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  1. Anyone know of a font (with numbers) that is the same or similar to this?
  2. Could someone make up a camo edge jersey
  3. here is an album with a bunch of NCAA jerseys, http://s1090.photobucket.com/albums/i380/c5gilbert/#!cpZZ1QQtppZZ20, missed a few like michigan state and minnesota because there weren't any solid photos, maybe someone could help me out.
  4. For NCAA? I guess. Depends on how far you are willing to go back. With the NHL I went no earlier than 1990. I think with NCAA however, I would only go back as far as 2000 and only use current teams in the respective Div. 1 conferences. I will give it a go tomorrow with the current jerseys for each team, CHL is missing St. Michael's Majors
  5. What if I dumped a bunch into a photobucket album?
  6. Any thoughts on doing NCAA jerseys? hockey that is
  7. First Post. Works Perfectly. The one i'm talking about had the striping already on them, for example the 'yotes three stripe pant template along with the socks for them
  8. Hey guys, first time posting but thanks for all the templates i've been using them for a while. However, what happened to the posts with the hockey pants and sock templates? They were really helpful, maybe he/she could post them again, or if someone has them...? Thanks guys.
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