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  1. Everyone knows you don't mix black and blue after Labor Day!!! Seriously...since when did the Isles have black? This is worse than the Buffa-slug. Sorry, Isles fans, your owner is a moron.
  2. Strike one: and, Strike two: Thankfully, they didn't strike out.
  3. Dallas Stars get this award. They used to have a pretty creative jersey with the star as part of the design. The wrecked it when they went to that plain looking wrapper with the word "DALLAS" on it. Baseball jerseys don't count. They pretty much all look the same now a days anyway.
  4. During the summer before the Avs started their first season in CO, there was a TV commercial that (I think) was aired on ESPN. Bascially the ad ran with the idea that the Denver fans didn't quite understand the sport of hockey anymore and that they would have to refresh themselves. A couple snippets of the ad that I remember: - A couple kids are standing behind the glass during a practice when an Avs player skates up and yells at them to "stop telling me to hit it out of the park!" - A couple kids are sitting in the seats (again, during a practice...might be the same kids, I dunno) and one asks the other, "was that a triple lutz?" I am having no luck finding a video of this ad online. I tried searching Youtube, Google, and even the "This is SportsCenter" archives...but no dice. Anyone got any ideas?
  5. I haven't read all 13 pages of posts yet, but I saw a couple posts mentioning the Bills going to Toronto or elsewhere... It won't least not anytime in the near future. If Ralph Wilson passes on, or actually sells the team before that, the number one potential buyer is Bills HOF QB Jim Kelly and a group of investors. Jim has been trying to get Ralph to sell him the team for the last 5-6 years now. If (when) Kelly gets the team, the Bills are guaranteed to stay put for the foreseeable future. The next team to move? My vote goes to either Phoenix Coyotes or Atlanta Thrashers. Now that the Canadian dollar is competitive with the US dollar, expect to see both Winnipeg and Quebec get an NHL team within the next 5 years...I'd bet a paycheck on it.
  6. You're suggesting that Atlanta is a better (ie: more relevant) hockey town than Buffalo? LMAO...are you out of your ever-lovin mind?!?! Atlanta is on their second shot at a team, and they still can't bring in fans. So you want to just give the Birds a cup winner so they'll draw fans? Put the bong down... Buffalo sells out nearly every game, has one of the best TV ratings in the entire league, and are very competetive on the ice...all this despite not winning any Cups. Atlanta winning a Cup and/or fans? I'd be more willing to bet that every single Southeastern team will relocate into Canada before the decade is out.
  7. Not a bad pickup. I wouldn't exactly call it a big splash move, but positive none-the-less.
  8. Well, they ARE America's finest news source. I'd take that as gold!
  9. W. T. F.? We lose two of our top 4 defenseman. We need a PP quarterback. Solution: Let's go get one D-man that may be a little injury prone and only scored 1 PP goal last season!...AND give him $3 Mil a year! I got nothing against Leopold, he's a good guy and a relatively solid D-man...but really, Sabres? This is the best you could do? We got over $12 mil in cap space and this is your best idea?!?!?! WTF...WTF...WTF...WTF...
  10. The home is already set (it is last years thirds)...we're just waiting on the away and new third. Based on past experience...some grainy images of the new jersey's will "leak" in late July and they'll "officially" unveil them at an open practice in early September.
  11. Now that's what I'M talking about!
  12. According to an interview with Sabres GM Darcy Regier yesterday: Darcy was on the same flight as Brian Burke while going from LV to LA and they got to talking about Kaberle. Darcy wouldn't give up any details (obviously), but the Sabres seem a legit contender to pick him up. I like the idea, but the other side of the coin is Kaberle's contract. 1 year left on a $5 mil contract? I think the Sabs may have to give up someone(s) valuable for a guy that might not stick around. I don't know if I'm sold on this one.
  13. There are rumors swirling the Sabres community that they are interested in obtaining Spezza or Pat Marleau. Despite the numbers Pat put up last year, I think I'd be more excited to see him here before Spezza.
  14. "NASCAR Division"...LMBO, LOVE it! Never heard that one before