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  1. Thanks for the feedback, it's good to hear simple yet very constructive criticism!
  2. Hello! I like to revisit my old designs to see the progress in my work. Here is the new version after one year of posting the original one. Left one is the one I did one year ago, right one is the one I did over last ouple of days. C&C very wellcomed!
  3. yep, same here. it looks really amateurish. this looks like a dog bone or something.
  4. Thanks fellow Gunner! I tried like 8 other ball line positions, but haven't tried that one you suggested. I will give it a go, why not. For the 5 shades of blue, my initial design was based on having what you suggested but in the end I didn't liked it, logo felt in need of more colors and I wanted more colors so I can use them on the jersey design as well Thanks for the feedback, I will definitely keep in mind what you said! COYG!
  5. New update is really good, great job! I agree with most that more colors should be added, particularly adding some accent color would be a huge upgrade. Also, it wouldn't hurt to eliminate the outline on the trees or make it the same color as sky, it creates a certain mess how the outline of the logo and trees collide.
  6. Hello people, it's good to be back on this forum after couple of years. Recently I designed a logo for my hometown team who is competing in top tier of the Serbian basketball league. Since everything on the logo is in my language, I will explain you everything you need to know. The small letters means basketball club which is common thing to be written in most of our logos (we don't have team nicknames written in the logo). The main word TAMIŠ is the name of the river that goes through my hometown and as you can guess, the team name. Therefore, below the name is the basketball flowing on waves sort of. I have designed this 1 month ago and still can't figure out if I like it or not. I would appreciate every feedback, opinion, critics and comments. Please don't be discouraged to comment even if the logo is not from usual leagues
  7. I got the football (soccer) feel, especially from the first option.
  8. collar is awful, side stripes end up nowhere because of sleeves.. powder blue is nice but imo it doesn't fit good with that red but thats maybe because i don't like blue-red combination anytime anywhere i love wordmark and powder blue, the rest is garbage for me
  9. this jersey is awful and it's not because of sleeves. everybody likes this plain garbage.
  10. are you cighvin3645 or somethinh like that form nba live series center forum? i am dachone, if you remeber me :D

  11. name this font please... pa odgovorite jebem li vam mater u picku raspalu
  12. is there a name for font that cavs use on their new uniforms?
  13. http://www.dodaj.rs/f/30/XF/3b7Dgbg6/5107867213d494e87a20o.png what font is this??? some nba teams wear it on the back...
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