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  1. kurpit


    i agree that it's a nice logo and a good clean design but it doesn't strike me as looking like a fleur de lis.
  2. the change on the beak is good. that part looks better but i actually like the old wings more. it's looking a little too ornate now imo.
  3. awesome! simple and clever with a nice color scheme. good enough that i'll be surprised if what the team actually wears is as nice as this imo.
  4. sweet. hope i can find some time to drop in for at least a few events.
  5. if you're referring to how the white within the letters (especially on "IVE" in "GIVEN") is thin, it's because the grey outline is actually the original letter form. the white is an inset of it. i wanted the letters to just look a little beveled/dimensional. i agree it could probably use a little more fine-tuning.
  6. Here's what I put together last night for the fantasy league I play in. That's what our trophy actually looks like. I was pretty happy with it. Dig it?
  7. One thing overwhelmingly strikes me as odd about the logo you made and that is how the sides are just curves that have nothing to do with the buildings or trees. I would try doing an arched treeline and arched skyline to match the curve of the top of the stadium so that it all kinda bends down til it just disappears behind the banner. i think that'd give a more cohesive feel to it all. P.S. I loved what Phoenix Design Works did for The Big Chill so I hope they get the Winter Classic logo design work too.
  8. I've been putting together logos and jerseys for fictional and real teams for a little while now and feel good enough about my work that I want to start proposing some of the work I've done to teams. I know that doing the work before the client agrees to pay you for what you've done is not the ordinary or suggested way of doing things, but I figure this is a reasonable way of trying to get a foot in the door and build up a better porfolio. Also, don't worry, I will not give the work I've done away for free if the client isn't willing to pay, so I won't be that guy screwing up the freelance market for other designers. With all that said, I was just wondering if anybody has any pointers on who at the organizations I should try to get ahold of or really any pointers from people who have successfully sold freelance work to teams. Thanks in advance.
  9. 5 3 1 damn, i really wanted to take place in this event, but i spent all week moving into a new apartment.
  10. nice work, CAB. just wondering, did you also do a little wiki research before starting and decide on defensores based on the city crest/flag and what the towers symbolized? your color scheme was really nice. it took looking at one entry to realize i should've use "La Habana" instead of "Havana." whoops.