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  1. Oh hey, thanks for the input. I actually changed it to something different. I didn’t realize anyone saw the first version, honestly. After showing the first version on Reddit, I was advised against using actual regional arms as that would imply that I had some sovereignty over those places. The arm was a symbol of industriousness and the arrow stood for readiness. I was later told that the arm and arrow are a prominent symbol of the Armstrong clan, which I have no affiliation with. For this new version, I dropped the brown and used the colors of my ancestral homes as a more subtle reference. The millrinds are a less common symbol of industry. The book, along with the writing within, represents a willingness to listen and learn.
  2. Here’s my first attempt at a personal CoA, assuming no one has a problem with it: A rough blazon: Argent, a chief vert charged with three millrinds or, and in the field on an open book azure, the letters P and R and the numbers 19 and 20 of the field. The printing on the book refers to Proverbs 19:20 of the Bible, "Listen to advice and accept discipline, and in the end you will be counted among the wise."
  3. I never liked the Atlanta Falcons' '90s uniforms. It drove me nuts that they had no red whatsoever in their helmets, and that they had silver pants for some reason.
  4. So is anything being done about the actual disease, or are we just gonna keep shutting things down until we all have nothing? I’m getting worried
  5. Am I the only one who would prefer this as the primary?
  6. For those not in the know, Marylebone Cricket Club is the main custodian and arbiter of the laws of cricket around the world. The article basically says they updated their logo so it looks better in digital media and merchandise.
  7. I see. I’ve been using MediBang myself lately.
  8. What program are you using to make these, if you don’t mind me asking?
  9. Ah I see where you’re coming from now. Anyway, I fixed up my cat some more... As requested, I gave him more of a snout and moved his ears up a bit, so he’s less likely to be mistaken for a bird. Added some extra flame effects too.
  10. By that logic, we can’t have a front-facing animal either because it would look too much like the Vipers. Like you said, though, this won’t be a problem later on if the league survives long enough to get some expansion teams in.
  11. I know I speak for a lot of people when I say the Wildcats need an actual cat logo to go with their LA monogram, so I came up with a few concepts for one... I had heard that the team was almost called the Wildfires, but the brass came to its senses just in the nick of time. I figured if I made a wildcat logo with some subtle fiery imagery mixed in, that would result in a more unique identity. I made two versions of a side-facing cat, and one front-facing one. Let me hear your thoughts.
  12. If you’re looking for suggestions, how about teal/black/silver for the Xtreme, and navy blue/royal blue/pink for the 'Dogs?
  13. I like that you used the secondary on the helmet, which I think is a much stronger logo compared to the V they’re currently using. I’m not sold on the striping pattern though. Seems a bit conservative for a team in Florida called the Vipers.
  14. Off to an awesome start. Is there a reason you post a B/W version of the logos?
  15. I always thought yellow would look good on the Angels. Cardinals I’m not as sure about. The Yankees one is cool too.