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  1. I dont know if this has been pointed out before but did anyone notice the "w" above the star? Pretty cool.
  2. was not fond of this particular blue and green combo when the mavs had it.
  3. Replacing red with orange is a good idea in my opinion. I think it was hard to shed the Christmas motif with that scheme. Orange and green is more of a hunting theme and when I think of bucks or deer i think of hunting. As for the logo, it just doesnt scream NBA logo to me. Sure it has some clever elements like the "M" and what looks to be a negative space basketball, but this could very well be fan made. Not liking the half roundel at all. Plus there's no orange.
  4. Made by Artist Yu Masuda from Tokyo, Japan
  5. I was thinking that happened for the Utah Jazz. Greg Ostertag wore 00. I was thinking he wore it when Olden Polynice came in 1999. But according to this wikipedia page Ostertag changed his number to 39.–2000_Utah_Jazz_season Spencer Hawes and Jeremy Pargo
  6. Most likely delayed for some reason. Deadlines and clarity haven't been a big priority in this contest.
  7. The Dallas Mavericks are scheduled to announce the winner of the alternate jersey contest today on According to the vote the winner should be the blue jersey with the star inside the A
  8. In Brazil the term Veado is used for male homosexuals and it translates to "white dear". How's that for masculinity.
  9. Its probably gone too far to turn back now. It would just piss off an incredible amount of people to do so. Luckily its only an alternate jersey so they could waste it after a game if they wanted to.
  10. Obviously most people didnt understand/misunderstood the contest or there wouldn't have been so many uniform sets submitted and there would have been more alternates submitted. If Cuban had come out from the beginning and said that this would be an alternate uniform design then we might see some better, more creative products. Cuban screwed this one up.
  11. Mark Cuban has picked his favorite 10 and will let the fans decide from those ten. Although now it seems he's changed it to "alternate uniforms" instead of the full time road and home jerseys. You can view from the original entries here:
  12. I see skull potential with the frontward and backward "r" Or maybe some kind of mask
  13. I've been working on redesigning the logos of all NBA teams starting in alphabetical order. I've done three so far and will update when I have time. Some of them are going to be clean-ups because of the original logos traditional significance. Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets: