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  1. You're brave to say your opinion. The so-called traditional uniforms get overrated by their fans. A couple of uniforms that I find overrated are the Chiefs and Bears.
  2. The Texans haven't open the roof in their stadium since 2014. They did so today against New England. Maybe it was a good thing Bill O'Brien got fired. Because JJ Watt posted a picture on his tweet of the NRG roof after the firing of O'Brien.
  3. I wish this game took place with the roof of Lucas Oil Stadium open and the sun shine beaming on the field. But the game we see taking place with the roof closed is still good.
  4. Yeah, it was. When the Rams and Seahawks played on Thursday night in 2016, the Rams had to go with their all white. Because the yellow wouldn't mesh well with the leo green. This complication was a good reason for the league to do away with the mandatory color rush for Thursday night.
  5. The previous set was far from the worst. It was a good uniform. Very underrated. I like it a little more than their current uniforms. You can count that into the "Unpopular Opinions" places of the forum.