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  1. Yeah I figured, although I’m not sure I can agree that the black alt is any better then any of the other ones you talked about, at least in terms of being a black jersey. Black appears nowhere else in the Hawks set, and doesn’t need to be. Sure there’s history for it, but without it in the home and away uniform, it doesn’t need a place in the alternate. I’d love to see a yellow alt in its stead.
  2. I think the home and alternate looks really good, although on the away, the yellow numbers are unreadable. I’d give them the same treatment you gave the home uniforms. Make the numbers blue and instead of a blue wordmark with red outlines, make red with yellow outlines. Basically just copying the home uniform in terms of color distribution
  3. Would love to see the sock design from the prototype too. But overall it’s a wonderful look for Minne
  4. Their regular away uniform, the red one, is 10 times nicer looking though.
  5. I’ll be looking forward to the series! Your first entry is an easy one to get right. The home and away obviously look good, I’m indifferent about the first alternate, but the fauxback looks great. My only criticism is that I think a proper Celtics wordmark would look better than a shamrock on the grey jersey. I’ve never been a huge fan of the logo on the front of the uniform look, it feel very practice jersey. I like the choice of grey over black though, even if black has more of a historical presence. Grey just looks better as you said.
  6. I agree with everything you said, although I’d potentially go one step further with your restrictions on city jerseys, make sure they retain some connection to the teams color scheme. So no blue and purple uniform for the Lakers, no pink and blue for the Heat, or red rocks for Denver and Utah. This still allows something like a Lakers black alt, which they’ve been keen on having for the past 15 years or something. Or a black and gold Raptors alt too. Just nothing too extreme to the point it has no connection to the rest of the identity. I might be a bit harsh when it comes to this, but they could do away with a 4th alternate all together outside of throwbacks and I’d be fine. They’ve lost alternate privileges with all the horrible designs that have come out recently.
  7. Should’ve gone full florian cross, not some half and half roundel junk. It’s certainly an upgrade but it’s still not anywhere as good as it has, could or should be.
  8. At first I didn’t think it was that bad, but seeing that it’s a navy cap with red logos makes it much worse. Would’ve been a decent all star game cap if it was black or purple and silver instead.
  9. MJ with 3-4 rings is still more then Lebron would’ve had without his super teams. He’s only gotten rings from being on super teams. Imagine a world where Lebron is still win-less. I feel like that’s the point though. What fun is it if the Lakers constantly trade players away just to reload a championship contender. Just because they’re the Lakers doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to have a losing season every now and then. If we’re going to have the same 5 teams win the finals every year why bother with the other 25 in the league. Take it from me a Spurs fan who’s never really seen my team lose. I’m content with not being a finals or even playoff contender now, I got my share, it’s another team, another group of players turn to win something. Teams going through periods of winning and losing is the sign of a healthy and balanced league.
  10. There was no guarantee Lebron gets a ring in Miami until Wade and Bosh also signed there, not to mention smaller pieces, most notably Ray Allen (coming from a Spurs fan) also signing. I don’t think he gets a single ring in Miami without them. Its less about him leaving Cleveland and more about multiple stars all convening on one team. It’s much less impressive when a team trades 24/7 then when a team actually drafts a contender. The pre-Durant Warriors, the original Thunder big 3, the Spurs dynasty, older teams like the MJ Bulls, are all more impressive then the Heat big 3, Celtics big 3 (Garnett, Allen, Pierce), Cavs big 3, and even the current Clippers and Nets teams.
  11. It also kind of looks like a P. Either way, S isn’t the first letter I’d think of if I didn’t know before hand. Overall it’s not the worst we’ve seen yet, Boston will probably always take that crown. But it really isn’t good either. Not a single one of these jerseys has looked good so far, and that’s besides the unnecessary motive behind them. The only one with a base design I think could actually work is the White Sox. But with the dumb Southside monicker, weird CHI cap logo, and unnecessary camo pattern, it takes what could be a good uniform, and turns it into a glorified fashion jersey. I know the on field modeling is the sole reason these exist, but was just creating dumb fashion jerseys not enough for Nike? That applies to both the NBA and MLB.
  12. Is it unpopular to like CF Montreal’s new branding? I think they did quite a good job with it, especially in comparison to Chicago and Columbus. I think they should’ve prioritized blue over black, but that’s not the biggest gripe in the world, it still looks good. The name is a pretty good upgrade over Impact too. It feels more classic without resorting to the more basic FC (even though they basically did just that in french, it still feels different.) This Revs look would be an immediate upgrade by the way. I’m not sold on the white roundel, but the R-bunting insignia is great and would work really nicely on the front of the kit.
  13. I’d love to know the origin behind the name Grinders. The uniforms and logo package is probably one of the bests out of all of the ones you’ve showcased. There’s really good color balance on the uniforms, and the helmet logo and striping are all great. I’m not sure what a Grinder is though and how it relates to Cincinnati?
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