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  1. I’m in agreement with Brave-Bird... The Seahawks are not like the others because they at least have a theme even though the execution could have been more consistent... TB, CLE, Last JAX & TN all were over designed & non of the elements made sense... As for this clean everyone is using I first started hearing clean used when colleges started having the storm trooper look....
  2. I’m sorry that looks awful if they don’t keep the horns the way they are then you know for sure they will be changing in five years... which could be the plan...
  3. The games this weekend were pretty entertaining... even the DC vs St Louis game which was a low scorer but was still a lot of action... plus I really love DCs look...
  4. That makes the 17th game even worse for the players might as well do 18 if you agreeing to that mess
  5. The 17 games schedule is a head scratcher to me and will put teams at a disadvantage every other year. Some teams will only have 8 home games & some teams will have 9 home games. Historically the home team wins 60% of the time with playoff teams actually winning 75% of the time on average. That makes no sense for a competitive advantage be given each year to half the league. The extra playoff team does not matter to me because it actually gives the team with the best record the only advantage in the playoffs of having a bye.
  6. If you meet a said "wiseguy" in the morning then you met a "wiseguy" in the morning... But if all day long you meet a "wiseguy" you may be the "wiseguy"....
  7. could not disagree more with this statement I have hardly ever seen a uniform look good when nothing from the helmets match the jersey... one exception I can think of is Giants away it should not look good but for some reason I like it...
  8. I liked the presentation & it’s ok football they need more competitive games but that should happen as the weeks go along... the league has a chance with Vince’s money & if the attendance keeps going...
  9. All of these look Ok none are great but much better than anything in arena league... The sad thing is all of these are better than the worst looks in the NFL... looking at you Cleveland & TB,& nothing as bad as the last Jags look...
  10. I just can't see someone arguing this point if you are actually looking at the logos with all the design flaws pointed out... To each their own I guess I am by no means a good artist but I can see the flaws in those three logos. I happen to like the Falcons logo & I would still do some things a little different but the design itself is solid....
  11. Got to agree with Brandon here... you may not like the style of the falcons logo but it is crafted very well... the three he posted have some serious design flaws... Panthers goofy mouth & shading on top... Jaguars elongated head & over detailed mess including using two golds which was not necessary... Bucs are two elements that are slapped together that do not match... the clean skull & tattered flag are just a few of the flaws...
  12. I enjoy looking at your Major League Teams. Well done. 👍