokes all while still watching the team they hate so much still playing hockey. Both in the playoffs and hopefully years to come. Go House Team!
  4. Just because someone isn't vocal about their thoughts on a message board doesn't mean we don't exists. Can you honestly look at this thread and blame a coyote fan for staying out of it? Until very recently there has been very little positive things for myself to post regarding this situation so unlike some people I decide to keep my complaining, whining, and overall sour grapes to myself. Things are finally starting to move in a positive direction and I finally have something to post about. All of you already have your mind made up. I honestly believe if they found an owner who agreed to pick up all the debt many around here would still find something to complain about and would continue to hypothesize in the collapse of the entire Glendale area. Keep the hate and ridicule up. Hopefully the Yotes will continue winning and find an owner so some people will still have something to complain about.
  5. I hope this really is the end of all of this. I understand others opinions but as a born and raised Phoenian I couldn't be happier for the possibility of this really happening and couldn't be more pumped for the Western Finals. I know the hate will continue but you can't question the determination of this team.
  6. Oh my goodness could it really be happening? Please Please Please let this be true!
  7. Holy crap, this is gonna go on another year, isn't it?! Preferably much longer
  8. Can we keep this in the Playoff thread? A win tonight does nothing in terms of keeping the team here. Maybe if they win a couple rounds you can try it again.
  9. I am sure most of you know most of these techniques, but I found a list of different Illustrator tutorials online that some might find useful. LINK
  10. Can anyone get me a bigger and clearer version of the logo? I will be happy to do the vectoring but the logo on this site is pretty small and fuzzy. Any help would be appreciated. I will try to get this to you between the middle of the week and the weekend if I am able to get a better quality logo to work with. I am pretty busy with finals coming up but I will do my best to get it to you asap.
  11. I would highly suggest using that tutorial pcgd made. I used it when I started tracing and vectoring my own logos and it was a God sent. If you try it out and still can't get the hang of it I would be more than happy to manually trace it and put it into a vector format that you can then color anyway you want.
  12. What is the difference between that technique and using the eyedropper tool to pull the color out and then simply send that color to a swatch file?
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