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  1. That’s their best look but is ruined by the black socks... Titans looks awful especially with all navy socks...
  2. Yet another reason not to watch this game & just catch the highlights. The black jerseys paired with any of the Browns mess would be utter garbage.
  3. The socks thing is worse than I thought I never dreamed they would wear all white when wearing white pants it just looks silly. I see no real change on the Saints looking better other than them not wearing black pants which is plus but still not the best because of the crappy gold Nike pants. Now teams will go full storm trooper look when wearing all white I'm afraid which will always look like crap as perfectly stated above.
  4. Not me hate to see it go as the look said to me professional I have never seen a solid color sock look better than the half white sock... To me a bad look gets far worse now...
  5. I really do not think they are that similar other than profile is basically the same. I think an argument could be made this would be a good update for UAB though. The unnecessary second green is my only complaint with Seattles.
  6. He is not being that guy... The only thing you are keeping on the look is the striping on the jersey everything else would be left off from the redesign... To me minor would be just change the pant stripes & you would have a great set that is minor but when you change almost everything they did that is not minor that is a complete redesign....
  7. I kinda doubt it as he has built a winner at all the places he has been... speaking of Jones in college...
  8. First thing I noticed was the Dolphins 13-17 change the biggest grade was orange or C which is coincidental that lacking orange was the main complaint I heard about that uniform.
  9. I guess I should have redid that to say Jets Edge Inspired by Relentless Speed. I am guessing Nike originally had a logo similar to this but Jets management shot it down which would explain the mismatched helmet & jersey...
  10. I like it for the most part nothing special but at least nothing that to me makes this look terrible. The helmet like most people are saying does not match the rest of the uniform. I do not know why they did not simply do either one of these & put it on the helmet I like the first one the best
  11. I think what the AAF showed is that people will watch football especially if it is well coached with decent players & the XFL has started off with some good coaches & will probably poach a few from the AAF now. Networks are now paying stupid money for live entertainment so knowing Vince with all of his connections he will get a decent TV deal.
  12. What a shame! It looks like the XFL should be in good shape for a little while because I think they will get some money revenue from TV because of the success of the AAF ratings wise. He has a half a billion dollars to run through as well!
  13. All signs are pointing to that triangle shape being on the helmets kinda of like I think someone described I believe somewhere earlier in this thread. I can't remember it may have been Teal. Goods news is its not long now!
  14. Sounds legit to me his favorite part would be the worst part for me these seem to be what I have came to expect... they are sick...