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  1. Not a bad take here. The lily looks interesting, and the color scheme is unique. Most concepts I’ve seen for Louisville teams like to use purple, a mix of red and blue which represent the city's two major colleges (Louisville and Xavier.) I can see this being a fun design for their inaugural season, before going with solid pink hoops thereafter.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Marlins93 said:

    People said this same exact thing after the Players Weekend uniforms were first announced. "It's only one series!" So what's next?

    Did those Players Weekend uniforms replace any regular uniforms? Or even became an alternate? All that happened there was it became an annual event, like when they started dressing up in Stars and Stripes for Memorial/Independence/Patriot Day

  3. First of all, this is just a one-off. It’s not replacing the regular uniforms. They’re still the Red Sox, they’re still red/white/blue. The City Connect uniform, as the name implies, is supposed to represent the CITY, not just the team. I know this board is for uniform enthusiasts, but it’s getting more like an echo chamber for those who can’t stand anything different then the way things were in their childhoods.



    Just off the coast of Perth is Rottnest Island, known for its flourishing population of the now famous marsupial, the Quokka. Having no predators or comepetion for resources, they show no fear of humans, as you might have seen from countless vacation selfies. I figured this creature would make a good mascot for what would be Western Australia's third team, based in Joondalup. For their jumpers, I went with a halved design since that seemed to be uncommon in footy.


    So that takes care of this series. Hope you enjoyed. Not sure if I’ll revisit any of these, but you’re welcome to give whatever feedback you have. 



    The humble koala was used before in what is now the AFL. Before the merger with Fitzroy, the Brisbane Lions were known as the Bears and used the koala in their logo, even though it is now semi-common knowledge that the koala is not a bear, but a marsupial.


    For this concept club, a hypothetical third team in Queensland, I give this animal another chance, perhaps to raise awareness of the vulnerable species, its future now in question due to last year's forest fires. The jumper design came to me out of nowhere. The city name starts with a T, so why not just put a big T on it? The clash shirt offers something similar, but with the famous marsupial clinging to the T.



    When I read on the official conversation on AFL expansion, one of the ideas thrown around was a team in the Northern Territory, a federally administered region where about half the land is owned by Australia's indigenous peoples. I’m personally in favor of a team here because this way every region in the Land Down Under will have some kind of representation. 

    I used the region's name because I imagine the Striders might split their home games between NT's two major cities, Darwin and Alice Springs. I really wanted to use an emu for their logo, but the name Emus didn’t sound right to me, so I went with something that could describe an emu instead. Their colors would be sky blue, tan, and black, in order of predominance. Maybe I could’ve went with orange like NT's flag, but for some reason I thought a more earthy tone suited this team better. 

    I made two ideas for home jumpers because I couldn’t decide whether to use a modern look with a big emu dividing the main colors, or go with a more traditional-looking sash, a tri-colored version of what the Bombers and Tigers wear.



    For the expansion teams, I decided to forgo the use of sponsor logos on the jumpers. I’m sure I’m not breaking anyone's heart with that decision.

    This team was easy, because most of the work has already been done for me. Truth be told, Tassie is already in line to get an expansion AFL team within the next year or two. This hypothetical team has already been named, it’s colors chosen, and some idea of what their jumpers will look like. I did come up with a new logo for the Devils, a more stylized take on the marsupial inside an inverted triangle to represent the general shape of the island state. The secondary logo is based on the crest their State of Origin team used to wear.



    Historically the Dogs wore blue jumpers with a red and a white band, but starting in 1975 they changed it to one red band bordered by white to look better on color TV. In 2012 they went back to the old pattern, but I personally prefer the tv-friendly version, so I used that for my concept. Just so there’s no confusion, the logo was made by me.


    And that's it for all the current AFL teams. I hope you enjoyed the series so far, and I hope you'll stick around for the fantasy teams!

