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  1. LIKES: - classic colors (even if they are a little brighter) - helmet NEEDS WORK/TWEAKS: - Shoulders are okay, but I'd prefer the older style where the point reaches the sleeve. - Pants stripes... either one solid stripe or the classic three DISLIKES: - numbers... everything about them, home and away, just don't work - "Bone" instead of white... and pretty much EVERYTHING on the "bone" colored uniforms is just garbage - Uniforms don't match... why does one have "TV Numbers" and the other doesn't? Why are the shoulders different for both. Why a gradient for one and none for the other? - Why the jumpsuit "namepatch" on the chests? I guess they were trying to go for the same thing Seattle went with, but that works... these just look tacky. Overall Grade: C-
  2. Has there been ANY word on the full set of uniforms for the Rams yet?
  3. Hmm. - get rid of the silver... on everything. Helmet, logo and numbers. Just make it straight r/w/b - split the stripes on the white jerseys... make it red/white/blue/white/red - white pants matching what I said for the white jerseys - make the socks match the stripes
  4. I think I appreciate Tampa Bay's "switch-back" WAY MORE now that I've seen these leaks...
  5. Helmet, yes. Logo, hell no... still hoping it's just an alternate.
  6. I'm not going to call that hat "official" just yet.
  7. Yeah, I'm just going to go ahead and call this a continuation of the trolling . . .
  8. Great concept, but just a few points: - an orange pinstripe following within the yoke - either orange or pewter outlines around the numbers - orange pinstripe sounding the red triangle on the pants This is the best Bucs concept I've ever seen, though.
  9. I know the Alamo is pretty much overused for San Antonio sports teams, but... Alamo imagery is used EVERYWHERE in San Antonio. I was just down there on a daycation last weekend and you literally can't even turn your head without seeing the shape of it in some way. So this just fits. The only thing I'd change is the wordmark and add silver, but this looks good.
  10. If you're adding San Antonio, names I would suggest are either "Scorpions FC" (former club name) or "Defenders" (for obvious reasons) The USL team they have now uses the Spurs logo and colors, which kinda sucks and I say that as a Spurs fan. Also, I thought you did Dallas already
  11. This is sexy. I like it... MUCH better than the "igloo".
  12. Simple, yet effective. Like, you really don't even NEED the "Chicago Fire" text, either.
  13. I like the concept but maybe it would be better if you went with a different color scheme. Maybe try burnt orange with the different blues?