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  1. I would love to see a set that worked with a white road, close to equal amount of red and orange trim, plus a red primary and orange alt. Not popular, but maybe a pewter 2nd alt to be worn rarely and on the road like Seattle's wolf grey. To make this work would probably need white helmets and at least a white pant option. Alternating red and orange facemask and sock options. Will it happen? Nope.
  2. I liked the increased use of yellow facemask.
  3. Still hoping for some sort of creamsycle alt. Can't help it. Alt facemask, jersey, and socks to match. Halloween games!
  4. Oilers+American Red/White/Blue + Patriots = Houston Roughnecks. Simple formula. Not much white, but implied. I thought I'd hate it but it grew on me. As for the Vipers double green, I bet they wanted a distinctive garish look that would remind folks a bit of the distinctive garish original Buccaneers.
  5. Yes they would. As a Seattle fan, the blue pants look to "broncoish" to me. Change the pant stripe to green for continuity with jersey and go W/W/B or W/B/W. Orange cleats work.
  6. The Houston Patriots, I mean Roughnecks, almost look great. The blue numbers should be white or light gray. LA is OK.
  7. Seattle Dragons. Helmet great, but lessen the orange. Go with more blue with dark green trim, and a just touch of orange. TV had a dragon graphic that was primary blue that looked nice. Orange cleats were cool, but not looking forward to orange striped pants next week.
  8. I think most teams want two pant options, but DC would look good red over white and white over red. As a Seattle fan, I hate the blue/orange home pants, especially with a white helmet. Too much orange for me. They could retire them now.
  9. Small potatoes, but I guess no captains patches for KC? Large patches already on both shoulders... Overall they seem unessary, and the man of the year patch looks like a creepy little Batman patch. Sorry Walter...
  10. 49ers in G/W/W and Chiefs in R/R/R. That would be FYRE! Let's hope not..
  11. Till next year. Go Hawks! Any chance the Chiefs choose white? Recent SB teams good luck? Ode to SB1? Yes, I know they lost it... Oh wait, Titans scored...
  12. I prefer them in white more often than burgundy, especially at home vs Cowboys. But I like the yello-gold pants periodically so what do I know.
  13. Probably. Likely let my wife choose lol. But branding and marketing are important.