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  1. Anyone know of a font (with numbers) that is the same or similar to this?
  2. The Winter Classic is a made for US TV event meaning NBC is only going to want to have the biggest markets and the biggest stars. While New Jersey has Kovalchuk and Parise, neither is really that big of a star like Crosby or Ovechkin and nobody cares about hockey in New Jersey to warrant their inclusion in the game. Minnesota, Colorado, and probably St. Louis would make more sense as hosts than LA or Dallas, but I doubt they will be playing in the WC unless they get some real big names with national appeal soon. You make a good point. I've been dying to see the WC head to Minnesota for a game against the Avs seeming I think everyone is kind of sick of the northeast teams every year (coming from a Boston guy). But you're right, NBC and the NHL really target teams that have big names and big personalities. Which for the most part doesn't exist to much outside of the Northeast, counting out Canada.
  3. colby5gilbert

    Rbk Edge

    Good effort so far, but where are you getting your logos from? How come the edges are lacking sharpness?
  4. Cool addition with the gloves, but I REALLY do not like the grey. Should stick to black red and white.
  5. God damn, those are some good looking non-school-colored uniforms if I've ever seen em. However I bet Kevin feels differently.....
  6. Correction, this is the coolest court you've ever seen.
  7. Roger that, if some body could do that it'd be awesome. Forgive me if this is the wrong place for it, but does anyone have a baseball pro combat template? Been dying to find one.
  8. Home it to much like the colts I think
  9. Could someone make up a camo edge jersey
  10. These are awesome man! Is there anyway you can make them bigger so I can use them on some of my random concepts? That would be sweet. Love the stars concept!!
  11. Amen, that jersey was awesome, one of the signature looks in the game. Definitely keep that and add a new wordmark.
  12. here is an album with a bunch of NCAA jerseys,!cpZZ1QQtppZZ20, missed a few like michigan state and minnesota because there weren't any solid photos, maybe someone could help me out.
  13. For NCAA? I guess. Depends on how far you are willing to go back. With the NHL I went no earlier than 1990. I think with NCAA however, I would only go back as far as 2000 and only use current teams in the respective Div. 1 conferences. I will give it a go tomorrow with the current jerseys for each team, CHL is missing St. Michael's Majors
  14. What if I dumped a bunch into a photobucket album?