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  1. If you strip away all current design elements the Rams look pretty good but I would throw away the font as well
  2. Give me the Bills or Vikings in those uniforms any day over the Rams.. I just can’t stand them the only combo I can tolerate is blue & yellow but even that just makes you know it could be so much better..
  3. The Browns look great tonight. I do not understand why anyone would not like the orange pants such great color balance just an awesome look! Best rebrand this year just because how horrible they would have looked last year. It’s really close with the Bucs though.
  4. Titans number font is pretty bad but it looks so much better thicker like on the Columbia blue Jersey today...
  5. Man I am just enjoying the games that are getting played. I really enjoy the NFL game though with some exceptions. A very small percentage of these games are being moved or having issues so I think the NFL has done a pretty good job considering the circumstances. I sure wish everyone held themselves accountable like they try to hold everyone else accountable. I believe the world would be a better place. I hope they play a full season and keep making moves when needed.
  6. I maybe in the minority here but I hate the blue I much rather see the throwbacks color. They cannot change too soon for me.
  7. I liked the Chargers uniform at the unveil because to me it looks like something a pro team would wear... Having said that I was not blown away.... I would have not put white at all on the powder blue jerseys on the shoulder bolts. I would like to see the yellow on the powder before I committed to darkening the yellow but would probably end up doing that a little.... I also think tv numbers would look the best & would nix the italicized numbers... What is really killing me about all teams is the insistence on wearing plain white socks or same color socks as the pants I hope that trend ends tomorrow...
  8. If only the helmet matched for the saints & wore gold or black socks then had a black jersey just like the white.
  9. One prediction this board got right as we will see monochrome all the time which so far we have... I agree they could have great jerseys but they probably will never get there...
  10. Can you believe the Browns made a great decision again? I do think Nike is intentionally designing bad uniforms though to get us clamoring for anything other than the mess they first design. I could be wrong but every team that has went to really bad designs have all came out of it. I mean even the Jaguars look better I think there is no color consistency with their design but they could not get much worse than the two tone helmet.
  11. But wait how interesting was that helmet since Jaguars in real life hunt from shadows... what a cool take on that helmet huh, oh wait the Jaguar is going into the shadow... never mind worst helmet I have seen please do not post again...
  12. I don't mind the pewter as a one off but the bone just sucks. I see no reason to wear dirty white unless your like me & can't afford to buy new white undershirts all the time!
  13. The Saints look horrible to me. The Bucs look sharp I do not like the logo but the uniform is the best they have looked in a while.
  14. Washington white numbers & pants stand out a lot now It looks like the helmet does not belong with them. I think they should have left the stripes on the helmet. If they did that it would be a nice minimalistic look.