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  1. An original take, I dig it! Though it is odd to see the 3 striped socks reappear here. It just seems so synonymous with their look even though they don’t and have never actually matched any other part of the uniform.
  2. Not an upgrade. We really need to move on from this.
  3. In a vacuum I do think the ram head looks cool for this reason but you’re right, the unevenness of it doesn’t match the rest of the designs. However here’s hoping it’s the midfield logo.
  4. Pretty much close to perfect. Though I’m not into the colored collars on the away and alt sets, that feels like more of a Bengals thing.
  5. Aside from the mono-fad and god-awful agency font, I truly love how this looks, especially with the yellow facemask. They should probably consolidate their blues to powder blue, sure, but something about this uniform just screams SoCal to me and I hope they hold onto that in the redesign.
  6. I’ve come to hate this phrase.
  7. Yup. this just goes to show how great of a full-time color scheme UNM is missing out on when it’s right there for the taking.
  8. The concept looks good. Are you getting paid by Affinity Designer?
  9. The Jags and Bucs’ overcorrections are 100% net positives it’s just shame they also feel the need to drop accent colors that imo “complete” their whole look.
  10. I’d welcome it. Good god Seattle just give us anything at this point before the apathy sets in.
  11. It’s getting there. Maybe use the lighter green strictly as a stroke color for a different kind of consistency.
  12. Not that Sockeyes sounds much more “professional” but the name Kraken really reeks of minor league. At give us Leviathans or something that doesn’t sound like someone’s campy joke.
  13. I get that some classic logos lend themselves well to that “timeless” feel but the old falcons logo is a poor example of this. Its silhouette has a very uneven weight, the line tool was slapped on the wing for styling, and its monotone color is very uninspiring. The current iteration could use an update sure, but IMO it’s leaps and bounds the better sports logo of the 2.
  14. This 100% a UA issue. They like to give all their teams the condensed numbers treatment.
  15. I dig it. I just wish the white stroke around the A was the same weight as the stripes and that the fabrics matched.