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  1. Well I stand corrected in that regard, none of the places I looked mentioned that it apparently wasn’t originally (solely) inspired by Native Americans. Although I highly doubt simplifying Indiana to Indian was completely separate from the word Indian that regards to Native Americans. Especially when several teams named the Indians regarding Native Americans had already lived and died for decades and multiple teams named Hoosiers had already played in the city years before the Indians were founded. Going back to your original comment though, I’m still confused. What’s so clear about a team that’s used Native iconography as a mascot for the past 50+ years being apparently named after the city or state? That source you provided (which I apparently need to create an account to see so I’m just taking your word for it) is the only one i saw that mentioned it too. If the Cleveland Guardians of all teams could realize the name Indians was bad and change it, why should a minor league team be able to keep it? There’s no good way to defend it.
  2. I hope this is satire? It takes five seconds to find the logo which is clearly native american inspired? They’ve always been named after native americans. You don’t call people from the state that either, they’re Hoosiers. Which also takes no time at all to google.
  3. I hate to say this but i might not of best explained what I meant. When I said bring the rainbow all the way down, I meant dropping the antlers completely and replacing them with a rainbow on the shorts. I think that you did still looks really un-cohesive and doesn’t address the problem I feel like the uniforms have. I’d still try going either full antlers or full rainbow. I personally think getting rid of the under arm stripe would look best if you really want to evoke the earned jersey. But I understand wanting to keep the rainbow in some facet, so why not drop the antlers on the cream uniform and place the rainbow stripes on the shorts. That way it better matches the top and turns into a full rainbow uniform, leaving the home and away to become fully focused on the antlers.
  4. Looks like a Browns uniform with a Broncos AFL era helmet. That white stripe really throws the whole look off almost, which sucks because the rest is absolutely gorgeous. It’s easy to look past though thankfully, so I’m a big fan.
  5. Both the Pacers and Bucks look great. I love the heritage and throwback uniforms and the Pacers are an amazing upgrade to their current set. I do have a small nitpick with Milwaukee though. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t love both the rainbow and the antlers on the home and away. I’d be interested to see a plain-er version with the rainbow under the arms removed or a version a bit more similar to their actual uniforms with the rainbow all the way down. I think it would just look a bit more connected, they currently look like the shorts are from one uniform while the jerseys are from another.
  6. This feels very transitional? Similar to the Football Team identity. Wouldn’t shock me if they did a bigger rebrand in 5-ish years. I like it though.
  7. Hard disagree, theres no way they’re “leagues better,” they may be slightly better but the North slogan as you said is gimmicky and dumb, the lack of black or purple makes it not feel like the Raptors, the chevron design itself feels like a dumb copy of the Sonics classic design but worse, the letters don’t even fit cohesively in the chevron. The pants chevron looked awkward as well. It makes it worse too because their regular home and away were maybe the best they’d ever looked.
  8. You’re forgetting the Raptors chevron nightmare.
  9. This uniform and the Cardinals black alts both have this charm I can’t explain. They’re ugly but I like em. Same with some of the piping uniforms from the same era, namely Jacksonville.
  10. I think they meant excluding their time in St. Louis, they’ve only used a block font.
  11. Winning a title before didn’t stop them from changing their color scheme 4 times, so I doubt it. Although I am a fan of the home and away.
  12. They didn’t just take it, they somehow made it worse. Replace the word Warriors with Thunder on that uniform and it would instantly become the best OKC uniform ever, by a landslide.
  13. If the all star game had remained in Atlanta we would’ve saw the same awful uniforms. They were clearly designed for Atlanta.
  14. I’m not a huge fan of the colored sleeves, it didn’t work for the Dolphins, Packers, Admirals, and I don’t think it works here either. I know you’re trying to not just reuse the same designs from real life, but sometimes you don’t need to fix something that isn’t broken. That said, I do like the more tropical feel of the team. I like the palm tree alternate logo as a predecessor of the modern sword logo.
