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  1. Broncos look needs refreshed. The sidepanels are so lame now, with the tapered and pointed stripes. Take the CR version and apply it for home, road, and an alt blue, with white and alt colored pants, and they would be good for a few more decades. I do like their font.
  2. The red jersey is ideal as an alt for NE. But I would clean them all up. Color rush should be primary, and eliminate piping and grey stripes on this alt, replace with a W/B/W stripe to contrast the CR. Grey, blue (CR version) and white pant options. Clean white road jersey with shoulder numbers instead of piping and stripes. Done.
  3. Saints look great, even though they are whooping my team. No reason not to adopt this look full time with updated black jersey (white numbers maybe?) and alt gold/black pants. As noted NFL doesn't care about contrasting socks.
  4. The Dolphins really threw away an opportunity to showcase the white throwbacks today. Watch, they won't be back...
  5. It is obvious the NFL cares less about socks than the members of this board do. That's all, they really don't care.
  6. I think pewter should be relegated to trim. I don't trust anyone to pull it off with modern flex fabric. White helm, red primary, creamcycle alt jersey. Vivid white jersey, worn often at home, with red numerals trimmed in creamcycle. Red or creamcycle facemask options. Red or creamcycle sock options. White pants with red and creamcycle stripes. Maybe alt pewter and red pant options with stripes. But white pants with white hem work the best with the 3 potential jerseys. Bring back a traditional font?
  7. Same shade of black as the Chicago Bears lol.
  8. I get why they are called the Browns, and that they are not named for the color. I do not agree that the alts should be upgraded to primary. I don't understand why they abandoned the orange jersey, it was superior to ether of the brown versions. I would go white at home for 3-4 games, orange for a few games, and brown alts for a few games. A few minor tweaks and the white jersey looks fine. Ditch the script on the pants and they work just fine. Just my 51 yr old opinion.
  9. And I also love that both NY/NJ teams have bold shiny colorful helmets.
  10. I am growing to hate the giants white pants. Love the helmet. Really like the unique B/W and W/R jerseys. Both look better with old school gray pants IMHO. The W/W throwback alt set is cool, with or without throwback helmet decals.
  11. Washington Huskies look awesome in the new (old) classically updated unis. Removed unessary black, brought back a sheen to the purple, bright white contrast with the numbers, and even the gold decals complement.
  12. Iimagine with W/B/W shoulder stripes, just like the blue color rush W/R/W shoulders. Great look.
  13. I live in ABQ. I love the "Green Chili Cheeseburgers" identity and unis the most.
  14. Not perfect, but a HUGE improvement. Classy look, especially with gold (ok, goldish tan) pants. Goodbye to armpit spikes and unnecessary black elements. A- from me.
  15. I too thought that element should stay, everything else should go. Including all chrome. Maybe a shined alt purple helmet with a gold W. I bet they will likely add a black jersey version to go with that helmet. Not needed. Won't miss the armpit spikes, colored sleeves, and unnecessary black elements.