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  1. I recall the Eagles, Lions, and maybe Giants doing a 60th patch. Actually, it was 8 times in 2019 I did a thread in the other section of the forum a while ago. It was on when road teams wore their dark colors on the road for half of their road games. The other time besides 2019 when Dallas wore the navy blue for that many games was in the 1983 season.
  2. This thread is a listing of the total amount of opponents wearing an alternate or throwback jersey/uniform against each NFL team team, along with the most times in a season. The list excludes/doesn't include league wide promotions like the Color Rush games from 2015-2017 that were mandatory (voluntary in 2015), or the anniversary games or Thanksgiving day games from 2001-2004. Total amount of opponents who wore an alternate/throwback against from most to least. Preseason games are included. Most games against an opponent wearing an alternate or throwback jersey/uniform in a season (Regular Season only). More than two (2) times. Games with an asterisk are home games. The 49ers lead all NFL teams in total amount of opponents wearing an alternate/throwback against them, followed by the Giants, Panthers, and a few other teams. You can do 2 times or 1 in a game, that an opponent wore a jersey/uniform other than their normal sets against a team during the season, but the list is even bigger. As of today, these are the list of the subject. They will most likely change when the next season comes along in 2020 and after.
  3. I'm thinking of the Lamb chop song now. Because this is the thread that doesn't end. It goes on and on.
  4. These are my guesses for the teams in 2020. A few teams have new uniforms, and we have know idea how things will go, so I'll leave those ones out. Arizona Cardinals - They wear the black color rush, the one with red coloring, for Thursday night games. This year their Thursday night game will be on the road though, at Seattle. It's anyone's guess what game the black color rush will be. The normal black alternate, the one with white coloring, is usually worn in the middle or beginning of October. This year their only home game in October is home to Seattle, and the Cardinals don't wear the black alternate against the Seahawks. Atlanta Falcons - Since moving to Mercedes Benz Stadium, the Falcons use up their allotment for the black throwbacks before December comes. They will still wear the black throwbacks, but since they have another alternate jersey now, the red alternate, they'll have to make room for the new alternate. One of those will be worn twice, and the other once. My prediction for the Falcons black throwbacks is the Raiders game. Atlanta has worn them for every last November game from 2017-2019 (Buccaneers 2017, Cowboys 2018, and Saints 2019). I'm guessing the other black jersey appearance will be either Chicago or Carolina. Baltimore Ravens - Black alternates are worn for prime-time games most of the time. But the Ravens also wears them for daytime games, like the 49ers game last year for instance. So it goes either way regarding night or day time games. I predict the Chiefs game and maybe the Cowboys game. Baltimore has worn their purple color rush for their last November home game the last two years, Oakland Raiders (2018) and the Los Angeles Rams (2019). I predict the Tennessee Titans game for the color rush, especially since they lost to them in purple in the recent playoff game. The Ravens wear white for home openers, but have had years where they did not. Last couple of years they have. Baltimore will wear their white jerseys for their home opener against the Browns. Teams have worn their white jerseys against the Cowboys on purpose, just to make Dallas wear their blue jerseys. Will the Baltimore Ravens be one of those teams? Buffalo Bills - White, the regular one, for the Jets game. Wore their regular white uniforms for their home opener the last two years. Red color rush for the Steelers game. Buffalo has worn the red color rush for the second to last home game, the 7th game, since 2017. Hard to make a call on the white throwback uniforms. They wear them any time in the month of October or November. Carolina Panthers - White for the Raiders and Cardinals. Blue for the Bears and road game at Tampa. Carolina usually likes to get the alternate blue jersey games out of the way, and as early as possible, before going to their black jerseys, especially when it's still warm in October. So that's why the white uniforms only appear at home twice or once now, compared to years past. Chicago Bears - Wears an alternate/throwback uniform around Halloween, before or after. They'll have the orange jerseys and perhaps the return of the Monsters of the Midway uniforms. I'm guessing one for the Saints game and the other