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  1. If the quarterback played on more than 3 teams, does it make what this topic is about less interesting?
  2. Sorry to be a contrarian, but..... this is one of the worst Super Bowl uniform matchups I've seen.
  3. You're making me want to see the Titans make it to the Super Bowl as the host team. I want to see Tennessee get there as the 6th seed and do what the Steelers did in Super Bowl 40.
  4. How do the Jaguars get to wear their alternate teal 5 times? 3 in the RS and 2 in the PS. The Ravens and Seahawks allowed to wear alternates 4 times? But the same can't be done for other teams? Did the NFL start brushing up on the rule they have?
  5. Oh yeah, almost forgot. I thought the Rams midfield logo for the home finale was pretty cool.
  6. Other than the "100" season logo, the NFL missed on an opportunity this year. To do things like the 75th season or AFL 50th season celebration. I hope for better things in 2020.
  7. Since it became about the Patriots cheating in here... New England knows something about Cincinnati from their game with Cleveland that they can take advantage of.
  8. Do the Patriots have any detail on the uniforms for their upcoming opponent the Bengals?
  9. Maybe because they wore gotham green against Miami earlier already. How about black on white this time?
  10. The Eagles almost always wear black against the Giants since 2014. With the exception of 2017. The one time they didn't it was a warmer part of the season.
  11. If they both finish in the same place in 2019, they'll play each other next year. In Los Angeles. When the uniform choice could go differently indoors opposed to the outdoor stadium. Currently, they're both 4th place teams.
  12. I'd also like to see blue over white and lime over white. But you know something? Seattle never wears anything other than blue pants at home ever since they played at Century Link Field.
  13. Indianapolis doing something they haven't done in 20+ years will be nice. The "teams should only wear their colored jerseys at home" crowd can stuff it. Going white at home, even if it's just once a home game, is refreshing. Between the blue and white, I find the Colts white to be the better of the two.
  14. With the Colts wearing white at home this week, the whole division will have done WAH. Times when the whole division wore white at home in a season 2011: AFC East 2017: AFC East (With the Patriots wearing white as the Super Bowl host team) 2019: AFC South 1983: NFC East If you include non whites, when the visiting team was forced to wear their colors 2002: NFC South (Saints wore gold against the Vikings), (Falcons wore white against the Bengals)