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  1. Very nice idea. It doesn’t beat the Canucks identity though. I say move them to Victoria.
  2. I've been a big fan of this hypothetical team ever since the conversation for it began over ten years ago. Since then I've made countless concepts and ideas on what a pro soccer in the Gateway City could look like. This is only the latest version of this vision of mine. I included some extra designer notes in the concept. Let me hear your thoughts.
  3. That's all it’s about. Everybody was trying to do what Allianz did. Or St. Louis
  4. For Birmingham, I would try putting the logo on the sleeves and leaving the helmet blank. I for one kinda like the blank look.
  5. It’d be cool if it were real. Not sure how feasible Omaha is for major sports leagues. I know there was a time when they (sorta) had the NBA's Kings, but that’s all I can think of.
  6. I like it, although I would’ve moved the Sacramento team to Las Vegas. Anybody think MLS would benefit from division play?
  7. I’m loving all of these, especially Edmonton. Lagomorphs are not well-represented in sports, so they should really embrace that imagery. Montreal is hard to get right in concepts, methinks. You want to have something traditional and classy, but at the same time you want something edgy and dynamic to fit the "Impact" name. Seems no one can decide how they’re supposed to look.
  8. It’s like if ABA2K was a football league.
  9. Anyone else see this yet? Most of the names are pretty cool, but most of the logos are kinda garbo, imo.
  10. Blackpool looks amazing. They really do need a new crest. The town CoA looks nice, but how do you market that as a sports logo? Doesn’t that symbol belong to the city?
  11. Love the ACSTL revival. Can I see how it would look in brown and orange?
  12. You see silver/grey used a lot in sports, but mostly as secondary colors or on an away baseball uniform to differentiate oneself from the home team, but as far as I know, the only team that wears grey as their main color is Minnesota United FC. If Im wrong, let me know.
  13. I’m just glad to see that Green Bay is getting more attention in the sports world. Outside of Lambeau Field, that is. They got this, an indoor football team, and a baseball team. Do they have hockey yet?
  14. I like this recent trend with ball teams making their main logos simple and to-the-point. That said, I would like to see the 1966-91 logo come back as a sleeve patch.