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  1. I think Portland can pull off hoops pretty well, they’ve done it before.
  2. I actually would say that’s the best Oregon looked out of all the uniforms in those pictures. I actually liked the wing pattern on the shoulder and I liked the green over green and yellow. It definitely needs some tweaks but I’d take that any day over what they currently wear. Oregon state on the other hand though
  3. Well this is the first time I'm noticing that the white uniform also has those small lines in between the stripes. So I guess I take back what I said.
  4. I agree that their much better than the bad ones your listed. My problem is that, unlike their traditional counterparts, such as Indy, Chicago, Washington, etc, they're one or two tweaks away from being perfect, where as those I've listed are, at least imo, pretty perfect. Packers need to fix their collar striping and get rid of the green lines inbetween the striping on their home uniforms. Steelers need a new block number font and need to realize that they can in fact wear their stripes on their sleeves fine, like Iowa does, instead of letting it get cut off. That's my personal reason why those uniforms aren't as good as other classics.
  5. If your looking for a place to dip more into the sports fan fiction, you can click the link in my sig to go to the website that came out of the fall of the sports fan fiction section. But enough advertising, your work is always great Raysox, I love all of the looks. I'm excited to see how this evolves!
  6. This along with the Colts Browns matchup and Dolphins Chargers are probably my top 3 so far this season
  7. Edmonton Elks is a home run of a brand, especially if they adopt the antler helmets. I'd be sorely disappointed if they try and do something else.
  8. I think they've gotten the shade of green right, it's a nice shade that pops really good. But I agree that they're current uniforms are pretty rough. I think they have so much wasted potential with their current set.
  9. I think the Austin kit looks great. A classy look with gorgeous colors. Hopefully it inspires more teams to get creative and add some more stripes to their uniforms.
  10. This was a great series that I'll definitely remember, great work and dedication!