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  1. As a Seattle Storm fan, I'm gonna miss the all yellow set that they won recent championships in. But the new sets are nice. Especially the green & yellow jersey. I can handle the BFBS alternate as long as it doesn't block out green and yellow games often.
  2. Just a few weeks before the draft and no official unveiling by the Bengals? And no new Cardinals uni this year? The horror...
  3. When they rolled those unis out, the new lighter (as opposed to Navy) metallic blue was referred to as gunmetal blue. Name wouldn't pass muster today.
  4. That helmet was awesome. Current one is nice but I miss teal flake as much as I miss Seahawk gunmetal blue. Neither coming back any day soon.
  5. Back when they first went to red and pewter, red over white was common. I liked that look the best. I still think they could pull off a 2nd alt. Creamsicle. orange with white numbers trimmed in red and pewter. Worn with the white pants. Even with the pewter helm.
  6. I really miss the red and blue conference logos. That used to be the focus. Battle between champions.
  7. Almost exact situation as last year. Was hoping for red Chief's end Zone this year.
  8. So... looks an awful lot like last year's game. Wonder if we see a yellow Chiefs end zone. I would've done all pewter vs all white to exercise out the 2020 demons.
  9. Great looking game. UNC has a nice white helmet, but blue is better. So glad A&M went back to simple unis from Manziel look.
  10. It would be a fine look for a home game or two. Also surprised we never saw blue over white. They had a roll out photo shoot with all the possible combos years ago.
  11. I like the all blue at home in SEATTLE. They shouldn't wear it on the road, and should find a way to wear blue over grey much more often. SB49 should be been blue over gray IMHO.
  12. I love to see the Cowboys in blue. I think it is thier best look. Thanksgiving at a minimum, like they did a few years ago. I even liked the blue tops over the white pants. Einstien wore his best look everyday. Doesn't mean us other humans must. Merry Christmas.
  13. NM bowl will likely feature red jersey vs green jersey. Unique history there wilth the state question, "red or green", meaning what chile do you want. Chile, not chili.
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