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  1. That's not official. One of the teams could wear different pants to offset the other team's yellow color. If we're talking about way too much of one color, I'll say the Chiefs and 49ers is way too much red.
  2. I gave an opinion. Seeing variety is better than seeing the same look all the time. What one person thinks is the best look may not be the same for another. Different strokes for different folks.
  3. Kind of. That's such an overused and half-baked word. I'm saying teams can do whatever they want.
  4. Meh. That doesn't mean they have to wear the same thing all the time. Because that gets boring.
  5. I remember the year 2006 and the surrounding years. Those were good times.
  6. They had navy and royal blue as the alternates in the previous design. I guess the current ones are modified versions of those.
  7. Bringing back an old combo that wasn't used last season doesn't mean they're ditching the color rush. They won't drop a uniform after only just introducing them for a year. It would be a waste.
  8. This thread was made 8 years ago. I'm unclear of what the criterion for the topic is.
  9. Probably because it was the color rush from the previous uniform design, and the fact that they used royal blue from the 1970s to the 1980s.
  10. All of the Chargers uniform combos are good. They have one of the best sets in the league.
  11. The 49ers seem to like wearing the white throwback at Seattle. Just like the Seahawks like wearing the alternate wolf grey at Arizona. If SF decides to keep the red throwbacks after 2021, they should wear them for the Chargers when they come to Levi's Stadium in 2022. It would be fitting.
  12. Are any of the throwbacks from the teams planning to reveal to the public in the Madden game already? If so, which ones and teams'?
  13. I think they would rather wear the CR to show to the home fans. Also, the Giants only wear them once in a season.
  14. I forgot to add prime games being at home. All the primetime games they do have are on the road.
  15. The Giants wear the color rush uniform for primetime games. Since they have none this year, it'll have to be somewhere. Teams have worn their alternates or throwbacks on a day when they honor the past.
  16. There's this thing called shilling.
  17. The Giants are going to honor the 2011 Super Bowl team in the home game against LAR. I think they'll wear the white color rush for this game. If not, the Falcons game would be another good candidate, because they'll retire Eli's number that week. NYG wears the CR for primetime games at home, but they have none in 2021.
  18. The greatest trick the devil every pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist.
  19. In Madden 20 they showed the 100th season logo on the opening sequence. The year when the NFL was doing the 100 year celebration. The opening sequence when M22 shows they still have those things looks legit. I don't know if EA was lazy or whatever the reason is.
  20. There are 31 other teams who are a "football team" too.
  21. https://www.houstontexans.com/news/houston-texans-announce-2021-home-game-themes Battle Red is against the Colts again, so the Texans will be in the red alternates. White for the home opener like always. White tops at least. Will it truly be a whiteout? Last year Houston wore navy pants for the Baltimore home game. The Deep Steel Sunday game is against the Chargers. Houston will don the color rush navy for this game. They have done so since 2018. The Texans wore the color rush navy against Cincinnati last year in 2020, against New England in 2019. and against Cleveland in 2018. I think Houston's other color rush game will be against Carolina. The Texans wore them for Thursday night games against MIA in 2018 and IND in 2019, when they selected their other color rush game to be worn. But Houston wore the color rush navy against Green Bay last year when it was a daytime game.
  22. Is Madden 22 going to have the slogans from the political scene or social issues still? Or will they remove those? I also didn't like "Positive Play" being on the field. I liked it better in M19 when none of those things were on the field. I want the game to be normal with the field again.
  23. I wish the MIA vs NO game on MNF is the Saints in their white color rush and Dolphins in their aqua throwbacks. The uniform matchup would be an awesome display. But that most likely isn't going to happen.
  24. Will Ron Rivera or the rest of the team want to show off the all white to the home fans more? I can see it being a good possibility for the home opener against the Chargers.
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