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  1. Used to be in this camp but with time I’ve learned to appreciate how much simpler the old one is compared to the newer one. The shading and tiny details in the spots don’t work from far away imo. It still isn’t a bad logo though.
  2. Jags don’t need gold. I think it’s fine on the logo but it doesn’t need to go on the uniforms. Does it look bad on the uniforms no? But it looks fine without. Also in the same vein, with all the talk of the jags inaugural uniforms, they aren’t as good as I remember them being. Still maybe the best they’ve worn, but it’s a much closer competition to their current uniforms. I’d actually even throw the piping nightmare uniforms into that ring. I’m not sure why but some uniforms that feature piping works.
  3. Gonna reiterate a lot of the stuff QCS said. I like the Barons, really big fan of the name. I don't think the helmet logo is too complex. Its a nice alternate. I think the brick design is a miss though. Toronto looks the best yet, but I'd swap the leaf on the shoulders for numbers and you need to add the shoulder striping to the back of the home uniform. Charlotte and Minnesota at both great updates. I love the Evergreens especially. I think the only change I'd make is dropping the helmet stripe for Charlotte. Finally, Dallas and Atlanta look good too. I love the copper and blue for Dallas. I agree with QCS though that each of their word marks are a bit big. Great work!
  4. I have to agree. I’d actually go as far as to say it’s better then the two uniforms that came after it. Them and the Falcons were the only teams to make the piping not look terrible. I enjoyed both those uniforms.
  5. Am I being dumb or are we glossing over the red helmets with the A on them? Does that belong to a high school? I can't think of what else it could be.
  6. Not a big hockey watcher, but came across some highlights from the Canucks vs Flames game tonight online and can I just say how gorgeous the Flames new uniforms are? Perfect matchup against Vancouver too.
  7. All San Francisco needs to do is not touch their primary uniforms. They look great as is. This is a downgrade.
  8. I’d drop the orange and pink alts and add a Rangers text on the home rather than all the uniforms saying Texas. I’m also curious why you chose the Spurs fiesta color scheme over something actually belonging to Dallas. Both the Stars and Mavericks schemes would be unique in the MLB too.
  9. Spurs vs Hawks looked great today, one of the rare times anymore where color on color was the right choice.
  10. I'm not a huge fan of this design but I wouldn't be totally against the Blazers permanently swapping black for brown. It'd stand out much more in the league and the Big 4 anyway.
  11. Fair, I can agree with most of those. I think a fair bit of it can be credited it to the teams (good or bad), I don't think the Rockets awful logo or the Cavs rough rebrand falls onto the backs of Nike as much as the whole city edition disaster does. However that means they also don't get as much credit for the better looks that have come out under their oversight, like the Blazers or Grizzlies.
  12. I'm curious which ones I'm forgetting then. Off the top of my head I think of the Raptors, Hornets and Pacers, all of which aren't upgrades. The Warriors is the only one I can think of that was a modest upgrade. I'm sure I'm just forgetting some though.
  13. As we've seen with the Jazz, the Twins name might not need reason. Something about the Utah Jazz and Utah Twins somehow works.
  14. I started watching football in the 2000's, I don't care for the weird and out there 90's throwbacks. They look bad and how successful they were in them doesn't take away from that.
  15. Cowboys and Niners have two of the worst color rush uniforms, they'd be big downgrades from their current sets.