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  1. Love the identity, but the name is a step to far, like you mentioned. Colony is a great name for the fanbase but I'd stick with Bees. Love the logo package.
  2. If I'm being honest, the Giants might have the best uniform set in the league. I like the throwback alt with the Giants script and white face mask helmet a lot. But I also really like the NY logo and grey face mask helmet. It's the best of both worlds.
  3. Both of those are great helmets, the problem is they’re not as great as the helmets they already have. If the Raiders weren’t 60 years old, I’d be down for that upgrade. But I generally prefer classic looks to have a great facemask,which goes for the Giants as well.
  4. I really miss the Titans old set, I used to never like it this much but man, it looks so good now.
  5. That second picture is literally 2012 when mike first took over
  6. Not to sound greedy. You wouldn’t happen to have any other player models lying around you are allowed to share though?
  7. There's only maybe 1 or 2 of these combinations that aren't the throwback that look maybe okay, the rest are absolute garbage. Please don't tell me they're gonna wear the gradient jersey with pants that aren't black??
  8. A previous Twitter post had someone claiming to have been hiding this picture for weeks, only leaking now that other images are out, does that confirm this is real?
  9. Ryan Clark just called the new uniforms "the same uniform with new numbers" saying Tampa Bay disappointed everyone waiting at home, "could've lit the world on fire, but you didn't" on SVP SportsCenter. They really don't have anything to talk about do they?
  10. Wavy new age design is surely one way to call the Nike disasters when they first took post and the Reebok piping era, I'd say hideous is the word your looking for. Also there's no way Jacksonville or the Jets (although to a lesser extent) are on that list. The Falcons however might be staying
  11. I know that different sports have different aesthetics, but coming from a Red Sox fan you think you'd be in favor of a classic, throwback inspired look and no "unique" takes
  12. It's the only place besides the logos that you'll find silver.
  13. The rest of the set still includes, under arm stripes, a downgrade of a font, dropshadows, and an oversized helmet decal with apparently a chrome facemask.
  14. This set is gonna be worse than the browns set, than the jags set, than the set they're replacing and all the 2000's pipping looks. It doesn't matter if it's just the red uniform, one bad apple ruins the bunch.