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  1. Last time the Panthers played the Cardinals at home in the playoffs was 2008 when they got destroyed behind the 700 turnovers of Jake Delhomme, they wore the black and silver combo, last year when they got beat by the 49ers, they wore black/black, might as well try white/white right?... right?
  2. Steve Smith... Im never going to get used to seeing him in purple.
  3. This just popped up on Facebook. Looks like the 'Cats are going to unveil the Hornets "brand identity" on 12/21. I'm assuming this will just be colors, logos, maybe the new Hugo (Rufus Hornet?), but maybe we will get luck and see some unis.
  4. Nope, I forget the name of it, but it's on West Market at the intersection with Spring Garden/Muirs Chapel, in the complex with Food Lion. It used to be a Marshall's. Dig the UNCG avatar! So when you said "new" you literally meant new, not just new to you. Thats awesome, Ill have to pop by this weekend! Cant say Im a huge fan of the Winthrop sig (not that UNCG is in the Big South anymore), but love seeing Spiro (will always call him Sparty) in your avatar!
  5. I agree with all of this. I grew up in North Carolina and was heart broken when the Hornets left, yet to be honest I still rooted for them even though Shinn ripped my heart a new one. Even after the Bobcats came to town, I supported them, but Im still a Hornets fan at heart. They were my first team, and they will always be my team, even if its in name only. I associate my fandom with that Purple and Teal color scheme, and I wholly support bringing the name back to the QC, even it it will be in name only. I dont get why there is so much viciousness to this idea ^^^^^^^ especially when the fan base wants it. Just look at the popluarity of the "Bring Back the Buzz" movement.
  6. Pigskinbuzz has a few good shots up on his site
  7. I think the Jags are good, they aren't redesigning, if the leaked pictures are any indication, they are just releasing an alternate. I think the only thing we can take away is that the rumored black jersey, will not be the primary.
  8. Noticed this image in the article linked below, could just be a placeholder, new logo on the old helmet, but it does give credence to the previous comments that the unis will not change.
  9. Cream as in the color, or constitution? I'm not sure a cream sickle would be very effective. Hey, anything's more effective than Josh Freeman. Ba-zing...
  10. You can watch the game here if anyone really wants to. Tuskers are wearing blue helmet, blue jersey, black pants w/green and white stripe blue socks. Sentinels are wearing black helmet, white jersey w/black yoke, silver pants w/green stripe with black socks. For some reason I cant find the style guide, so this may already be common knowledge. Anyway, it honestly doesn't look that bad IMHO.
  11. But you can also clearly see that Steve Smith's stripes go all the way around I know not everyone on the team is like that (he actually maybe one of the few), but from what I have seen a solid number come down at least to the armpit area. I think its safe to say and attempt is made to bring the strips all the way around as opposed to having them stop at the Shoulder pad line IMHO.
  12. Its not enough that its a blue jersey dominated league, but now we have a team (if you dont count the dark blue/light blue primary/alternate rocked by the Jazz and Nuggets) with a blue primary and a blue alternate... come one man
  13. One of the few recent reasons to be a satisfied Bobcats fan. At least they may look like winners if nothing else. Edit: I am not a member of the Bobcats nor the Bobcats organization. I therefor retract the word "we" when referring to a team I root for, and substitute the word "they".