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  1. That's great! I'm a student at Texas Tech, been lurking around the forums before deciding to join so I'm a bit of a novice. Anyway, wreck em!

  2. Hey!

    Just noticed you are a Lubbockite and wanted to drop you a line and let you know I'm glad I'm not alone.

  3. You are my god and I will worship you!!!!! I cried when I saw this tech one Thanks you!!!! Edit: Also wondering if I can get this in .ttf
  4. I like the stripe concept. But I would stop the stripe at the edge of the shoulder panel... I have a feeling it would get really stretched bad. Maybe just try it to get a look at it.
  5. This is the one. good job reducing details and still keeping a good visual. I'm excited for the rest of this concept.
  6. Can anybody help me find the font that Tech uses in their endzone. It is also the one they use on the new football uni numbers and on most of the other school uni numbers. Thanks in advance, WTPirate
  7. blase, just want to affirm you got my concept? Let me know if anything is wrong with it...
  8. Hey all, I've been working on the concept for the past few weeks just for fun and I think it is ready for some CnC. I am not at all a graphic artist, so doing the logos was a new thing for me. I did everything in photoshop so I have limited ability to go back and tweak things. But I'm willing to make changes if the need to be made. This team is just something I thought of in my scetchbook a few weeks ago. I went with a simple, two color scheme, because it fits the team name and it helps me make my concepts more clean and simple when I have limited options. I also really wanted to use the sailor-like striping that I featured in the primary logo more, but after trying several different options with it I decided to limited it's use to just the socks. I haven't used this identity for anything yet, but I plan on using it for my fantasy team next year instead of the Kings. I'd love to hear what you all think, so... Here you go! Primary Logo: Alternate Logo 1: Alternate Logo 2: ...and the Uniforms: Home: (Live Look) Road: Home Alt: (Live Look) Thanks for checking this out, WTPirate
  9. Sent in a Vikes concept! I'm glad I got it in. Now I'm excited to see this go down! I dunno about how you should bracket...
  10. Yeah, that is perfect. Great job!
  11. Im likin' what I'm seein'! The only thing I would change about the template is to make the background standardized, use neutral colors in it, maybe accents using the teams colors, but it just takes alot away from the presentation for me with that gradient in the background... I would prabably put it in some kind of natural setting. Standing on grass with lights behind them. I also didnt really like that about the background of your baseball temp (which otherwise is awesome, I might add.) Keep 'em coming!
  12. I really wanted to avoid using any white. But come to think of it I didn't even try it with white... I'll post something in a minute. Here it is... Thanks! WTPirate
  13. Okay, I've completed the Tigers! I dont have time to post a good description right now. But basically I just tried to utilize Black better and I incorporated a modernistic tiger-esque stripe without being to crazy blatant. I tried to make the helmet reflective like Jacksonville's but with black and gold, but it just looks brown in this concept. I hope you like! Home: Road: Home Action: WTPirate
  14. Im so proud that my very own thread has been blessed with the presence of "Im single lol" now maybe I will be on the front page forever...
  15. Thanks guys. YEah I was definately trying to be more origional than practical. And the font is Ballpark Wiener. I downloaded it free somewhere a while back. It's a pretty good all-purpose baseball font.