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  1. The numbers are both outlined in grey, followed by the more bold red outline after that
  2. Not a fan of the plain block font, and wished the white jersey's stripes were B/R/B, not R/B/R
  3. • "Something blue" I'd bet refers to the Color Rush unis, whether staying as an Alt or Blue/Blue becoming the main home jersey (prefer as alt) • "Something new" I also interpreted as a white jersey with the Color Rush striping (Blue/Red/Blue) • "Something old" would make sense as the red throwbacks that we wore from 1960-1993 (B/W/B stripes) • As for something borrowed, we could see the Bledsoe-era jerseys with the royal blue (as teased by Edelman on social media), or the silver/grey ones we wore in 2006
  4. • The gradient was just a bad idea that never should have taken off • Font choice + side shadow is not ideal • EVERYTHING is too big imo this quick mockup would make a big improvement
  5. Here is also a version where its just the A visible, because that should be the main focus. I just feel like its too plain though, idk.
  6. I wanted to go with a simple look here, with not a lot of things going on at once. The logo is first seen as a G, which is fine, but I would love some advice on how to make the A more obvious (lower case A, that is), without ruining the entire look. Any C&C is welcomed!
  7. See, I wish the wordmarks had an outline to them, rather than just being plain Obviously the red one would say SIXERS but I didn't feel like tracing over that one too
  8. Great job by Conrad for his mockups of the logo The released one is on the left, Conrad's on the right. Very close to the real deal, nicely done.
  9. that's been out for a while, it's iust the strength and conditioning shirt.Exactly
  10. I didn't even realize it was based on guitar strings tbh The conceptual idea isn't half bad though. You can totally turn that concept into bear claw scratch marks
  11. Just making sure, you do know you switched the colors around for the NBA logo, right? You have it blue where it should be red, and visa versa
  12. I made a logo for my favorite Boston Celtics player, Marcus Smart! The logo incorporates his #36 jersey number (hopefully its pronounced enough) and the letter S, his last initial. main logo:
  13. Make the numbers' outline thicker If I'm not mistaken, that is Conrad's Pro Bowl number set, correct?