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  1. Touché, but Rebels is hopefully still at the bottom of the list of names they'd change to.
  2. I like the whole look but the primary logo is a bit weak, their current primary logo isn't the best, but utilizes the Alamo as the shape of the logo, which I think would work a bit better than the roundel. I think the tertiary would be a great starting point for it.
  3. I'm surprised this is an unpopular opinion but I think the newly updated home, aways, and the black and red alts are maybe the D-Backs best look. It’s not fantastic but it’s miles better than the 90s mess and the blood gradient set it replaced. They look like a respected baseball team now. Just cut the two extra turquoise alts, they're unneeded and overrated.
  4. Im a fan of everything except the beveling. The logos, fonts, uniform design all fit the look I think your going for except for that, I'd drop it and even swap the number font for something closer to the wordmark.
  5. I really like that updated helmet, I think it's a big improvement
  6. I really like the Barons, no complaints there, feels collegiate and look great. The tidesmen uniform I like! Their logo package isn't my favorite but it makes for a good looking set of uniforms, the colors are nice too. CUI is almost there, I'd just replace the diamond pattern on the shoulder to a collar stripe maybe? Similar to TCU, I think that could look really nice, or you could move the numbers to the top of the shoulders and make a diamond stripe on the caps. Either way I think both sides of the uniform needs tv numbers
  7. Big fan of UNC, the condors name is great. The colors are okay, green, yellow and black can work pretty good together, I think brighting the green or just playing around with the shades could help a bit, but they aren't terrible as they are. Now the Monsoons, the second black, green and gold team for the day. I really like the quails, and in all honesty I prefer the nicknames quails over Monsoons. But aside from that, the identity is a bit all over the place. The primary is busy and the green and gold clash at the top of the star, I think your fitting too much in. If I could redesign this I'd drop the Monsoon name in favor of Quails and adjust the primary logo to a quail perched on a cactus, I think that could work pretty well, maybe throw it in an enclosed shape so that bottom of the cactus isn't as awkward as it is now. But as for the Monsoons name, I think dropping the star and replacing it with the lighting bolt might work better, it would be cleaner and simpler too. The unis for GC look great and I wouldn't touch em. The GC letters are one of the best logos you've made imo, perfectly encapsulates the college aesthetic.
  8. Ugh, why does it all bend. The CLT mark is pretty underwhelming too, the only cities who can abbreviate their names are cities with 2 or more words. NYC, LA, STL for example. ATL, CLT, neither of those work. The C logo, in theory is alright, albeit boring and lifeless. The 49ers logo, or just the 9ers logo, both look awful, the pickaxe in the 9 looks awkward as can be. I think as bad as the original was, this really isn't all that much better.
  9. Swap the statue for the bear on the Cali flag.
  10. I've said y'alls when referring to a group of people. Don't know what that says about me, but I know I'm not the only one of my friends or family who have.
  11. Before this gets inevitably locked, figured I'd comment. As someone who's fairly southern. Rebels means people who fought for the Confederates. It probably once meant the people who broke away from British colonialism, but Confederates tainted it. UNLV could easily adopt cowboys or Pioneers, both work with the rejected Vegas sign logo really well and while they can be interpreted the wrong way, it's an improvement that doesn't require much change. Ole Miss already has the Landsharks thing going, they should've adopted that yesterday.
  12. Wow I was sure you'd jump on the chance to attempt a brown and gold color scheme, ala the Padres. This looks pretty good too though. I think regular white would look better than off white but otherwise I'm a fan. The adaptation of the STL uniform looks good too!
  13. It's navy not black, the same colors as the Indians, but I agree, a brown and red color scheme would look good.
  14. Wow I love Crockett! One of my favorite logo sets you've made so far. I like the updates as well. Although I think the Medgar Evans monogram is very hard to read as an ME, I think a less intricate design, something similar to Costal Texas, whose color scheme and name is fantastic might I add, would look a lot better I think. Makatawa is cool, it's a bit hard to read as a lion and I think a couple tweaks to the face could help but otherwise it's definitely a unique identity I can get behind
  15. Except they both downgraded this offseason, Atlanta maybe I'd say was a lateral change but LA was a massive downgrade, even over the remnants of their time in St. Louis
  16. That's the worst uniform matchup possible, maybe one of the worst ever, yikes.
  17. I think the wood grain would look better reserved for only an alternate but outside of that these are gorgeous.
  18. I think the black face mask is somehow more concerning.
  19. Wow you knocked Buffalo out of the park, that's better than most looks today, makes me sad we missed out on it.
  20. Adopting the chevron on the front would be horrific, it's one of the worst designs I've seen for basketball, hopefully they aren't this stupid
  21. You're absolutely right, I don't know what I was thinking, it slipped my mind that this was in fact an actual league, my bad. Also I'll agree to disagree on the grey uniforms, I'll just have to imagine myself what they would look like if they had them then.
  22. I would love a grey away instead of orange, but the transformation of the Orioles identity into the Terps is great. Is there any reason why the Baltimore franchise wouldn't of adopted the Orioles moniker though?