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  1. I love to say it but I still don't like the LA Rams. The jersey kinda looks cheap to me is anyone else getting that impression especially with the last picture from Instagram. I am not sure if it is the gradient or what I really just don't like anything about them.
  2. Really it looks kinda dirty but yeah so clean!
  3. I personally go into every decision with lets make this not look like what it is supposed to be that way I can throw everyone off. To each their own I guess. A quick story my son loves buying NFL jerseys for really cheap not sure why but he does. The funny part is he bought a Cleveland Browns jersey in the previous style and my wife was putting it up for him and knows very little about the NFL. Her exact words were "this is not a real jersey is it, it looks so cheap". I said no its the real thing she could not believe it. I could only imagine what she would say if it had been the "bone" jersey.
  4. You know somebody should do a spring league with all of these cities...
  5. The RedGolds is the new name count on it! I have registered a trademark on it just in case.
  6. Good discussion on here about real issues we have with our world! I am surprised this has not been shut down though! I have argued for years (mostly to my coworkers, family & friends) the extremists on every side are the loudest & do the most damage to their on cause! Others then are less likely to communicate because they do not want to be like either side!
  7. Yes that looks great! Why they ever went away from that unique gold.
  8. I still don't like the number on the helmet for the chargers but the updated bolt looks fantastic.
  9. Head to toe black is how I envisioned it when these were released & I bet we get it almost all the games they wear the Black jersey except maybe one game. We will also get head to toe white on the away most of the time as well. I really think that video makes them look worse than on the release but to each their own.
  10. I hope you are very wrong with this statement but I am sure we will probably get all white & all black looks including numbers with just an outline in the future since they looks so sick!
  11. The actual women of the Lady Vols fought to get that name back after it was decided they would just be Volunteers. I think they can be whatever they want to be called. If the women want to be called Lady "X' then let them be called that. I had no problem either way but everyone was gonna call our women's basketball team the Lady Vols because it was their brand.
  12. There is evidently 23 or so groups that are looking to purchase the XFL. I think the NFL should buy it. I know this is in my make believe world for my fictional league Major League Football but I started MLF Spring League & used it as a training ground for coaches, players, & front office personnel. The benefits that I saw with the league are: retiring players could start coaching to stay in the game, assistant coaches get head coaching opportunities, front office positions were created to run the team who can be future GM's, & of course players could get some valuable learning experience. In my league each team has to put in money & assign five players each into the league from their roster. Also each Spring team was divided into four MLF franchises and they would have voting rights on hiring all personnel. Anyway I think it could work for the NFL if they are interested.
  13. Its like anything else though the question is how much are you willing to risk or lose to keep it going as is. Its a numbers decision but if they do not get someone to put up money for the intellectual property of the XFL from the bankruptcy then a lot of people will not get paid anything once the creditors that are in line get theirs. "It is the way" of business like it or not that is how big time business works. There will be a lot more with the way the economy is going right now. My business which was considered essential & we never missed one day of work but we are furloughing a lot of people because of the economy.
  14. Almost the cleaned up skull would be better with a little more character if they did that it would be one of the best logos in the league.
  15. This is a nice thought but the bone uniform is not applied the same in no way