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  1. I think it is their best look, it encourages variety without poor taste, and I remember when they usually did so, especially to put Cowboys in blue. That's all. Not necessarily sun and heat. Like same look with Dolphins.
  2. Yes ugly. But no harm if limited to one game a year vs a not so classic opponent and no significant bowl games. The kids will love them. But hey, I like to see my seahawks once a year in green. Just once...
  3. This should be the Cardinals daytime home uni, with a classic cardinal red jersey for night games and road games when necessary. Optional cardinal red pants for road games in white. Done. Maybe a throwback alt with AZ flag sleeves.
  4. I am fairly sure they are wearing white only because they have a white jersey ready and Birminham doesn't, at least not yet.
  5. I think it is just because the white/alt jerseys are being finished in real time. They weren't ready when season started.
  6. Would be cool with inverted alts. Gold jersey, purple numbers, purple sleeve caps, purple pants. Inverted no-white look.
  7. Orlando has announced they will wear alt dark blue jerseys again, this time in Atlanta. If Atlanta is in purple as expected this makes little sense.
  8. Change the black to dark forest green and more traditional number font and we might have a classic for the next 20 years.
  9. You could tell them apart, but doesn't mean it looks right.
  10. San Diego whites look sharp on a sunny CA day.
  11. I agree no black. Kelly green, white, and dark green trim. Begs for alts, better they not be black. BFBS.
  12. My bad... I thought memphis was home again...
  13. You know it is about saving $ when they make the home team go white. That said, I like these. Also means some teams absolutely do not have alts.
  14. Might see memphis whites again. But I think we get blue vs purple.
  15. I have lived in Albuquerque for 11 years. Nobody here in NM pulls for the Cardinals. 1 is Dallas by far, 2 is Denver, with 3 being Raiders fans.