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  1. 1. Boston (Love the design, even nicer in person) 2. Pitt Powder Blue ( I love the powder blue jerseys, was always a big fan of that color) 3. Chicago (Love the back) 4. Pitt Navy Blue (Don't get why everyone hates these) 5. Washington (Decent but don't want to see these again) 6. Detroit (Never liked detroits jersyes, even currents) 7. Buffalo (They have a lot of better throwbacks they could have used than these) 8. Philly (Don't like any team in philly, which makes this ugly jersey even uglier)
  2. Thats a nice collection, love the Indians jerseys
  3. Already posted baseball, here's football: and basketball
  4. Unfortunately it does have the name on the back lol. I've never tried to take names/numbers off of a jersey, wonder if it could and then it would be a Texiera one. Try a seam ripper , I've used it on so many jerseys, numbers come off easily unless there is a glue adhesive behind them
  5. Wow thats a nice Piazza, I am in the process of customizing a 2001 home white rawlings to a piazza with the flag patch and the 9-11-01 on the right sleeve
  6. If you ever consider selling the 94-99 Astros jersey hit me up
  7. Majestic: That is a nice Royals collection!
  8. Yeah I know the clickable thumbnails weren't working for some reason
  9. Mod's please tell me if this is in the wrong section or just delete it if you want to, but I started this thread because I know there are some jersey collectors out there Here's Mine: I could not get the clickable thumbnails to work, so here's the link for my collection Will post football and basketball another day
  10. The new swingman jerseys are certainly a step up from the old swingman jerseys, the material of them is very similar to last years dri fit like authentics that teams like the lakers, thunder, etc. wore, the numbers are 1 layer twill the rest is screened on like the old swingman jerseys, but it does have the mesh looking design screen printed as well. These swingmans are certainly a step up from the old one's, and I would highly advise you to get a swingman for $80, rather than spending $350 to get a correct authentic
  11. Is there anywhere to post your jersey collection on this website?