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  1. You know what? These are... fine. I wish the stripes were more on the sleeves than in between and maybe they could have gone with a more block number font, but these are okay. I still need to see the whites and the pants, though. (Also, looks like the "TV Numbers" really are going away)
  2. So simple... so effective.
  3. Yeah, double green needs to be used a lot more than it is. I even used it on my NBA2K custom Seattle Sonics team.
  4. Not to take away from the ladies (it's a well done logo, imo), but you think this could be a sign of what's to come for the eventual Sonics rebirth...?
  5. They're not the Browns . . . Cincinnati actually had REAL logos. (And so did Cleveland, but... laziness?)
  6. *Arlington... which is actually a suburb of Fort Worth... But I know what you're saying. San Antonio is also "Rangers Territory" as much as it is Cowboys Territory
  7. Look, the next time it comes to Texas, it's most likely going to be Houston again, and their imagery is mostly space oriented
  8. Houston... Miami... Atlanta... possibly Charlotte with them talking about renovating the BoA... I see those getting the Super Bowl again before Tampa.
  9. It's like I said: This logo is like being 7-9... sure, it's better than 6-10, but it still sucks.
  10. Pretty sure this will be the next 5 (including this one), so... - LVI (L.A.): Palm Trees - LVII (Glendale): Cacti - LVIII (Vegas?): Neon Lights - LVIX (New Orleans): Mardi Gras imagery - LX (?)