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  1. I am opposed to the bludgeoning of history in changing the history behind a classic name, I can understand the idea that the owner could find appeal in the " North American" style name. A team called the Tigers from Hull could be referred to as the Hull TIgers. I cannot understand how anyone would think this would become the standard in English Football. What about teams who are not location based? It would be Ludicrous for Chelsea to be known officially as the "Chelsea Blues". Or the Tottenham Hotspurs. By Francis' logic, we could have the "Fulham Chelsea Blues" or the "London Crystal Palaces". Ludicrous stuff to say the least.
  2. This article here touches on the Jays players complaints about coolbase, although the writer sloppily calls it Clima Cool.
  3. Kyle Drabek also wears #4 for the Blue Jays
  4. Hey, thought the video was great. Unbelievable collection you gotv there! Itd be great to hear how you obtained some of the more obscure hats. Keep up the excellent work, I look forward to more!
  5. The submission form says the address for submissions is
  6. Not sure if you guys are aware, Sting are holding a contest to design their third jersey for next season. They did something similar a few years ago where fans voted for which of the proposed jerseys they wanted. I'm sure some of you very talented designers would be interested.Details Here
  7. Haven't seen too much by way of consensus CHL jersey opinion, was wondering what you all thought were the best looks in the WHL,OHL and QMJHL. I'll start it off Calgary Hitmen: Having simply the mask on that white jersey is spectacularly intimidating! Medicine Hat Tigers: Pretty basic, but classic look with a gorgeous crest and high contrast. Pre-edge London Knights: Unique, regal colour scheme, appealing striping and classy logo. Could be a pro identity. Rouyn-Noranda Huskies: Potentially controversial, but they are the only team I'm aware of currently using a gradiented jersey. Crest puts the Phoenix Coyotes logo to shame.
  8. My grandpa taught Red Wings and Team Canada Olympic Head Coach Mike Babcock in High school chem. My mom's family and his family went to the same church. Former MLB pitcher Chris Reitsma coached me at a baseball academy and is a reference on my resume
  9. This is a bit of tangential speculation, but last spring, I picked up an Orange Jordan Eberle Name and Number t-shirt from Jersey City. The style name was Oilers 3rd Name and Number Tee. All other Name and number tees for alternate Team colours not on a jersey (e.g. Blue Ovechkin Capitals Shirt), did not use the term 3rd in the style name. Other name and number tees in the style of a teams 3rd jersey did have the phrase 3rd in the style name. With the Oilers moving away from the Copper and Navy, would a WHA style orange jersey be likely for next season? Wouldn't make sense this season since the new road jersey came out and they are selling a ton of those, but an orange jersey, the likes of which they haven't thrown back to before would sell like hotcakes. - Original O ilers captain Al Hamilton with his orange jersey. Picture as per @tomgazzola
  10. Serious? That logo is a classic, what on earth would you want to replace it? Yes seriously! I hate that logo because all they did was take the flames from the "A" in Atlanta and add them to the "C". It seems like a generic move if you ask me. I would like to think that after 31 years they could come up with something not stolen from the original team. Heck use the Horse logo, at least it has flames on it and shows off the rich history that Calgary has with Rodeos. nuordr, the Calgary Flames did not rip off the Atlanta Flames. Why? They're the same team. You can't rip off yourself. The C is fine. This is an opinion based board therefore that is my opinion and you are not going to convince me otherwise. That's fine, but no amount of debate will change the fact that a team cannot rip themselves off. They could have at least come up with something different besides an alphabetic letter with flames on it...that is all I am saying. Ice_Cap, you can read between the lines, I have read your posts and I know you are an intelligent person. Looks like this has turned into quite the FLAME war. But I see no issue with Calgary's logo. I wonder if the flames have ever thought of using a firefighter motif in their identity, which could look very sharp IMO
  11. I absolutely despise the flat Senators logo in both its ne and updated forms,
  12. Great work on the Flames. I could take or leave the lace-up collars, but those stay consistent with the primaries. As a Calgarian, but an Oilers fan, my flames fan friends love the black and the horse logo.
  13. Great Work, maybe try showing the edge of the A underneath the duck head, because it sort of looks like a 7
  14. Fantastic work. My only suggestion is to try a riders concept with the old school logo that is becoming increasingly popular and Winnipeg's tagline should be 'welcome to swaggerville'. Excellent work all around