for the Buccaneers. Chicago lost last year to New Orleans in their regular navy jersey, and the game with Tampa Bay is a prime-time game with Tom Brady in town. Are the Bears bringing back the Monsters of the Midway uniform? Cincinnati Bengals - Wore black, the all black combination, on the home opener against the 49ers, despite it typically being the stretch of the season where its warmer, and the team wears white for those games. Was that a Marvin Lewis thing? Did that change under Zac Taylor? The color rush uniform was worn more than the orange jersey last year. I'm guessing the white color rush for the prime-time game on at Cleveland. The Bengals wore the white color rush for big national games last year like at Pittsburgh and the London game against the Rams. I'm guessing the Jaguars or the prime-time game against the Steelers for the orange jerseys. Like Baltimore, Cincinnati is the other AFC team who has Dallas on their schedule, and has worn white at home. Will the Cincinnati Bengals be one of those teams? Dallas Cowboys - Blue jerseys, with white pants, for the home game against Arizona. White color rush for the 49ers game and other big games. Dallas wore blue over white for night games against the Titans (2018) and Vikings (2019) in the middle of the season. They wore color rush against the Saints in 2018, which was a home game at night late in the season. I also predict they'll wear them for a road game. Denver Broncos - Navy blue alternate against the Bills. Denver has worn the alternate navy for their first December home game since 2015. The other navy blue game is in October. I will say Miami. They avoided wearing them against Kansas City last year, and lost to them wearing those jerseys/uniforms the year before. Detroit Lions - Either the gray color rush or blue throwbacks against the Texans? The other one for a selected opponent. Green Bay Packers - All white color rush is worn for prime-time games. Maybe against the Falcons because it's a MNF game just like Detroit last year? Maybe at San Francisco for better luck? Houston Texans - All white for Baltimore Ravens. They don't have a consistent pattern on the battle red or color rush jerseys. It's anyone's guess what games those will be. Indianapolis Colts - Will they wear white at home, do the white out at Lucas Oil Stadium again? All blue color rush in the middle of the season, October or November, like the last two years. Jacksonville Jaguars - Do the Jaguars want to wear black at Tennessee? If not, the Jags will do what other teams have done, wear their lighter more cooler jerseys in the heat. Also, like the Panthers, Jacksonville will wear their alternates for home games when it's still warm in October, before going to their black jerseys/uniforms. They'll wear teal against the Dolphins and Lions for sure. Wear white for the home opener against the Colts. Kansas City - Usually wears the all red combination for night games. But didn't against the Packers. Probably because they weren't lucky the last two times they wore them? Las Vegas Raiders - Wears the color rush uniform with silver numbers for Thursday night games. Will wear them against the Chargers again, who they host on Thursday night again. Miami Dolphins - White for the Bills, Seahawks, Chargers, and Rams. No idea about the aqua throwbacks. Minnesota Vikings - Brought back their color rush last year. But their Thursday night game is on the road this year. It has to be a home game somewhere. New Orleans Saints - Maybe the white color rush against the Chargers? They wore white against the Redskins in 2018, and Cowboys in 2019, both night games, that took place once the season was well underway. New York Giants - White color rush against the Buccaneers. The Giants wear their color rush for a night game. The Pittsburgh game is also a night game, but it would be too soon to bust out the color rush uniform. New York Jets - Last two years wore white, did a white out, for the third home game. All white against the Cardinals? No idea about the black uniforms. Philadelphia Eagles - All black for two of the Giants, Cowboys, and Seahawks games. Pittsburgh Steelers - Color rush against the Ravens. No idea about the throwback jersey. San Francisco 49ers - Wears the all white color rush for their last October game (Rams 2018, Panthers 2019). The Rams again? The Dolphins would be a good candidate too. Seattle Seahawks - Usually wears the wolf grey against Arizona. The lime green color rush for a night game. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - White jersey/uniform for the Panthers and Chargers. Tennessee Titans - White for the Jaguars and Steelers. Columbia blue alternates for the Texans and Colts. Washington Redskins - Likes to force Dallas in their blue jerseys. Wears their throwback uniform in either October or November.
