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  1. I'm a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan and I think the time has come for them to consider a metallic aqua helmet. The Fins wear white jerseys for most games, so I think this would be a good way to add a little more color into the mix. The aqua numbers on the white jerseys would pair well with a matching metallic helmet.
  2. The helmet logo needs to incorporate the triangle that is used in the jersey and pants striping, even if it's just a small representation above or below the wordmark.
  3. If these are real: I love the shade of green. My favorite set is the G/W/G, but I'd like to see a little more white with the socks. I could tolerate the black set better if they weren't paired with black socks. Black jerseys over white or green pants would be even better. This is actually better than the colossal mess I was expecting.
  4. In my mind, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Oakland A's can get away with wearing just about anything.
  5. I think something like the "Ucla" script used on the Bruins helmets would work.
  6. I could live with a Browns script on the helmet.
  7. The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Oakland A's have a history of some unique uniforms in my lifetime and I've always tended to like most of them, be they traditional or non-traditional.
  8. Make the face mask on the the black option black as well or add some black trim to the helmet and these work pretty well. Actually, add some black trim to all the helmets (perhaps more black for the black uniform) and I'd really dig these.
  9. This franchise cannot utilize constraint when it comes to using the color black.
  10. NCAA: reduce all conferences to a maximum of ten schools, ensuring each football teams plays against all the schools in their conference every season and each basketball team plays their conference rivals twice a season.
  11. Like the NFL wants an LA team in the Super Bowl to excite SoCal fans and further support the relocation of 2 teams to LA?
  12. By doing so, they'd maintain the essence of the Fearsome Foursome days by being predominantly white & navy while actually matching uniform elements.
  13. Nike does such a poor job with gold pants these days, I think the best way to go is white or black pants with metallic gold stripes.