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  1. SF 49'ers: When wearing the 90's throwbacks (white pants, black drop shadows on the numbers), put a black face mask on the helmets.
  2. The white-horned helmet looks good. I'm old enough to remember the Fearsome Foursome days and I remember the Rams tended to wear white jerseys more than blue jerseys. The blue jerseys from that era had different stripes than the white jerseys and IMO the white jerseys looked superior. Anyway, I think the Rams look better in white jerseys over navy pants than do other teams (Pats, Broncos).
  3. After watching highlights off the 49'ers-Rams game, I was amazed by how much I liked the Rams wearing white jerseys over navy pants. The thick white pants stripe and the white horns on the helmet really pop. I've been hoping the Rams switch to gold jerseys for their primary look when they move into their new stadium, but if they remove the ugly gold from their current jersey, the navy and white is a good look.
  4. I'm not well versed with the dynamics of Greater NYC sports fandom or consumerism, but I for one love the Brooklyn Nets branding. It's retro, simple and cool. I hate seeing the brand get muddied with all the alternate jerseys but that appears to be a sign of the times.
  5. I despise the number font on the front of the current jerseys. I'd like to see that go.
  6. Agreed, the traditional brassy gold pops off that white and looks quite saintly. This could easily be one of the best looks in the NFL. All the Saints uniforms could be improved with the use of the traditional gold and the addition of stripes to the pants and socks. I'm a sucker for braisher stripes. I think any team that has them on their helmets should also put them on their pants.
  7. The Hounds is the only one in that group remotely appeals to me.
  8. The Cowboys in Navy over silver is a top 3 NFL uniform IMHO. I'd like to see Dallas ditch all other shades of blue from their scheme.
  9. I love the monochrome grey for the Seahawks. The Seahawks uniforms go against most of my uniform beliefs, but I find this look pleasing to the eye because of its uniqueness. I agree that some green the pants would pull the look all together.
  10. The only uniform the Oakland A's have worn in my lifetime that I didn't like was the black jersey. While I prefer the forest green to the kelly green, I love it when they bring out the Swingin' A's pullovers be they white, gold or kelly green. I usually don't like teams changing shades of a color during the season, but I give the A's a pass because their throwbacks look so good and they don't seem to over do it. It seems special when they sport the Kelly greens.
  11. For the second straight week we are reminded that the Saints need to burn their black pants. Note to NFL: ban solid color socks or insist that they contrast with the pants.
  12. The stripes need the same black trim as the numbers. I like black with Kelly green. I wish the helmet logo had a plane instead of a football, but I love the helmet color.