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  1. i know but the 3rds do not have to be the same colour scheme as the primarys. it just looks to plain
  2. agreed. his feet look totally deformed
  3. looks great. i wouldnt pick a fight with that dog
  4. =third color of Newt's campaign. Not sure if that is a good enough reason to justify the color. = colour of her necklace
  5. i like the home and away but im not a fan of the 3rd, i think it should have some of the mightyducks green
  6. i guess i learned something today
  7. why does the detroit team have a fleur de lis. is there a large french population there?
  8. you should work on the paws they look strange
  9. i think these are all amazing but I dont thnk it is necessary to have a basketball in every logo
  10. I'm confused; was that a comliment? No. he is saying you need a dark colour if you want to keep neon green
  11. this is very nice I especially like the maple leaf on the chest
  12. MrCanadien999

    Bmac's NHL

    for chicago i like the red and two black jerseys. The sand colour just doesnt look right as a dominant colour. maybe it would look better if you had black shoulders EDIT: also the helmet doesnt work for me either
  13. The primaty logo looks BAD ASS!!!