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  1. Looking at the list again I just noticed the last one. I can’t believe they’re considering calling them the Brewers! I mean, we have a big brewery, and a good microbrewer community here, but still...
  2. Fun fact: The Scott Gallagher logo was used as the emblem for St. Louis Soccer United, the first serious ownership group dedicated to landing an MLS team in the STL back in the late '00s. Word is they would’ve used that as the crest for the new team if we were awarded the franchise then.
  3. I’ve seen this list floating around as "official," as in, the team would most certainly have one of these names.
  4. Good move putting the king outside the shield. Everything looks a little less awkward like you said, and the elements work together better
  5. If the league is still in the mood to use references from other soccer clubs, Athletic or Wanderers would be a nice fit for the team.
  6. That monogram would be awesome if Charlotte didn’t already have something similar. Still voting for brown/orange
  7. Ngl, I feel really dumb for expecting anything else than this. No nickname, same colors as the Panthers, at least the crown look nice. Maybe they can make up for this with a kit that actually stands out? I’m imagining blue/white striped jersey with black shorts.
  8. Any word from Sacramento about their identity? We'll be all set once they come up with something.
  9. The three up top would be my picks. Brown/orange if I had to choose just one.
  10. I like the wheat-crown thing, but it's sad to see the old logo go after it held on so long.
  11. The way things are looking, they might become a green team, like the USL team. I was an advocate of them wearing brown at one point, but that might be more suitable to the Sacramento club. I've come up with a lot of concepts for this team since the conversation for one first began about 12 years ago, I may say since I first even heard of MLS, and I’ve tried out a wide variety of color combos for this hypothetical team. I’m excited to see how the real thing will turn out, and how close it came to any of my "predictions." I'm a little distraught to hear that their debut will be rolled back a year because of The Cough, but I understand why they have to. I feel a little better knowing that I’ll at least know what they’ll look like soon.
  12. I understand why most people don’t like Euro-inspired names, but some of those make more sense than others. City, Wanderers, or just FC is understandable enough, but the problem with names like Real, Sporting, and Inter is that it has to be explained. It has to be justified. Us soccer nerds know that RSL was inspired by Real Madrid, Sporting KC by Sporting Lisbon, and Inter Miami by Inter Milan, but where does that leave people new to following the sport? To us it’s a cute little reference, but it’s alienating to those who aren’t in on the joke, of which there are still very many.
  13. Good job on Gateway. I always wanted that to be the name of our MLS team once that materializes. They may very well wear green too, as most of our current minor-league clubs wear that color.
  14. I think I like yours better. It solves all the problems I was having. I wouldn’t have thought of putting the mountain teams in with St. Louis and KC. Putting the Cascadian teams with Northern California was another nice move.