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  1. This is fantastic, I've been back to look at this 3 times. Being a longtime Syracuse Crunch fan I'm familiar with the Amerks. This is great update on a classic AHL team. I too want to like your previous logo but the simpler update may be better. Awesome work.
  2. I think connecting the eyebrows with the snout area and creating a meaner looking brow would be good. The eyes seem like they should be bigger too. I like the progression, keep it going.
  3. The orange stroke on the numbers seems to cut into the white number rather than surround the number as it should. Try changing the stroke to the outside of the white numbers. Everything else looks great to me. You've addressed pretty much any complains I've had with the recent overhauls.
  4. The entire Cavs set is solid. I'm enjoying looking at all of this. I think the Nuggets alternate is great the way it is. It's a familiar look to NBA fans and it translates really well to a hockey jersey. Keep up the good work.
  5. This series was pure awesome front to back. Fantastic work on all of this.
  6. Great work on this series. As a Bills fan I kinda don't want to look at the next 4.
  7. I can't believe I missed this while at work tonight. Keep me as an alternate if anyone drops out.
  8. I'm having trouble with gimp. I'm definitely not as fluent as I was in Photoshop. Anyone have any tips for blend modes work gimp. I'm working on a template but I can't seem to find the blend modes like overlay and such. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Ha! More please!
  10. The home and away are my favorite browns sets I've seen on these boards. The alternate is something I hope should never see the light of day. Scrap that alternate and I'm in love.
  11. Nottingham. Damnit I mean LaHarve. What an awesome event thanks Raysox, I had a blast.
  12. This is pretty slick. I used a vinyl 45 in one of my CLH teams, the Nashville 45s. My record looks pretty good even next to yours which is awesome. For mine I created a background circle with a linear gradient across it. Black to very dark grey and back to black again. I turned it a bit too give it that vinyl shine. The next step was creating probably close to 75 other circles transparent with super thin strokes. Then shrinking each one down the slightest bit to give the appearance of the grooves. After everything was centered properly I cut the hole in the middle and made my 45 label. Pretty cool stuff.
  13. Your revised kits look much better. I stuggled with my sponsor area on my Cardiff submission. I tried a white block behind it but i felt it clashed with my vertical stripes (white, blue, red). Ultimately I just left it off and added a fairly heavy white stroke to my sponsor graphic. On mine it looked bad on yours it looks good. I wasn't a fan of the piping, Its ok just would like it if there was less of it. Your crest is pretty sweet aside from some minor things like the stroke weight on the gold ring. I would maybe eliminate the outline on the gold and expand the inner circle to a touch bigger than the gold ring. I know that it would eliminate the cool interlocking aspect of it but that gold would pop nicely off of the green background. The bulls heads I dont really know of a solution to the 2d/3d issue but I will say that the way you made the lauburu out of the space between the bulls heads is awesome. You finished just outside my top 5. Like you said it is hard to turn something in without getting any critiques first. It was fun though.
  14. Cool idea but the turn around of a week just isn't good. If I were working for a paying client I wouldn't agree to a one week turn around. I hope you get what you're looking for. That media guide from last year is top notch.
  15. The state bird of New York is the blue bird not the blue Jay. The thin stroke around the outside should be thicker and the eye could use some more definition. Also some of the Black lines in the mouth need to be cleaned up. The bottom beak line is going past the mouth line. It's not bad just needs some more attention.