  15. Meh, it’s a fantastic upgrade over Bone, hopefully they get permission to actually replace the bone jersey with this, but it’s still probably one of the worst uniforms in the league. The number font and dumb fruit roll up pattern are awful, the name patch, the style of shoulder loops, the helmet still has a dumb horn design, and the shades of blue and yellow are off. It’s an insult to the original still and I’m not going to praise the Rams for the revolutionary idea of adopting a white uniform like they should’ve last year. If this was unveiled last year it would be hated too. I rate it an F+, maybe a D-.
  16. Objectively an all black Raiders uniform doesn’t sound all that great. It doesn’t add a single thing to the brand. And no, I mean I could care less what a team wore in the 80’s, their brand integrity still matters. Having two helmets can possibly dilute a brand, especially in a sport with as few a games, and with such a cultural focus on a helmet like football. Not to mention this gets Nike one foot in the door for total NBA-ification. Its not about solely about what the team wore in the past, yes a historic iconic team like the Raiders or Packers should definitely have 1 helmet only because of their history, but for most NFL teams, it’s about keeping the identity of the team together, people were just arguing about teams looking similar to each other, wouldn’t that increase if teams started having different options for the most important aspect of their uniform?
  17. I mean, the obvious logos and wordmark differences show otherwise. Maybe with the Lightning and Maple Leafs I could see it, but again the giant chest logos are pretty dead give aways.
  18. What’s wrong with these matchups? Outside of the Cardinals, Falcons, Twolves, and Canes wearing some of the worst uniforms they’ve ever made. There’s only so many colors, the Cowboys are completely fine in royal blue.
  19. I think the Bulls main 3 uniforms look great, obviously, but the flag idea is so boring and overdone. I think a straight throwback to the script era would fit the Bulls brand much better. As for Toronto, a definite upgrade, I think the alts are a bit gimmicky but for what they are they’re fine. I wonder what a red version of the purple uniform would look like instead of the (imo) dumb black and gold uniforms.
  20. With the perspective view on that uniform due to the way the sleeve and shoulder stripes are I couldn't fit those in and really make it look good. Just looked like undefined white blobs. Well you don’t need the TV numbers because the actual uniforms don’t have them. I like your version better, I think TV numbers just look right but as is the trend with Nike they were axed just like with the Chargers and Patriots.
  21. Why the stars? That’s just a meaningless choice. Murray State has so much to pull from, look at the jockey inspired stripe on the helmet. Why not base the whole look around that? This seems almost US Navy-esq. Also download some new fonts for once. There’s a million tutorials out there. It screams lazy when you reuse the same 3 fonts on over 100 different concepts.
  22. Growing up in central KY, I have always seen Cincinnati as the “big city.” It was our New York. That and Lexington. Louisville was the third option in most cases. So even without the Reds or the Bengals, most people from KY would still know Cincy. Even the Kentucky side of Cincinnati has a lot of things to do, Newport especially.
  23. I’m so fascinated with how people can sit there and say that the Cowboys color rush is good. What in the world is good about it? Is it just nostalgia? The uniforms were just as awful in the 90s too. The double outline is dumb, the star on the shoulder isn’t awful but doesn’t look necessarily better then if it was on the sleeve, and those color sleeves look pitiful. It looks like a featured that was design with a microsoft paint bucket tool. The white pants are dumb because the ruins any color balance with the silver, which is also my complaint with the ugly Niners throwbacks. Honestly the green pants are somehow their best look, and that look is probably a bottom five, or around there, uniform in the league.
  24. I mean to be fair “The Valley” is better then Martin Luther King Jr winning the Finals. Just curious, did the “The Land” Cavs jersey ever make a Finals appearance?
  25. The suns, who’ve worn purple their entire existence, aren’t wearing purple. This is arguably the closest they’ve gotten to a championship. What a joke. Game 3 wouldn’t look horrible if it was in Phoenix, too bad it’s in Milwaukee.
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