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  1. This was a pretty great dunk contest too
  2. I take comfort in knowing that these boards are actually collectively coming up with these new uniforms, not because the ideas are bad, but because none of us can agree on anything
  3. I know this is kind of against the point of what your trying to do but imo, put the logo on a flag and replace orange with red and this is a pretty nice look
  4. Temple and Nova is a great uniform matchup, both throwbacks right?
  5. Honestly, Nike has a lot of terrible uniforms in their collection but the bucks probably have 2 at least one of those top ten worst, those being those two sets. The green and red is better than the court inspired look, but god these are awful, the light shade of green and red chosen is too bright and gaudy, the vertical wordmark is rough looking, it could’ve been used much better, the unnecessary grey/off white is distracting, and on the court inspired one, who designs a uniform off a court? Really? They should’ve stopped right then and there and rethought the decision
  6. You’ve improved the logos big time! The only one I’m a bit worried about is Atlanta, I think a more Michigan St inspired approach would look more era appropriate. Your fonts on the other hand are all a bit modern, I think the Stars are the only one which I think works, some work more than others, but Seattle, Colorado, Oakland and Atlanta/Orlando (the fonts are very similar) definitely need a more retro-y vibe.
  7. St. Louis is the team that surprised me the most, I wasn’t completely sold on their look till I saw how gorgeous their blue was in game, the grey pants, even though they aren’t what their supposed to wear, look great as well.
  8. I’d just keep the silver pants, the helmets stand out too much as the only grey in the design
  9. I really like the update! However, I’d drop the helmet gradients, and darken the copper, that color rush is reminding me a bit too much the Creamsicle bucs tbh. I’d maybe try a block font too, but that’s the traditionalist in me coming out I think.
  10. Some really good updates! I really like Denver and Jacksonville, however, I have a some nitpicking; Seattle imo should be cut down to 2 shades of green, and maybe throw in yellow, I think a deep forest green and kelly could work well together, pair that with an athletic gold in place of the current dark green. If you wanted to stick with 3 shades, I’d separate them a bit more still. The logo also gets a bit lost in the helmet. Minnesota, I think the white m on the helmet stands out really poorly considering there’s no white anywhere else in the identity. I’m also concerned with how a cream colored helmet would look in practice. Jacksonville could try some black pants as an option maybe. Finally for Denver I’d simplify the helmet logo, the logo looks really good, but shrunken down on a navy helmet, some details get lost, I’d try a simplified shield with just the pickaxes maybe?
  11. Just swap the blue bills pants to the away uniform and vice versa, otherwise they look great! Philly looks fantastic as well!
  12. Both are really good! Just some small critiques, I’d remove all the outline on Dallas, or remove the silver one and make the white one silver (if that makes sense) for LA, the only thing is outline the tongue like you did the rest of the snake. I love both updates! LA especially!
  13. If we’re putting stars on mlb uniforms, shouldn’t they go on the cap? I can see the Yankees having 5 stars on the back of their cap; 2 for ten championships, 1 for five, 2 for single, colored bronze, silver and gold respectively. Now that I think about it, team color would be better though