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  1. It's the battle for The Metroplex, once again...
  2. I swear, it's always like Jacksonville is one or two pieces away from having one of the better uniforms in the NFL... and they always fail.
  3. So yeah, silver has become much more prominent again...
  4. We did have silver helmets recently I don't know, though. Not for this set. You'd at least have to add silver pants with it. It seems like we've had one or two small things that kept TCU's unis from being perfect since ^^^ that era.
  5. Not sure if anyone got into it (and I haven't had A computer in more than a month) but... I still can't get over the silver numbers. I and other TCU fans said they look too "duct-tape-ish". But everything else seems fine. I personally don't like the late 90s spike helmet stripe, but it works for this set.
  6. Although I prefer the Boykin era uniforms... these are gorgeous.
  7. These all look great... most don't even need critiquing. (Can't wait til you get to my Frogs... and Prairie View A&M, if you're doing request. God KNOWS they need it)
  8. Nice concept. Not sure if Arizona will even have a team by 2022, but that's a different topic all on its own... Love the fauxbacks the most.
  9. Yeah, I was gonna say something about that...
  10. ...I'm gonna play with this later, if you don't mind.
  11. 1. I don't mind this at all. 2. Of all the "logo templates", this is one of the few that I actually kinda like. 3. I want to see what it would look like for ALL NBA cities... (hopefully someone does in Concept forums)
  12. Boy, this really makes you focus on the flaws of the current logo...