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  1. I thought the old Steelers alt/throwbacks worked in this respect.
  2. I've always loved the creamsicle Bucs jerseys. I bought one many years ago and was so pumped to finally have one. The player I chose... Josh Freeman.
  3. Came here to say the same thing. I hate the current Bucs identity but I’m digging this jersey for some reason.
  4. This guy portrays Johnny Canuck on the scoreboard at Rogers Arena. His name is Adam MacKay Smith. He is white.
  5. I find that the sleeve length on a limited is more like a t-shirt whereas the game jerseys have sleeves that are a little too long for me. That combined with the higher quality of numbers and logos is why I prefer limited. If you can, try some on in store even if it’s a different team to see how you like the fit before deciding.
  6. Are those helmets just green or are they some sort of black/green flake combination reminiscent of the gradient we’ve seen on the poster? The shaded parts of the helmet almost seem too dark.
  7. I don’t understand how the official NFL Instagram account can get the sleeve stripes wrong...
  8. All lowercase is better than one lowercase letter like it was before: ELEVEn
  9. Found this (not my picture) Clemson baseball jersey in size L with the sales tags still attached today at my local thrift store. I’m willing to part with it if anyone wants to buy it.
  10. Why can’t the swoosh go in the middle of the largest yellow stripe? The Seahawks have the swoosh inside a design element so I don’t see how this would be much different.
  11. Seriously? Happy new year in three different threads... what's the point of that?
  12. After seeing these in action, I’d say these are their best option.
  13. The CFL still has the uprights at the goal line, with the post about two yards into the endzone.