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  1. If Nike would do something with the socks to break up the leotard look, I would give them high marks on the uniforms they've introduced for 2020. They made some choices that I wouldn't have made, but I've kept my traditional mind open and I think each offering is an upgrade to last season's uniforms.
  2. I kind of like the bone over blue. I hope they abandon the the bone over bone.
  3. Good observation ... that's the main difference from the traditional helmet horns. Rams do have single curl horns too, so I'm okay with it. The color of the helmet is awesome.
  4. I could live with these if all the pants/socks combos contrasted. I actually like the helmet.
  5. The Eagles should keep the midnight green and ditch the black in their uniforms.
  6. I have to tip my hat to the Atlanta Falcons for considering their senior citizen fans in their new uniform design. Oversized numbers will make the players more easily identifiable on the field. An oversized helmet logo will reduce confusion about what team is playing in the game and the gradient red to black jerseys create the illusion of pants pulled up above the belly-button line, making Grandpa feel good about his fashion choices. Nice job ATL !!!
  7. Talk about screwin' the pooch ... when your best look is all-white, you have a problem.
  8. I really dig this. It may be my all time favorite home jersey for Barca.
  9. I'm happy with the home and away looks, but they dropped the ball with the color rush set. Seeing this pic makes me think the Bucs should have appeased those longing for the return to the creamsicles. If the third set had been orange, there would be little room for criticism.
  10. If Nike could ever match the pewter pants a little closer to the helmet, those white jerseys over pewter pants would be one of all-time greatest NFL looks. I really like these white jerseys.
  11. Orange highlights would greatly enhance this color rush set, but I do like the home and away uniforms.
  12. SF 49'ers: When wearing the 90's throwbacks (white pants, black drop shadows on the numbers), put a black face mask on the helmets.
  13. The white-horned helmet looks good. I'm old enough to remember the Fearsome Foursome days and I remember the Rams tended to wear white jerseys more than blue jerseys. The blue jerseys from that era had different stripes than the white jerseys and IMO the white jerseys looked superior. Anyway, I think the Rams look better in white jerseys over navy pants than do other teams (Pats, Broncos).
  14. After watching highlights off the 49'ers-Rams game, I was amazed by how much I liked the Rams wearing white jerseys over navy pants. The thick white pants stripe and the white horns on the helmet really pop. I've been hoping the Rams switch to gold jerseys for their primary look when they move into their new stadium, but if they remove the ugly gold from their current jersey, the navy and white is a good look.
  15. I'm not well versed with the dynamics of Greater NYC sports fandom or consumerism, but I for one love the Brooklyn Nets branding. It's retro, simple and cool. I hate seeing the brand get muddied with all the alternate jerseys but that appears to be a sign of the times.