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  1. No strong reaction to the name one way or the other. Pretty safe choice which isnt the worst.
  2. Bucks really shouldve worn white or green. Cavs still take the title for the worst jerseys worn by a championship winning team though.
  3. The fact that they even ok'd that combo to start he game is a complete joke. Nike and the nba really sucks at this. Just go back to home white and dark road like it used to be like mentioned above.
  4. yeah, OKC really needs really make a home version and new logo based off that jersey and call it a night.
  5. Not mad at these, but I agree with some others I expected more pop considering the colours.
  6. looking forward to seeing the jazz and magic throwbacks on court
  7. I thought they "fixed" the gold..but it still looks bright yellow
  8. What in the absolute **** were they thinking with that black side panel. Lets see how much they even wear the purple ones this season since they barely wore them last season.
  9. Finals jersey matcups have been brutal. Warriors never wearing blue, one team wearing black every single game. What a mess.
  10. They need to just go back to home and away. Barely remember the warriors wearing blue. Dont even get me started on the lakers purple.Its like they dont even have it anymore.
  11. Color vs Color never really bothered me. White on the road is very weird. Gonna take some time to get used to.
  12. yeah first thing i noticed was how crazy bright those lakers jersey are
  13. Another jersey has ripped. This is honestly pathetic nike.
  14. yeah, there are a whole bunch of awkward looks with these updates nike is doing. Still better than any sleeved atrocities but its pretty disappointing so far.
  15. The back cut of these nike jerseys...why The wolves really had huge opportunity to do something awesome with the new jerseys and failed big time.
  16. Cant say I hate them, but so...many...jerseys..
  17. not denying its similarity, but the official version for the raptors wont be black and white
  18. digging these, nice clean jerseys
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