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  1. NO. Red Wolves or Red Tails... I just can't keep saying "Washington Football Team".
  2. We have more than one nickname...
  3. No... it needs to be FORT WORTH and specific to Fort Worth, period. Like I said, it's rare for our city's name to be seen and heard on the national stage without Dallas, first. "Panther City" is specific to Fort Worth, but it's also vague and unknown to people who dont live here.
  4. The newest expansion team for the National Lacrosse League and for the city of Fort Worth: ...looks like we went the "Washington Football Team" route with ours. I'm conflicted with both the name and logos. The name: One one hand, I'm glad we're stepping away from the stereotypical cowboys and cattle route for this and using the "Panther City" moniker that's not used nearly enough, imo... but on the other hand, they're not using the actual city's name, which is a major issue for Fort Worth and has been for years. The logo: Looks great. Has the TCU colors (with a little red splashed in, giving an underrated color combo more use) and the panther itself looks sharp with the lone star on top... but the outline of it will make people think San Antonio and the Alamo, not Fort Worth and The Stockyards
  5. I posted that because I think (subconsciously or not) that it's just Texas hate. Mainly because we seem to take the most :censored: for it.

    1. OnWis97


      That's roughly what I figuredĀ 

    2. OnWis97


      That's roughly what I figuredĀ 

    3. 29texan
  6. Nothing new from the Stars?

    That sucks.