  9. 3 hours ago, WLD42 said:


    Sydney - Even though it doesn't appear on the jumpers anywhere, that updated logo with the detailed swan head is the standout here in my opinion; that looks fantastic, I think you really nailed the shape and the expression. 

    Glad you like the logo... because that’s what they’re actually using! I did not make the logo. I only made the smaller, full-body swan you see on the jumpers.




    For this team, the only thing I changed on the home was tweak the wings so they don’t droop down the sides as far. Their current road jumper is yellow with blue wings, so I tried out a white shirt with bi-colored wings.



    In recent news, the Sydney Opera House has increased the fee they charge to use the image of their building on sports logos from $1000 to $12k. The Swans, having used the landmark on their jumpers since the mid 80s, could probably afford to continue to do so, but this is more of a what-if situation where the club decides to try something else to save some money.

  11. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this is how the Cowboys should look. I’ve yet to meet a single person who cares if the blue on the jerseys match the blue on the helmet, or miss the black trim on the shoulder stripes.



    Port, like Brisbane, has an interesting history reflected in its uniforms. They have been regarded as the strongest team outside of Victoria, if not all of Australia, and their traditional outfit included black and white, in a unique pattern based on wharf pylons, but came to be known as the "prison bars," a design dating back to 1902.

    Upon entering the AFL in the 90s, Port was unfortunately required to find a new jumper, along with a new name and logo, as Port was up until then known as the Magpies, and the AFL already had a team that was called the Magpies and used a similar jumper pattern of black and white stripes.


    Currently, Port's home jumper is black with a vee colored white and teal, but lately there have been calls for the Power to "bring back the bars," as now that the AFL allows clash uniforms, color confusion is no longer an issue.


    My concept makes an attempt to restore the traditional prison bars, while keeping the teal in a non-invasive capacity. The clash is white with teal pylons, perfect for games against that other black and white team. The new logo I made features a stylized magpie dressed in lightning bolts.




    Main things I did was a new logo, with a unique, dynamic rendering of a kangaroo, and introducing a secondary color, a rich shade of cyan based on a logo they used to use in the mid 1970s...



    Despite this, I know blue is the traditional color of the Roos, so cyan shows up only on the primary logo and the clash jumper. The logo that appears above the numbers spells out the word Shinboner, which is a nickname NMFC used to use in its early history. The team was notorious for causing injuries to the other team by "going for the shinbones," allegedly. Sometime in the '50s it was decided that Shinboners seemed kind of morbid, so a more family-friendly name was decided on.



    What is now known as the AFL started as a regional affair based in the state of Victoria, so over half of the league's teams are based in or around its capital city of Melbourne. Despite this, the Demons are the only club who dares to claim all of Australia's second city for itself. 

    My concept is fairly conservative, but I wanted to bring back their demon logo in some capacity, and I tried out some vee-shaped pinstripes on the front of the clash.


  15. Thanks for the feedback again. I have a good idea what I want for the Townsville concept, but the rest I’m still working out.





    Brown is one of my favorite colors in sports, so I always have respect for those willing to wear it. For the Hawks, I bring back the primary logo they used in the early 00s, my favorite one, and their home stripes have a pinstripe pattern to them, a design they have visited on two occasions in the past. The clash is based on a vee design they wore early in their history, but with a modern twist, utilizing a second shade of brown.


    That’s about it. Demons are next.



    For AFL's youngest team, I make an attempt to create a full wordmark based on their G logo, and make that the centerpiece of their jumpers.


    I am now halfway through the league proper, but since I’ve started I’ve gotten ideas for expansion teams. Inspired by an article I’ve read on the subject, I’ve decided to create six fantasy clubs after I’m through with the real teams. These would be...

    - Tasmania

    - Northern Territory

    - North Queensland (Townsville)

    - Mandurah, Western Aus.

    - Canberra

    - Third team in South Aus.


    Still working on names, colors, etc. Suggestions welcome.