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  1. Oh c’mon man this take is Facebook comments section level bad. You don’t genuinely believe Oregon players are having weekly team meetings to discuss their Saturday outfits. Those other programs have rich football pedigrees to fall back on so it makes sense that they keep things fairly traditional while programs like Oregon opt to mix things up a bit for their recruiting. I promise you football uniform design has zero correlation with football success, and more importantly I promise you that no team is spending any considerable amount of time worrying about it.
  2. Well pretty much anything would’ve been a clear upgrade, but I do agree this design is up there with some of the best even with the unnecessary endorsement of religion. I suppose you take a win wherever you can.
  3. Still can’t believe that in a Navy blue dominant league, the Titans missed the mark so badly. Columbia blue Columbia blue Columbia blue. It’s all yours, own it!
  4. Wow that BOLD BLUE really pops doesn’t it?
  5. It’s becoming annoyingly common for teams to revert to a previous look whilst completely botching one of the design elements. In this case, the omission of contrasting collars. A minor gripe I know but also a lack of attention to detail.
  6. Elks feels a lot like Warriors. The most obvious, safest answer and for that reason alone they’re going to overthink and botch this completely.
  7. And that greenish helmet should be their permanent helmet.
  8. This feels so lateral to the point of being pointless. But I’ll settle for anything that isn’t over-designed trash.
  9. How many different variations of the maple leaf can Canadian sports teams beat us over the head with before they realize they can be more creative with their branding?
  10. Lo...why wouldn’t it matter what Kyler thinks? He IS the face of the franchise and uniforms are the NFL’s bread and butter to market the players. Here’s hoping his comments spur a long overdue update. Well them and the Bengals in their ridiculous tiger costumes.
  11. Damn what an oddity. This is the content I love to see on here.
  12. I dunno I keep looking at the media photos and the numbers just aren’t doing it for me. I don’t wanna give them a free pass because they finally got rid of Agency but they’re so safe and bubbly and don’t really fit the rest of the brand like I hoped. Call me crazy but I also think the standalone bolts on the shoulders don’t look as good without the white loops we’re accustomed to. Just minor nitpicks in an otherwise fantastic update.
  13. Simplify if you must but it would be a great waste to ditch the racing stripes instead of owning them.
  14. There’s a third culprit here which has surfaced from the Falcons leaks: player input. This. :censored:. Needs. To. Stop. Football players are there to play football; they know jack :censored: about good design and should not have any control over any part of a multi-million dollar brand image.
  15. Actually I’m most surprised they didn’t go with a slightly custom font. That’s the Nike staple.
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