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  1. These Nike sandals might give a clue on a new texture or pattern for Michigan. Just pointing out that the other sandals in this line use patterns and textures that the teams use...
  2. Landover, MD's NFL team is the REDSKINS.

  3. REDSKINS is the name of the team that plays in Landover, MD.

  4. The NFL team for Washington is the REDSKINS. It's their name-nothing is wrong with it.

  5. This d-bag thinks I'm racist because I used the REDSKINS' team name. What a dumb :censored:.

  6. Well, the REDSKINS don't play in the nation's capital, they play in Landover, so nothing needs to happen. Problem solved.Yep. Problem solved. Go :censored: yourself.
  7. There are some aesthetic changes that could be made to help various team's identities, but there really is only one change that should be made in the NFL, and that's with a team in the nation's capital. However, the disclaimer on this board asks us politely to not talk about it too much so I won't.
  8. A tiger is orange man ! Actually there should be orange on the home uni as well, and navy should be black, why not, when they are called the :censored:ing Tigers ! ? There are so many examples in sports of teams not wearing the natural color of an animal that they are named after. Detroit has one of the most iconic home uniforms in baseball history using just navy and white. There is no pressing need to arbitrarily add orange to the road set just because a tiger is orange.
  9. The Tigers shouldn't use orange at all. I think they looked their best in 1934.
  10. It's not a huge change, but I noticed Ball State had changed their social media logos to remove the motion lines recently and sure enough, that update is official. They also slightly tweaked their red. New: Old:
  11. On the Browns, I think it was because they were doing the Chain Maile mesh numbers. On this set I think it's because of the notches in the numbers? But that's just a guess. Michigan State had the same notches in the previous jersey design and Nike didn't use a green outline for the white numbers.
  12. I'm with you. It's good for throwback jerseys and merch, but shouldn't be brought back as the primary logo. The arched "PITT" is really solid.Sometimes it's about returning to an identity a team had when it last had success. Pitt won the last of 9 claimed national championships wearing that script and had another 2 unclaimed national championships while wearing it. It's a much stronger look than they had with the generic block PITT logo and the atrocious secondary logos they have had. Pitt is a former football power hoping to return to its roots. In my opinion, the classic Pitt script fits them far better than what they've used recently.
  13. The worst thing about the jerseys isn't the color. It's that awful crest that U.S. soccer insists on using.
  14. I'm hoping the full font is released. I would definitely say they are custom. They look much wider than a standard block font. Hopefully Conrad will work his magic. I agree with this. Its nice to see some subtly on the uniform. It reminds me a lot of Florida State's collar pattern. I'm glad they reduced the argyle to just the collar and then down the pants. It reminds of the old basketball uniforms that UNC would wear, where only the shorts would have argyle on them. Still no excuse for black instead of navy. The font called "Carolina Bold" is in the style guide PDF that UNC released: