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  1. Unfortunately were playing at the parks mall because of the price. I've played in B league over at Euless about 3 seasons ago. I'm playing in D and making a killing, still I'm running my own team and having fun which is all that really matters.
  2. Yeah it's for Adult league were supposed to play tonight but the Zamboni is broken at the rink. Anyways I sent the guy who designed the logo what the options are RBK jersey wise so he may change the colors. If he does I'll post a concept of a couple of jerseys soon.
  3. You are the man the Citadels logo is amazing. The Scarecrow is awesome as well great job once again!
  4. Were working on different looks I'll post any updates and comments and opinions are welcome!
  5. Yeah It definitely does make it stand out. Toronto matches maybe too well I dunno, but Tampa Bay home would be like the San Jose jersey and match the logo color wise more.
  6. :: Information :: I just wanted to know what you guys thought of the logo on a Toronto Maple Leaf home? The other NHL jersey I had in mind was the Tampa Bay third RBK but I'm having trouble finding a blank one without the logo to buy. I have other options like getting sewn jerseys with athletic knit material with custom colors but will sacrifice on material because NHL RBK jerseys have amazing threads. Anyways your thoughts comments are welcome and suggestions. :: Jersey Toronto style :: :: San Jose Third Style :: :: Pittsburgh 3rd Jersey Style :: :: Tampa Bay Jersey Third ::
  7. Not to bag on your logo or be mean or anything but it looks a lot like the old Washington Capitals logo. See what I'm talking about.
  8. Where did you get the jerseys and what are they made out of?
  9. Your stuff is fantastic man I really think you are gifted!
  10. Hey I really like your stuff and was wondering if you did sport logo's? I have a contest going on in requests as well for 75$+. It's the fort worth frostbite one if your interested I would really like to see you join the contest thanks again!

  11. I really like your wallpapers man you should do a Mike Modano one.