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  1. Are the Packers going to be in their all white color rush for the Thursday night game against San Francisco? It's not 12:00 AM yet in my time zone as I'm posting this. So if there's an announcement about that, it'll be a few hours before leading up to the game.
  2. The Titans don't look bad in their navy over white. The last time they wore that combo was during the Vince Young era. Are the Bengals white color rush game coinciding with Halloween and Thanksgiving?
  3. Marketing purposes? There are teams who will give their home fans a chance to see all of their uniforms/jerseys. As for Denver. It allows the Broncos to wear their orange jerseys, the normal one, more times than not. The normal oranges will appear 6 times instead of 5.
  4. The team's coaching staff is horrible. Management needs to learn their lesson about hiring accomplished or established head coaches instead of what they've been doing with the last 2 hires.
  5. It's just like when the general public, the fans, say things about the players or coaching staff on the team. The team doesn't care about the advices of people outside of their environment.
  6. A lot of people dislike white at home. Different strokes for different folks. I like WAH. It's great to see different combinations of uniforms for the fans of the home team. It gets boring seeing the same uniform or jerseys all the time IMO.
  7. You said 2000s designed uniforms. Falcons in 2003, went from black to red shortly afterwards in 2004. Cardinals in 2005, still remains in 2020. Vikings in 2006, changed to the uniforms they have currently in 2013. The Bengals current uniforms, excluding the color rush, is a Reebok era made uniform. The Texans is Reebok, and have a tweak on the shoulders in Nike. The 49ers current uniform was made in 2009, during Reebok, and it's a more modern version of their dynasty run uniforms, and it went from 3 tone to 2 tones on the sleeves in the late 2010s.
  8. The Broncos orange is a Reebok era made. The white and navy are of Nike when Nike was doing NFL uniforms the first time around. The Houston Texans would be Reebok too. But they do have a slight change under Nike. The 49ers are another remaining Reebok designed team. And they had a slight change in 2017.
  9. The only time the Seahawks have worn white against the Cardinals, since the uniform first came with Nike, was in 2012 and 2014. They wore white tops and grey pants for the 2012 game, and white tops and navy pants for the 2014 game. The all white is the only combo Seattle hasn't worn at Arizona.
  10. Washington isn't wearing white at home for Dallas this year. I'd like to see the temporary Washington uniforms in white against the Cowboys next year, before they get an official new name.
  11. What game do we get to see the Browns in all white? Do we rule the home games out of that?
  12. What you're saying is how I feel about the NBA. I can barely tell what team is who in the NBA now.
  13. Aside from color rush, which was mandatory, this will be the first time Arizona wears the black alternate against Seattle. The last time the Seahawks wore white visiting the Cardinals was in 2014, the same year they went to the Super Bowl in that same building. Fun fact; the Seahawks have worn all of their uniform sets at State Farm Stadium.
  14. Last 3 seasons, the Eagles bust out the all black for their first November home game. Denver in 2017, Dallas in 2018, and Chicago in 2019. Philadelphia always wears them against the Giants, with the exception of 2017; because that game was in September where it's warmer, so that was likely the reason they went green.
  15. There were talks that the 49ers audibled on the uniform choice for the Rams game. San Francisco has worn the all white color rush for their last October home game since the uniform debuted in 2018. I believe that was their choice for that week 6 game all along.
  16. There have been articles stating that the process would/could take 18 months. Going back to July of this year.
  17. Was this the game when a referee punched a player because he was running into him?
  18. The battle of the Bays looks nice. But I would've liked to see the Bucs reds vs the Packers white tops and yellow pants, and like that more. We haven't gotten to see Tampa's red yet, but I digress. The NFC South division will host NFC North teams for common place finisher games in 2021. Here's hoping the Packers and Buccaneers finish in the same place.
  19. I'm pretty sure the Titans will wear the columbia blue alternate against the Texans. They've always done this when the light blue was the alternate. Years 2003-2007 this was true. Last year they did so. In 2018 they got Houston in September so they didn't, and because the light blue was only used for road games.
  20. That's why I asked. The Texans have not opened their roof since 2014. The year when Bill O'Brien was in his first year as the Houston HC. JJ Watt posted a picture of the NRG roof open. After O'Brien's firing.
  21. Herbert is probably one of the only good things about the team this year. Add Anthony Lynn to the next list of coaches who needs to be fired. He is a joke.
  22. JJ Watt posted a tweet showing the NRG roof open. Was this because of the Bill O-Brien firing? I bring this up to add to the previous post regarding a question that was asked.
  23. Many teams have worn their alternates when visiting AT&T Stadium. But I don't know about the Cardinals. If they do, it's because they want to wear a different color against the Cowboys for once.