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  1. From the way that the white color rush is talked about, it sounds like they are loved enough to be kept around. Most teams don't keep their color rush uniforms when they go into a new uniform design.
  2. What happens in 2025? The added game being based on two season prior doesn't hold water after 2024.
  3. I see that the NFL decided that the AFC would be the conference to be the host team to start the 17 game schedule. Did they do this in accordance with who the host team of the 2022 Pro Bowl and Super Bowl is? The AFC is the host team of those two games this season.
  4. The Broncos current orange was great under Reebok. It's lost its flavor in Nike.
  5. Are the Bengals new white uniform going to be a different version of the current white color rush uniform?
  6. I don't know how that is signifying a uniform change.
  7. All the Jaguars love deserves a jaguar roar.
  8. Are the Bengals going to do away with the color rush uniform?
  9. For most teams, the home bench is underneath the face of the logo and the visitor/away bench on top of the logo. A few teams are the reverse; the Browns, the two New York teams, the Cowboys, the Patriots, the Falcons, the Rams, and the London host teams. I'm not sure how they do it for the Super Bowl.
  10. Maybe daytime games in September or October. I don't think they'll do it in the Thursday night opener. Plus, they'll need to get some red or pewter games in there in order to market and sell those jerseys more.
  11. As the title says. What are games in sports, whether professional or college, where both teams were in the first season of their uniform change or update? Here are things that don't count - Teams playing in their inaugural season - Switching between two jerseys/uniforms making one the primary and the other the alternate, where the uniforms were already there in previous years - Items like shoes/cleats, socks, patches, and decals paying tribute to someone or something - Uniforms appearing for one season that didn't return again What does count - Preseason games - Alternate uniforms, and doesn't have to come in the same year as the primary ones - Changes a team made to the uniform already existing I'll start this thread off by doing one for NFL games from the present going back to the 1990s. NFL games where both teams were in their first season under a uniform change. 2020 Colts vs Browns Patriots vs Chargers Buccaneers vs Falcons (NFC South opponents) Rams vs Buccaneers Rams vs Washington Football Team Browns vs Washington Football Team Patriots vs Rams Chargers vs Buccaneers Falcons vs Chargers 2018 Jaguars vs Titans (AFC South opponents) Titans vs Dolphins Bears (Chicago Bears orange updated from the 2005-2011 version) vs Dolphins 2017 49ers vs Rams (NFC West opponents) 2013 Chargers vs Jaguars Chargers vs Washington's former name (Had to wear normal helmet instead of the brown helmet from 2012 because of the one-helmet/shell rule instituted that year) Chargers vs Dolphins Dolphins vs Jaguars (Pre-season) 2012 Seahawks vs Panthers Chiefs vs Bills Panthers vs Chiefs Seahawks vs Bears Seahawks vs Bills Bears vs Jaguars Seahawks vs Chiefs (Pre-season) 2009 Lions vs 49ers Jaguars vs 49ers 2005 Cardinals vs Giants 2004 Jaguars vs Colts (Week 7) 2003 Eagles vs Washington's former name (NFC East opponents) 2002 Rams vs Seahawks (NFC West opponents) Colts vs Broncos Colts vs Washington's former name 2000 Ravens vs Giants (2001 Super Bowl and Pre-season) 1999 Saints vs Titans (Pre-season Saints vs Ravens Browns vs Ravens, Browns vs Titans, and Ravens vs Titans (AFC Central opponents) 1997 Packers vs Broncos (1998 Super Bowl) Dolphins vs Buccaneers (Both Regular-season and Pre-season) 1996 Cowboys vs Eagles (NFC East opponents) Cardinals vs Eagles (Week 17) Cowboys vs 49ers Eagles vs 49ers This is as far as I'll go. Feel free to add your own contributions and do the work for others.
  12. Good points are brought up. How the Bucs have are unbeaten so far in white tops and pewter pants, and that they lost to KC in the first meeting in their red tops. Kansas City is 2-0 in red in Super Bowls, yes. But check this out. In this two year Super Bowl run, the Chiefs have lost most of their games in the red jerseys. Both of their losses this season came in red against the Raiders and Chargers. In 2019, 3 of their 4 losses were to the Colts, Texans, and Packers. KC is 13-1 in the white jerseys. Their only loss in white was to the Titans in the 2019 regular season. It might not be such a bad thing that the Bucs put KC in their red tops. Something has to give, regarding uniform records.
  13. Thanks 63. I just thought about that Jets vs Chargers game. I was off about the 2006 games between the Giants and Eagles. I looked up other games of the instances where two teams met twice during the season in the same stadium and wore different colors each time. Here are the others I found. 2015: Chiefs vs Texans 2005: Washington's former name vs Buccaneers 2000: Rams vs Saints 1999: Titans vs Jaguars 1997: Lion vs Buccaneers 1992: Bills vs Dolphins 1985: Patriots vs Dolphins 1981: Bills vs Bengals 1980: Cowboys vs Eagles
  14. 5 of the 8 meetings between the Chiefs and Bucs, when the game was in Tampa, Tampa Bay was in white tops and Kansas City in red tops. Including Super Bowl 55. The regular season meeting in 2020 was the Bucs in red and Chiefs in white. Then later in the playoffs, the Super Bowl notably, it's reversed. The last time when two teams met in the same stadium twice in the same season, where the uniforms were different each time, was the Giants vs Eagles in the 2006 season. Any other instances?
  15. Sure you can. The Eagles aren't the only team to beat Tom Brady. The New York Giants have done it, they did it twice. If you aren't restricting the Super Bowl to "LII".
  16. The Rams alternate became the primary that year. It wasn't an alternate anymore.
  17. The Bengals will have new uniforms, if the rumors about them is true. Green Bay and the LA Rams will have a new alternate. Who else will have something new in 2021?
  18. The game will basically be a repeat of week 12. Unless one of the teams decide to wear something different.
  19. It probably helped that Staley was with the team who shares the same building/stadium.
  20. This derision is more annoying than all the ads. What I stated is the truth.
  21. Why are we calling them, Washington, the Football Team? The other 31 clubs are a football team too.
  22. The blue pants go with well with the blue part of the helmet, when the jersey doesn't have the blue to be there in between them.