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  1. Miami's vice set is 100 times worse than the set they already wear, which is a modern classic. Two teams can have similar color schemes, its not the end of the world.
  2. That would've looked so much worse.
  3. LAC, GB, PIT, and WAS all use vastly similar shades of athletic gold.
  4. I might be misunderstanding your point here but the Chargers have never used metallic gold like NO and SF have? Also, @Gothamite is right, there are no yellow teams in the league, it's all technically Athletic Gold Edit: Thinking about it now, Navy and Metallic Gold might look really good for the Chargers.
  5. Olympique or FC, anything else would be a disappointment
  6. Still doesn't look like a horn to me. Fantastic looking helmet outside of that though. I wish they had nailed the horn.
  7. Actually I think that's what this sets missing for me, I think it needs front numbers. It also needs to be promoted to the primary road uniform but that's less a critique of the uniform and more of the Padres
  8. Alright, I'm a fan already. I like the idea for the like consistent striping. I think the only issue I have is having 2 red uniforms. I don't think the second one, the alternate one, is necessary for any of the sports. Also on their home basketball shorts, I'd keep the pattern going. Instead of 2 red lines going around the bottom I'd only have one, similar to the away's shorts. I'd apply this to the arm holes as well. I don't have much C&C outside of that because truly I really like this as a way to differentiate Wisconsin and Nebraska.
  9. I'm a bit disappointed the lowercase isn't carried throughout, I know they haven't used it on the primary in decades but it always looked so much better. The removal of silver works but then the silver alt feels out of place. Honestly I like how they use it now, I don't think removing it is necessary. I'd also drop the sash a hair, similar to how they have it now. I think swapping the word marks on the silver alt and the red one, making the red a almost permanent throwback would be cool, but either way both look okay. Finally the logo is an upgrade, both versions of the pinwheel look good.
  10. As a non NHL fan, I disagree, on paper it all sounds like it would be a nightmare, but I surprisingly like it. Love the colors
  11. I’m pretty sure I’ve made the argument here somewhere that UK should drop the checkers from their identity because it’s always felt more Tennessee than UK. I still stand by that, but for right now, UK has completely transformed their identity around checkers and Tennessee has dropped them. It should stay that way.
  12. I'd flip the colors between the crescent and roundel. You can keep all the text purple and the crescent should still stand out like intended. Otherwise I really like it and I think it's on the way to making a much better brand out of the Crescents
  13. I think that original rebrand in 2016 was fantastic. I'm not a huge fan of the orange jersey, in fact I'm not huge on any of the alternates used since that rebrand but at least they stay within the color scheme unlike a lot of other teams
  14. Agreed, grey face masks are gorgeous looking on some teams, itd be a shame to have to replace em all.