  5. As the title says. NFL teams wearing their darker colors on the road for half of their games or more as the visitor. I'm making this thread because of the resurgence of this happening to teams. Before 2001, the turn of century, it was a lot more common for home teams to wear white at home for longer periods of time, or a team even randomly decides to do it. So road teams were forced to be in their dark jerseys because of the fact. You would frequently see teams have a certain year where they were in their colored jerseys for four times or more when visiting the host team. In the mid 2010s, what once has been common, became a thing again. Below is the list of of when teams wore their dark/colored jerseys on the road 4 times. Playoff games or even the preseason are excluded, they don't count. 49ers 1986: Buccaneers, Dolphins, Falcons, Redskins, and Patriots 1989: Buccaneers, Eagles, Cowboys, Jets, and Falcons Bears 1964: Vikings, Colts, Redskins, and Rams 1994: Eagles, Jets, Buccaneers, and Dolphins 2016: Texans, Cowboys, Packers, and Buccaneers Bengals 1995: Colts, Buccaneers, Jaguars, and Browns Bills 1986: Jets, Dolphins, Buccaneers, and Patriots 1987: Patriots, Dolphins, Browns, and Jets Broncos 1980: Browns, Giants, Chargers, and Chiefs Browns 1981: Bengals, Rams, Bills, and Oilers Cardinals 1967: Steelers, Browns, Cowboys, and Giants 1985: Browns, Redskins, Eagles, and Cowboys 1986: Falcons, Bills, Buccaneers, Redskins, Cowboys, and Eagles 1990: Redskins, Eagles, Dolphins, and Cowboys 1994: Rams, Browns, Cowboys, and Redskins 1997: Redskins, Buccaneers, Eagles, and Cowboys 1999: Eagles, Dolphins, Cowboys, and Redskins Chiefs 1983: Redskins, Dolphins, Oilers, Cowboys, and Chargers Colts 1981: Patriots, Bills, Dolphins, and Redskins 1986: Patriots, Dolphins, Bills, Jets, and Falcons 1988: Browns, Patriots, Dolphins, and Jets Cowboys 1966: Falcons, Cardinals, Browns, and Steelers 1980: Broncos, Cardinals, Giants, and Rams 1981: Redskins, Cardinals, Colts, and Giants 1983: Redskins, Cardinals, Giants, Eagles, and Chargers 1986: Eagles, Giants, Chargers, and Redskins 1987: Giants, Jets, Eagles, and Redskins 1989: Falcons, Redskins, Cardinals, and Eagles 2015: Eagles, Saints, Buccaneers, and Dolphins 2019: Redskins, Saints, Jets, Giants, Lions, and Bears Dolphins 1981: Cardinals, Oilers, Bills, and Cowboys Eagles 1964: Redskins, Rams, Cowboys, Browns, and Cardinals 1967: Saints, Rams, Giants, and Cowboys 1980: Cardinals, Giants, Chargers, and Cowboys 1984: Cowboys, Redskins, Bills, and Dolphins 1997: Cowboys, Jaguars, Falcons, and Redskins 1999: Dolphins, Panthers, Redskins, and Cowboys 2018: Buccaneers, Titans, Giants, Saints, and Cowboys Falcons 1971: Rams, Browns, Bengals, and Saints 1981: Browns, Saints, Oilers, and Rams 1991: Chargers, Cardinals, Redskins, and Cowboys Giants 1964: Cowboys, Browns, Cardinals, and Redskins 1966: Steelers, Cowboys, Rams, and Browns 1967: Cardinals, Cowboys, Steelers, and Browns 1968: Steelers, Cowboys, Rams, and Browns 1989: Redskins, Cowboys, Eagles, and Cardinals 1991: Cowboys, Cardinals, Buccaneers, and Redskins 1994: Cardinals, Rams, Cowboys, and Redskins 1997: Jaguars, Cardinals, Oilers, Redskins, and Cowboys 1999: Buccaneers, Cardinals, Redskins, and Cowboys 2000: Titans, Falcons, Redskins, and Cowboys Jets 1990: Patriots, Dolphins, Chargers, and Buccaneers 1996: Dolphins, Redskins, Jaguars, and Cardinals Lions 2005: Chicago, Tampa Bay, Cleveland, and Dallas Oilers 1988: Jets, Eagles, Cowboys, and Browns Packers 1964: Colts, Vikings, Cowboys, and Rams 1994: Eagles, Patriots, Cowboys, and Buccaneers