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  1. There are 31 other teams who are a "football team" too.
  2. https://www.houstontexans.com/news/houston-texans-announce-2021-home-game-themes Battle Red is against the Colts again, so the Texans will be in the red alternates. White for the home opener like always. White tops at least. Will it truly be a whiteout? Last year Houston wore navy pants for the Baltimore home game. The Deep Steel Sunday game is against the Chargers. Houston will don the color rush navy for this game. They have done so since 2018. The Texans wore the color rush navy against Cincinnati last year in 2020, against New England in 2019. and against Cleveland in 2018. I think Houston's other color rush game will be against Carolina. The Texans wore them for Thursday night games against MIA in 2018 and IND in 2019, when they selected their other color rush game to be worn. But Houston wore the color rush navy against Green Bay last year when it was a daytime game.
  3. Is Madden 22 going to have the slogans from the political scene or social issues still? Or will they remove those? I also didn't like "Positive Play" being on the field. I liked it better in M19 when none of those things were on the field. I want the game to be normal with the field again.
  4. I wish the MIA vs NO game on MNF is the Saints in their white color rush and Dolphins in their aqua throwbacks. The uniform matchup would be an awesome display. But that most likely isn't going to happen.
  5. Will Ron Rivera or the rest of the team want to show off the all white to the home fans more? I can see it being a good possibility for the home opener against the Chargers.
  6. If you count the preseason, this would be the other time. Preseason 2002
  7. The last year of that uniform this movie came out.
  8. My predictions for WAH games. Buffalo: Steelers and Football Team in regular whites, white throwbacks in November or October game Carolina: Jets, Saints, and maybe Eagles Chicago: white throwbacks for a December game Cleveland: Texans Dallas: all homes??? Houston: Jaguars (all white) Jacksonville: Broncos and Cardinals Los Angeles Chargers: Cowboys Los Angeles Rams: bone against Buccaneers Miami: Bills, Colts, and Falcons New Orleans: white color rush against Cowboys San Francisco: white throwbacks against Colts New York Jets: either against Patriots or Titans Tampa Bay: Cowboys, Falcons, Dolphins, and maybe Bears Tennessee: Cardinals and Colts Other teams like the Falcons, Colts, Packers, Raiders, and Patriots have done WAH, but they are harder to guess.
  9. And the year before that, they were worn many times, only the Eagles and Patriots didn't put them in blue. Maybe last year when they didn't wear blue at home was because of the 60th anniversary, or maybe not. It's hard to say. The Chargers game is a good bet that they'll go WAH. The argument against it is that the Chargers play inside. But Sofi Stadium is a semi inside-outside stadium. The sun still shines through the glass down the field for the early season games. I think the Chargers wear white for the home opener just like they did last year against Chiefs. Last year, the Chargers home opener was affected by the wildfires that was happening throughout the west coast, so the heat was dampened by it. Without something like the wildfires, it should be hotter. The case against the Tampa Bay game is that it's a night game. Tampa Bay won the Super Bowl in white and got there wearing white tops for two of their road playoff games. That is the case the Bucs will wear white for the game to open the season, to honor what they had going. The Saints wore the white CR against Dallas in 2019. It is a good bet NO will do it again. Another reason is that it's on FOX for a Thursday night game. New Orleans game against the Vikings was on FOX for a Friday night game which was a substitute for Thursday night, and the Saints wore the white CR uniform. New England didn't force Dallas in the navy blue in 2019, when in the 2003 and 2011 games they did. This one could go either way.
  10. There's going to be a team that does Dallas. Maybe the Cowboys will don blue for a home game if last year was an anomaly of what they regularly did. By the way, it's an 18 week schedule now with 1 bye week for every team.
  11. You don't have to make predictions for some of the teams. We know they'll wear the same thing most of the time.
  12. There's a lot of teams who I liked their uniforms better during the Reebok era than when they were in Nike.
  13. The Browns and 49ers are wearing a throwback jersey this year. Will they still wear the alternate that they already have?
  14. I think Carolina will still wear white for the Saints game in September, it will still be hot. The Eagles game is tricky knowing. Carolina wore white at home against the Bears on October the 10th in 2010. In 2019 the Panthers wore the alternate blue against Jacksonville in early October. I think it ultimately comes down to how much management or the marketing department wants to show the black jerseys to the home fans. They'll want them to see the black jerseys as much as possible for the cause of jersey sales. Wearing them for only 3 times is too little, and the last time the team did that was in 2011. So I think the Panthers will wear the alternate blue for the Eagles and Vikings games. When Carolina wears the alternate blues at home they usually get them out of the way as early as possible when the weather is still warm. The Panthers go to the blacks once it gets to the time of the season where it is cool enough. I think they will wear the blue tops over black pants at Dallas like they did last year when visiting the Chargers.
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