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  1. Much better. Looks like a horseshoe now. I like version two better, but it wouldn't fly in the NFL because, like you said, too Chicago. No it's actual stands for good luck to have the horse shoe face upwards like "U" otherwise the luck falls out. Its an old folk tale. As for the logo, love the update its a nice subtle touch that would work great for the Colts.
  2. Agreed. I thought those uni's were so ugly but for some reason I like them. Whether or not people like them, Under Armour and Kevin Plank did a real good job of getting their brand out there. It's all people have been talking about today. I believe this is going to put Maryland football on the map in a few years much like Oregon
  3. Those are all blue... most of the time its just the lighting or the terrible film grain they had back then. Plus the Mets blue was darker then it is today back in the 60's due to the different material.
  4. All the photos I've seen of are of blue belts not black. I also think the Mets would look amazin' in this shade of blue cap.
  5. Could I get a Mets one with this logo?
  6. I couldn't disagree more. These are a thing of beauty and hopefully it was a trial run for next year seeing how it will be their 50th anniversary I can see them make big changes to their uniforms. Amen to that! It's already been confirmed that there's no "big" changes and there's no blue alt for next year. By big changes I meant dropping the black and adding blue alt. like this. Also where did you here there will be no blue alt? I only ask becuase all I've been hearing on Metsblog is them dropping black and adding blue alt for 2012 for the 50th anniversary.
  7. Very boring, this looks bland without black. I couldn't disagree more. These are a thing of beauty and hopefully it was a trial run for next year seeing how it will be their 50th anniversary I can see them make big changes to their uniforms.
  8. Probably in my mind the best all star game logo yet. Love it. Nice play off the whole medieval/royalty thing. Can't wait for the Mets to release their logo for 2013...Something like this maybe...
  9. Ink

    Bmac's MLB

    Sorry you feel that way man, but I understand. This was by far my favorite series here. I'll have to check out your blog. Also thanks again for making and sharing your baseball template, I use it all the time.
  10. I don't think they need two home and roads that are exactly the same except a different patch. I do like the idea of the roads having a hint of blue.
  11. Yeah, I'm not sure about that either. The Phillies at one time had to remove the swirl from their P logo when it was on the jersey (presumably because it resembled a ball), but never had issues with it on their caps. Eventually they were able to add the swirl to the jersey as well. Didn't the '70s Jays jerseys have that logo front and center, baseball and all? Maybe it was just an NL rule back then. Here's the ruling on that (according to Wikipedia, can't find anything about it in the official rule book on "No images of baseballs: No "pattern that imitates or suggests the shape of a baseball" may be used on uniforms. Notably, in apparent violation of this rule, the Toronto Blue Jays, Milwaukee Brewers, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Florida Marlins and Philadelphia Phillies for many years had logos that incorporated the image of a baseball. However, while the Philadelphia cap logo clearly depicted the baseball, the logo worn on the uniform jersey did not feature the image of the stylized stitching indicating the image of a baseball. The Marlins logo, while depicting a baseball, can not easily be mistaken for one, as the team's namesake fish is displayed in front of the ball design. The Toronto Blue Jays had a similar design with a Blue Jay head on the front of the ball, and this logo was even used on the center (and later left-center) of the uniform itself. The classic Brewers "ball and glove" logo (with the team's initials, MB, stylized into the shape of a blue baseball glove surrounding a ball) made a comeback in 2006 on the hats of the Brewers' Sunday home uniforms and is now the Brewers' Friday home uniform. Also, many teams such as the Giants, Nationals, Rangers and the Mariners use uniform logos that clearly depict a baseball, the New York Mets have featured uniforms with a sleeve logo that imitates the appearance of a baseball since the team's inception in 1962, so it may be that the rule is not enforced, at least for caps. (The purpose of this rule is to prevent one team from deceiving the other. The National Football League has a similar rule, which states that no pattern that imitates or suggests the shape of a football)."
  12. Ink

    Bmac's MLB

    YES! Love this series. Marlins set very good, love how it's got that retro look, yet with a modern flair. Not sure if the underline on the script is necessary though.
  13. That would be sick as a silhouette.
  14. I think if you just tone down the stripping because it seems too thick and colorful. I also think the orange script and numbering on the home and row just need to be swapped with blue. But the home alt. is perfecto, nice job on that!
  15. I was thinking about that as well, But I just figured to use Hank Aaron as a braves fan didn't really think about it. But after that though, I may try different silhouttes. Nice job on this. Would love it if you made it a series!! I think it would be cool if each team had their own unique shilhoutte. My vote Tom Seaver for the Mets, It would be interesting if you did a shilhoutte of a pitcherm plus hes the greatest Met of all time, like Hanks the greatest Brave of all time.
  16. Ink

    Vikings Ship Logo

    I'm fixing that right now it, did look off, thanks for pointing that out. Also I think I fix the paddle problem as well.
  17. Ink

    Vikings Ship Logo

    I'm pretty sure traditional viking sails are striped (mostly red and white stripes) Also I'm kind going of this as a model. Not all viking ships have a dragon head either. Also Why add a wordmark when the words "vikings" is written across the ship in the shields?
  18. My only complaint is the white outline. I agree with CS85 it just seems like it makes the teeth in general too big and stick out. Also I'm not sure if this was intentional but i like how the general shape of the head is shape kinda like a football.
  19. Ink

    Vikings Ship Logo

    Just a quick update.
  20. Ink

    Everything DMV

    Now to the actual thread Please just go away. As for the concept give the guy a little more then a minute to actually post one before you jump down his throat.
  21. Ink

    Vikings Ship Logo

    I'm not the greatest artist like some of the people on here. I really need help on this Vikings Ship logo idea I had, obviously it needs a lot of work, like trying to make the shading right by making it more 3d like. I think I have the basic shape of the boat correctly done. Anyways here it is so far...
  22. Bull It's easy to tell it was BMP to vector converted because there is the gray layer on the skull and crossbones. ??? The Bucs was the first team I started hand tracing the rest are BMP to vector converted. I added the grey layer to act as a shadow to the skull to give it more dimension instead of being so 2d a natural looking skull would have different shading. EDIT: Anyway I'm currently working on the Vikes, will be up early this week.