Raiders 1971: Chargers, Browns, Broncos, and Saints 1980: Chiefs, Chargers, Bills, and Giants 1983: Bengals, Broncos, Redskins, Cowboys, and Chargers 2016: Saints, Titans, Jaguars, and Buccaneers Redskins 1964: Cowboys, Cardinals, Browns, and Colts 1967: Saints, Falcons, Rams, Cowboys, Browns, and Steelers 1973: Cardinals, Eagles, Saints, and Cowboys 1989: Cowboys, Eagles, Cardinals, and Falcons 1993: Eagles, Cardinals, Rams, and Cowboys 1995: Buccaneers, Eagles, Cardinals, and Cowboys 1997: Panthers, Eagles, Oilers, and Cowboys 2018: Saints, Buccaneers, Cowboys, and Titans Steelers 1964: Browns, Vikings, Cardinals, Redskins, and Cowboys 1967: Browns, Saints, Cardinals, and Giants 1968: Rams, Browns, Falcons, Cardinals, Cowboys, and Saints 1979: Cardinals, Browns, Bengals, and Chargers 1988: Redskins, Cardinals, Jets, and Browns Vikings 2014: Saints, Bills, Buccaneers, and Dolphins A few teams saw their white jerseys very little. From 2014 to 2019 and onwards, the phenomenon became resurgent and like the days of old. Will we see more of this continue to happen to teams?
  6. It's going to be weird seeing Philip Rivers in a uniform other than the Chargers. I was used to him being in nothing but the lightning bolt team.
  7. The nameplate I see the difference. But the number font I still have a hard time distinguishing.
  8. Is their home blue jersey/uniform basically the color rush they were using? Because the Patriots site say they made a tweak to the font of the numbers and nameplate, but I don't see the difference.
  9. The midnight green jersey looks better in the Reebok era than the Nike version.
  10. Also amazing. Teams in new uniforms that will be playing each other. - Buccaneers and Falcons - Colts and Browns - Patriots and Chargers - Chargers and Buccaneers - Falcons and Chargers - Patriots and Rams - Rams and Buccaneers - Rams and Chargers - Buccaneers and Browns
  11. Teams start release information on the uniform they will wear for particular games once the schedule is out and set. Some teams we know what they will wear on a time or date based on patterns. Besides, with this whole stay at home order and people restricted to their home because of Covid-19, we'll need things to get us through our boredom.
  12. Based on the schedule that is out, the Chargers get Tampa and Miami early. So it's most likely powder blues for the Buccaneers and Dolphins games. We won't get to see the Chargers and Dolphins match that some of us were hoping for. Here's hoping that the Bills and Saints wear their throwbacks for their game against the Chargers. One or both of them.
  13. The NFL schedule is about to be released this week. Can we get the 2020 season thread started? Seeing all the new uniforms for this year is really making me want to get Madden 21. I want to get the game already.
  14. I was thinking about the Chargers game in Miami being in November or December. If that happens and the Dolphins wear their aqua throwbacks, and the Chargers wear their all white, that is game is going to be real nice. Are the Dolphins going to still wear their white throwbacks that they wore in 2019? If that happens, and the Chargers wear the powder blue jersey over white pants, that would be good too. I'm hoping the Bills wear their white throwbacks against the Chargers. The Bills in their white throwbacks and Chargers in the powder blue would also rock. Plus, it would make sense for Buffalo to wear them against the Chargers since the year that the Bills throwbacks were based on (1964-1965 championship), Buffalo won both of those against the Chargers.